Michael’s Block

“Michael’s Block” is a three part perspective adaptation poem of reckless driving told by the victims of an unexpected, fatal car crash. Within the poem’s first setting, a rushing Michael was driving frantically to school and was unfortunately distracted by his phone before he could realize his fatal mistake. The reason why Michael crashed a block away from his school was his depreciating lack of caution because the victim had assumed a sense of safety around a familiar area he knew well. The second setting relays accidents as unavoidable mishaps whenever a reckless driver is unaware with his actions and the grim payments no one wants to endure. The last setting characterizes the reader as the bystander to mentally involve them into surreal situations.

Distracted driving is a choice

A year ago I got into a car crash and it was one of the worst days of my life so far, On my way to work at the baseball stadium downtown, I rear-ended someone. Crashing into another car was traumatizing and I relive that moment every time I drive on the street where my crash occurred. That day while leaving my neighborhood, I called my friend to see if he was on the schedule. I placed my phone in the passenger seat and left it alone. Traffic was busier than usual and I was driving a bit reckless. Typically, I go five miles over but I remember hitting the brakes late on multiple occasions. Distracted driving is a choice and that day I was distracted. From the phone call to not paying attention to the car in front of me and looking ahead to see why there was so much traffic. Thinking about it still upsets me and I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did on that day.

All For a Text

My creative writing entry is a poem about the dangers and pain that reckless driving can cause. I hope my work can help educate others on the issue of reckless driving and I look forward to hearing the judge’s final decision.

Just One Second

This is a short essay describing the dangers of distracted driving and the responsibility of drivers to avoid distractions.

Eyes on the road.

A creative writing short-story about the vital importance of keeping your eyes on the road and distractions away from you whilst driving, even if you are a good driver or if you think, ‘It’s only for a second’.

I Am Alive

Using the story of a driver driving distractedly and immediately facing the consequences, my poem informs the audience of what could happen to a driver when they’re doing something simple like grabbing a drink of lemonade right beside them. To find out that it was only a dream, the narrator is really grateful and has learned their lesson to not drive distracted.

Beautiful Days

Just a short story about the potential danger of texting while driving.

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

This is a story about two girls running late for an event. The one driving-Marnie-is safe driver, but her friend-Krista-keeps trying to get Marnie to be a dangerous driver so that they can arrive at their event sooner. In the story, Marnie has an app called Safe Driver’s Allowance which monitors how safely she drives and either rewards or punishes her for it. The Safe Driver’s Allowance app is my solution to helping stop unsafe driving-specifically speeding. At the end of the story, Krista ends up learning the importance of driving safe.

Create Real Impact

The gist of my essay is to have self-control, in my AVID we are actually talking about the problems of technologies, the companies that make these apps and technologies purposefully make their creations addictive, so when I saw this scholarship, I wanted to write about my idea too.

Those Roads

A short poem about a teen who’s driving on a lone country road. He talks to his friend for a little while before hanging up and crashing. What a tragedy, it truly is.