Distracted Driving

Don’t be a distracted driver! These are ways to avoiding distractions and stay safe while driving.

How Many More?

This piece tells the story of six people who were in accidents related to distracted driving. It starts with Marcel, also known as Cel in the piece, who was getting a call on his cellphone while driving. Then it quickly pans to his parents, who are wondering why he hasn’t come home yet. Alice’s story is different in that she is a college student, who lives off campus, and she is putting on makeup while driving. After the brief description, you are told what her fruitful income is now being used for. Tom and Harry coming home from a a party when Tom took his eyes off the road to talk to his friend Harry. In that moment their whole world froze. Finally, Jade and Cody were both distracted while driving. Jade was eating and drinking and Cody was fiddling with the music playlist on his phone. Jade’s drink spills on her and she takes her hand off the wheel causing her to lose control. Her car swerves left and makes an impact with Cody’s car. Throughout the piece you are never told the details of the what happens next, but those cases of distracted driving are examples of the ones that added to the total in 2019. After you are told about these stories, there is a list of things to do to help stop more cases of distracted driving in the coming years.

Tragedies Always Happen to Other People

We often hear stories about what happens to other people, and get to shrug it off. However, what happens when it not only happens to a person, but it is their fault?

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can lead to very harmful collisions and possible injuries or death. We need to learn to control these actions o prevent these things from happening.

Create a Real Impact

In this piece of creative writing, I discuss three distractions that can cause car crashes and provide several solutions to remove the distractions.

Everything Right

This is a poem I wrote describing a young girl who just got her liscense and is driving for the first time by herself. She makes sure that she is doing everything the right way because she doesnt want to make a mistake on her first day. She is then hit by a distracted driver who is sending a text. Distracted by his cell phone he does not see the light turn red and he hits the young girl as she is driving through her green light. My poem teaches that it is better to just turn the phone off than to risk being distracted by it.

Was It Worth It?

This poem emphasizes the affects that distracted driving has on you and your loved ones. Death comes at an unexpected time. You, yes I am speaking directly to you. You have plans for tomorrow, right? You hope to do something else in your life. No one thinks they will die tomorrow. But, it is possible. In the poem, this person has large goals that he/she hopes to fulfill. But because of one quick mistake, he/she will never reach them. They worked hard throughout the entirety of their lives, leading up to one moment that ended all they had worked for. You may believe that your driving skills are sufficient enough to allow you to read a text without crashing. But it isn’t about skill. Driving should always be your first priority, in order to keep yourself and others safe. Tragedies like this do happen, and it is possible that you could be the next victim of distracted driving.


Driving friends as a new driver, who hasn’t been tempted? A short story depicting a teenager’s expectations for their newfound freedom in their driver’s license being put in the back seat in exchange for caution.

The Aftermth

This story was derived from a screenplay I am currently writing, altered to fit the stated guidelines.


Anastasia is a 17-year-old girl who begins driving to surprise her boyfriend. The longer she drives, the more she begins to text her friends knowing the negative consequences she has heard her whole life. Eventually, she ends up in a head-on collision with another car that ends with her having some broken limbs but taking the life of the other two. She feels regret as she realizes she is living the warnings she always heard and feels extreme guilt.

Eating & Driving

It is easy to get away with things the more often you try to get around the rules. What do I mean by that, exactly? The first fib is always the hardest, but the more little lies you plant, the easier it becomes to tell more, but it also becomes harder to keep track of those lies and who you told them to. The same is for any kind of distracted driving, specifically modifying a GPS, checking your phone, or changing the song on your playlist. The first time you check your smart watch while driving is the first time you allow yourself to become distracted, putting your life and someone else’s life on the line- the same for all other distracted driving. How can we solve this persistent issue that so many people have a problem with? Let us get to the nitty gritty. Realistically, we have to force ourselves to look at the truth of the subject. We know that it is inevitable for people to drive without any distractions, but how can we prevent it from happening as often as it does? We need to make people more aware of how valuable their life is and how everyone has the risk of becoming a statistic the second they choose to do something else while driving. Without a doubt, you cannot control the way other people drive, but you can control how you drive and when you drive. While distracted behind the wheel, the chances of you being able to react to a car swerving, or any other out of the ordinary actions, are greatly reduced than when focused. Your reaction time and decision making-skills are influenced whether you see it or not. Your brain gets affected by mental segways and rabbit trails way more than people think. The wise thing is to let someone else drive or to just plan ahead! Last minute driving almost never works out. When people are running late they are trying to juggle several different things at a time when a human’s brain can only focus on one thing at a time most accurately. It’s safe to be smarter and choose to save someone’s life today- like your own.

Good Drivers

This is a spoken word poem about the impacts and risks of driving while distracted. The poem focuses on what it feels like to start driving and be highly alert till the point where thoughts slip and drivers start taking risks. We go through those moments to show the risks of each moment and how we could change it. This poem is an excellent way to make drivers more alert, make them aware of the psychological path their brain is taking to make a choice that distracts from driving so that they can stop it and reminding them the risk of their life that they are taking.

The Scroll

This is a fictional letter written to a create real impact. It demonstrates the pain and anguish that distracted driving brings to the larger community of the victims’ life. It showcases that distracted driving does not just tragically end the lives of teenagers, but also hurts the life of everyone around them. At the end, I offer a realistic solution to distracted driving through the development of a new app that will reward drivers for safe driving.

All That Matters

With all of my writings, I try and make it not only answer a prompt and but also make it an extension of my thoughts and experiences. Through my learning as a young driver and as one who has made their way through the endless repetition of education and warnings, I feel I’m now at the point in my life where I can rightfully bring light to the shortcomings of the society that I live in and will live in for a while. Therefore, my goal here is to show not that the education of students and young individuals is bad, but it is simply flawed. The tenacity behind the lessons is rightfully enthusiastic, but it is up to the entire society to come to the realization that there are more reasons distracted driving is such a large killer; there needs to be a wider focus. There are simply dangers everywhere.