A PSA on Texting and Driving

Are you texting and driving? That’s a big no! Texting and driving can cause problems for you and everyone around you! In this hand drawn PSA, I give an alternative.


Life is like a game, filled with many paths and choices. The question is, can you make the right one?

You’re Not The Only One

Cast: Caitlin Hart- Daughter Lori Hart- Mother Ages Hart- Father Music was written by Caitlin Hart

Distracted Driving

This video was created to show the risks of distracted driving, and why people should not use theirs phones while driving.

One Life Changed. One Life Lost.

Disclaimer: No texting and driving occurred during the filming of this video. Cast: Maddie Hernandez as Soccer Girl Joshua Hernandez as Driver Crew: Joshua Hernandez as Producer and Director and Editor Nathan Hernandez as Videographer Backstory: A teen driver’s life is changed forever and a young girl’s life is lost. All due to his actions behind the wheel.

Don’t Be Ridiculous

Distracted driving encompasses far more than cellphone use while operating a vehicle. This video highlights activities that can endanger the lives of drivers and motorists.

How to Prevent Reckless Driving

Entry for 2020 Create Real Impact Contest Scholarship. This video gives my take on one solution that would help with preventing reckless and distracted driving.

Turn The Music Down

This is a PSA I worked very hard on and resonated with. As a teenager myself, I often find myself in situations where the car-ride is at an increased risk for crashing because of distracting socializing or loud music. I took on this project to warn people that reckless driving can lead to something detrimental. In the car, it’s often easy to believe we’re invincible until the tragedy happens to us. Disclaimer: No people were harmed in the making of this video. There was no practice of reckless driving and all measures were taken to ensure the cast/crew’s safety.

It’s not a joke.

A comedy cut short, as Brad shows how silly it would be to choose to drive distracted. It’s cut short by a call to action to not add to the fatality list of distracted driving. Put the phone away, keep your eyes on the road, and DRIVE SAFE.

The Text Can Wait

Our video is about what happens after the crash. As we hear Hannah sing about how this has also deeply impacted her, we get flashes back to her best friend and the moment they will never be able to undo. The purpose is to show how even a moment or a glance can create an impact for the rest of their lives.

Dont Text And Drive

Cast: Xavier Jefferson Jr. This video is to inform teenage drivers of the hazards of texting while driving..