Reading the bill

When making decisions or buying something new, we often weigh the pros and cons. Are the benefits of that new car worth the money? Should I go to college in or out of state? However, when we drive while distracted, we often don’t realize that something as tiny and insignificant as reading a text can cost us everything. By framing the possible cost of checking your phone while driving as if it were a bill, I work to convey the extent of what one can lose from a moment of deadly distracted driving.

Drive Calm or Not At All

This is a short-story in the form of a poem about a teen who drives recklessly after an intense fight with her mother. This story exemplifies that drugs and alcohol are not the only things that can affect driving: emotions can as well.

Once upon a time…

A story about a little princess whose father never comes home, and misses her tea party. A story about the dangers of driving distracted.

safe driveing

Drive safe .Don’t drink or do drugs, especially when driving is involved.Don’t get distracted by your phone or doing other things. Driving is a privledge not a right

The Real Killer

This essay give both an insight to who the real killers in these car accidents as well as what we can do as a society to prevent such fatalities.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a pitch for a product that could potentially reduce the distractions in a car. It is an organizational bin that promotes putting distractions behind you and reducing the items that could cause reckless driving.

Just A Second

“Just A Second” is almost like a short story. The reason I had named it “Just A Second” is because of two reasons, actually! The first five lines of the writing is actually from a situation that happened between me and my mom when I was younger. My mom was distracted by her phone a lot when driving, so it was kind of the inspiration of “Just A Second,” since she told me that a lot when I was younger. The crash did not happen, though, in the real situation. The second reason I had named it “Just A Second” is because time flies by and anything can happen. Even if it is just for a second, it is never worth the risk. Also, I included the dialogue mostly because I thought it would contribute a lot to how it was laid out. When I was writing this, I imagined the voices of the people in the situation in my head, and I hope that when other people are reading this, they can imagine it as well; because I believe it is such a vital part. I tried my best to convey the emotions of this kind of crash as best as I could so people could understand it better who have never been through it. I also never focused on a specific distraction, because I wanted it to be universal, since these crashes do not just happen from phones. I also put all the “just a seconds” in bold because I wanted to emphasize that the most. Overall, “Just A Second” is almost like a short story, that provides emphasis on time and the emotions of the crash; but, remaining universal since not all distracted drivers are distracted by their phone.


This poem aims to stress what teenagers can do to prevent crashes from happening, rather than waving it off as an “accidents happen” sort of situation – especially since people die in car crashes, and driving recklessly can cause serious injuries and even deaths – not just for the person driving recklessly, but for their friends in the car.

Driven to be Safe

Whenever I think of distracted driving, my mind jumps to a driver’s damaged future. I could not imagine wrecking and losing the ability to run, walk, or play the sports that I love. Life is too significant to risk. Replying back to someone or changing the radio station, is not a fair exchange to dying or getting hurt. In this poem, the boy is reminded of the consequences of distracted driving. He has a dream that forces him to recognize the risks. He decides to be safe in order to continue the activities he loves. Choosing to safeguard one’s future is crucial. Life must be protected, enjoyed, and experienced.


A person lost their loved one to distracted driving. In each stanza it switches between the perspectives of the two people. The person answered their friend’s text, and is telling them from beyond the grave not to feel guilty that it is their fault they died. Meanwhile, they are sad and feel like it’s their fault since they are the ones that sent the text. The poem conveys that risking your life over a text isn’t worth it.

A Strategy For Drivers

This creative writing piece offers an effective strategy for drivers to decrease the number of deaths caused by distracted driving.

Last Messages

When I took driver’s ed a few years ago, we were showed a video called “The Last Text,” which was an AT&T documentary. It struck me deeply. Even though I already knew of the dangers of texting and driving, the horrors and realities of it really set in. Knowing that these teens, who were just a bit older than me, had their futures cut short by the choice they made to be distracted. So two years later, now a driver myself, I have written this piece inspired by some of the most common last messages of those who have lost their lives texting and driving. Most of the time, it’s messages that feel urgent, but can really be sent another time. And so in this writing I hope to convey how needless these deaths are, and what we can do to prevent them.