“Keep Driving”

This is a video I had created last summer with a friend against distracted driving, for a summer course where I had to create a PSA. I felt that it fits the message of this scholarship.

Driver Danger

a video showing various distractions while driving.

It’s Never Worth It

Driver – Darius Smith This is to show that nothing is worth texting and driving over.

Distracted Driving entry

A person is in his car and puts earbuds in to listen to music, unknowingly to him an ambulance is behind him trying to get around him. the video fades out saying you could be the difference between someones life and to just pay attention to the road

Joshua S- Create Real Impact Submission

Statistic- createrealimpact.com Music- Biscuit (Prod. By Lukrembo) – Youtu.be/EtZ2m2Zm3vY Edited by: Joshua Scott Thanks for watching and good luck to everyone!!!

Don’t Let Reckless Driving Take Away Life’s Little Moments

A kid plays with a toy car. As he does this, a reminder appears, stating that you shouldn’t let reckless driving take away life’s little moments. Ollie McElwain- Young Kid playing with Car Directed by Kadin McElwain Produced by Kadin McElwain Written by Kadin McElwain Music- Exit Through the Lobby- Michael Giachinno.

Be safe

Hi my name is Bernice Garcia I made this short PSA video to show awareness of teenage distracted driving I hope you enjoy.

From Error to Injury

Mistakes occur all the time, but can you really call it a mistake if you’re knowingly contributing to making it? There are four states of a person’s mind; when one of them is combined with two types of errors, injuries are bound to occur.

just mute it.

A teen driver gets into a collision because her phone wasn’t on silent. She didn’t even get to pick it up. -but what would have happened if she had just muted it? This video is based on a true story about my history teacher. He collided with another car because his phone wasn’t on silent. He didn’t pick it up to respond, his immediate reaction to look over was enough of a distraction to cause a crash. He ended up fine, but his car suffered tremendously.

Impact Teen Drivers (CCHS2)

Be like John. Cast – Lily Vaugh, Solomon Reynolds. Jovanne Barajas, Devin Thompson. Music – Karl Casey at White Bat studio. Created for creatrealimpact.com. Writer/producer/director/editor – Solomon Reynolds.

Positive Peer Pressure – Safety Behind the Wheel

Adele Gately – Playing Adele Emma DiPietro – Playing Emma Bob and Emmett Gately – Film and Publishing Two friends go out for the day, and Adele, being the caring friend she is, pressures Emma to put down her phone while she drives. Positive peer pressure is by far one of the best ways to combat distracted driving in teens. By making all teens aware of the danger, we can help them hold each other accountable for the safety in the vehicle. If groups of people can influence the behaviors of others in a negative way, all we need to do is change that thinking to force the influence to be positive.