The Numbers

This essay details how important it is to be alert and careful while driving.

On My Way!

A girl is driving to her friend’s house when she makes a grave mistake.

The Second Virus

This is a poem I wrote about distracted driving, through the lens of a teenager existing in a global pandemic. In many ways, distracted driving and Covid-19 are similar. We must implement strategies and safety measures to care for ourselves and others.

More Important Than A Text

Every precious moment with a loved one matters. Driving while distracted could take away those amazing moments and future memories in a second. Spending as much time with a loved one is a gift and should she be appreciated every second. No matter what the task is, it can wait to be completed at a later time, but not while driving. It is not worth the pain to drive while distracted because the consequences could be detrimental to yourself and others. Everyone deserves to live a long life with those they love, and that shouldn’t be jeopardized by a preventable action.

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

I wanted to simulate a familiar scene (texting) but add a twist to it. All in all, what I was trying to convey is that being at peace with yourself while you drive is better than trying to pick up the pieces of a short life.

What Needs to Change in the Driving World

I reveal my thoughts about distacted driving and my solution along with stradegy that could help people behind the wheel. I sincerely hope that anyone that reads this enjoys and learns something from it.

Touch Screens in Cars

How the rising technology of built-in touch screens in vehicles is contributing to distracted driving and collisions as much as phones and how it should not be overlooked.

Rewarding the Responsible

My proposal for solving reckless driving includes a positive conditioning system that rewards good behavior, instead of simply relying on laws to punish bad behavior.

Highway 99

Highway 99 is about how a young and impressionable teen picked up bad driving habits from his father.

A Taste of Terror

A young driver named Dillon still feels nervous about driving, trying to remember all the rules. To relieve his anxiety, he buys a shake on his way to his cousin’s house. While drinking the shake, he doesn’t pay attention and gets inches away from a wreck. Dillon, terrified yet relieved, resolves not to eat or drink anything while driving, sparing others and himself much pain.

The Power of One

I was really intrigued by how whenever someone’s driving recklessly or not abiding by driving laws, they always say, “It’s just this one time, don’t worry,” and that really inspired my piece; I mean, that one time could harm so many people, you never know! And so I wanted to emphasize the “one” and highlight that if you’re willing to do something wrong “one time,” why don’t you try doing the right thing “one time” as well and then continue with it, so that was the basis of my entire piece. Stemming from this idea, I used “one” in some way or the other in every line to really emphasize how much we use that “one time” as an excuse for our reckless driving, but then I also wanted to point out that we can use it to make ourselves safer drivers as well.

A Conversation Between Two Friends

Two friends are going out to eat but when one friend notices one is on his phone while driving they get into an argument. The argument shows two perspectives on driving distracted.

A Disastrous Drive to the Beach

You and 3 of your friends are in the car heading to the beach one hot summer day when the driver gets distracted by her phone and runs a red light.


This story is began when I was in an accident. My windshield cracked similar to the one in the story. The cause wasn’t distracted driving, but the fear and serenity was still there. I wanted to write abut that feeling and how in cases of distracted riving, this very well might be the last time you feel safe in a car. Distracted driving is a horrible and awareness needs to be spread about it.