Safe Driving

A safe driving video for the Create Real Impact safe driving video contest.

One Wrong Move

With this animated short, I wanted to showcase the very real dangers of distracted driving through visual and audio storytelling. With this medium, I was able to do so without putting anyone in harm’s way. The video depicts the possibility of causing a crash due to ONE wrong decision, stressing the importance of always prioritizing your focus when on the road. The video also mentions strategies that one can use to avoid putting themselves in danger that way.

Being Safe while Driving

To create real impact, a person must develop a behavioral skill to be able to succeed in safe driving.

It’s Not a Game

Many teens today find themselves driving distracted behind the wheel without thinking about the consequences. In a world consumed by technology, some teens may lose sight of reality and imagine their life as a video game seen through their eyes only, where they have total control of all aspects of their life. But you can’t treat driving like a game, because in real life you don’t get a restart.

Distracted Driving Be Like…

#ImpactTeenDrivers This video was made solely by me. The goal of this video is to provide valuable information on what is considered distracted driving and how it can harm people in an entertaining, original, and relatable way. there is no content in this video using borrowed imagery, music, lyrics, etc. I made all of it myself. The video effects and sound effects are public domain. This video is in a vertical format so it can be implemented into the Youtube Shorts category. Tagged with Impact Teen Drivers on YouTube.

Texting With Your Nose

You don’t text with your nose . . . Don’t text while driving. You don’t make texting harder than it should be . . . Don’t make driving harder than it should be. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – A 25-second distracted driving PSA, created by Adam Zheng

Don’t Text and Drive

One of the largest problems drivers face is the crucial dangerous act of texting while driving. In a report found online by the National Safety Council – cell phone use while driving leads to over 1.6 million crashes every single year. Also one in four of every car accident in the United States is a result of texting while driving. Sending that last text to a friend seems to be a small task, until someone’s life is taken away in the process. This short video highlights the danger of that seemingly simple text while driving. It’s not worth it.

S.T.O.P. (Save The Other People)

Short Film animation about the dangers of distracted driving. Here is my website to see more of my work

Don’t Text and Drive

You wouldn’t text while doing these activities, then why risk your safety and others texting on the road.

Guardian Angel

CAST & CREW Producer – Troy Nguyen and Chloe Pecheux Director Writer – Troy Nguyen Camera – Troy Nguyen Starring – Nicole Forte, Joe Parisse, Chloe Pecheux

Consejos Para Conductores Adolescentes

The purpose of this video is to inform teenage drivers of the precautions they need to take to ensure that they are not distracted by their phones while they are driving.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Animated video covering the issue of distracted driving. All work is original and created by myself (David) The recorded voice is my own (David) and music is free to use. Animation created on Any images used are from or Stock Images. The YouTube channel used to post the video belongs to Deanna Luu