Not Just a Car

“Not Just a Car” is an anecdotal appeal for new and experienced to recommit their full attention to driving. The narrative feature two stories of severe car wrecks where no drugs or alcohol were involved. Due to safe driving practices from at least one party, no lives were lost. These stories highlight the power of a modern vehicle as both a weapon and a shield.

Sometimes Some People Shouldn’t Drive at All

I wrote this paper because the thought of me getting my drivers license and getting into an accident is truly terrifying and surely others must have felt the same way. So maybe someone just needed to come up with a solution, so here it is.

If Only…

We all have a moment we regret. Taking the necessary steps to avoid tragedy is key.

A Perfect Summer’s Evening

I wanted to create a free verse poem telling a story centered around distracted driving and the outcomes it can have. I know that all too often teenagers brush off distracted driving, anything from texting to looking in the back seat. We tend to tell ourselves that we are fine to avert our attention for a moment because we have it under control. I hope that this poem sends the message across that we teenagers can have fun without being reckless and stupid. Thanks for your consideration, and I hope you enjoy my poem!

A Timeline of Tennis Ball Events

I set out to emphasize the importance of the current moment and choices that will impact the future. I have two dogs and live close to a highway, so I created a piece that combined personal elements with advocacy for safer driving, demonstrating what tragic events could happen and what we can do to avoid them.

Why Behind the Wheel?

For me, letting kids under the age of 17 to do behind the wheel is not the smartest idea. I remember when I was a freshman and thought about how cool it would be to drive and have a car as a senior. Now I am a senior and I don’t have a car nor my license, which I hope to get through the DMV next month. I know kids at my school who are horrible drivers and others who are good at driving but bad at parking. They got their license through behind the wheel.


Short and quick mantras for different driving situations teens/youth may find themselves in. Whether a passenger or about to drive your own car, there are always things we can do to mitigate risk.

The Power of a Word

They say time will heal all wounds, but I believe that we can use our wounds to prevent the loss of time. I have chosen to take my pain and the grief from losing my best friend and her mom and make a difference in the world. For the past six years, I have made it my mission to educate others on the dangers of distracted driving so that no one would have to endure the pain of losing someone they love. No Text Is Worth a Life; It Can Wait!

The Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road is a poem I have written about not letting distractions impair your driving. The poem gives helpful advice on staying focused and safe while driving but assures the reader that driving can be a simple task as long as they put good driving habits into use.

Not My Fault, Right?

This is inspired by my nightmares and anxiety about driving. Excuses won’t be expected after you take a life, so don’t hide behind them while driving.

Life changed forever

This story is about a girl, Issabella, who was killed by her distracted driving.

The New American Dream

A broader challenge of the way we do transportation and zoning in the U.S., a consideration of an alternative America. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Distracted Driving 2019,” Traffic Safety Facts (April 2021). Online:

Joy Can Lead to Bad Things Too

This is a short creative writting piece in the form of a poem. It highlights how distractions during driving, while they are very joyful, they can lead to unfrtunate situations. The pieces talks about how to be more careful while driving in order to save lives.