Keep Your Eyes On The Road

This video was made to bring awareness to distracted and reckless driving and the dangers it causes, especially amongst teenagers. Cast and Crew: Olivia Rodriguez (Pedestrian: Jorge Rodriguez) Back-Story: I wanted to create a video that would catch the attention of other teenagers and be able to keep them intrigued with what is going on in the video, while still being able to relay the important information the video is explaining.

Create Real Impact- Peligros en la Carretera

Este video habla sobre los peligros en la carretera y la distraccións que distrae los conductores. En los Estados Unidos hay varias colisiones de automóviles que se pueden prevenir si el conductor se vuelve más consciente de las prevenciones. En el video explica las tres principales de distracciones que son comunes para los conductores y revela ejemplos de esos principales, como visual, manual y cognitiva.

Distracciones Cambian Tu Vida

Este video demuestra como la vida de una joven le cambio por completo por elegir no prestar atención al manejar. También muestra alternativas para prevenir distracciones.

“Pay attention to the rode”.

This bobble head name is John, and his job is to keep you focused on the rode. Every fifteen seconds he will say pay attention to the rode to remind you to focus your attention on the rode. On third cycle John will state a fact on the falsities of distracted drivers in the past years to remind you to pay attention to the rode, then the cycle continues.


“No Tomemos Decisiones Temporales Con Consecuencias Permanentes” is a video that advertises the danger of distracted driving and promotes caution when doing so. The video transmits this message with both a sense of comedy, to grab the young audience attention, and self-analysis to communicate and empathize with the viewers. “No Tomemos Decisiones Temporales Con Consecuencias Permanentes” es un video que demuestra lo peligroso que es manejar distraído y promueve la precaución a la hora de hacerlo. El video transmite este mensaje humoristicamente, para tomar la atención de la audiencia joven, y reflixivo para lograr comunicar el mensaje efectivamente y empatizar con el público.


This is a distracted driving video that I filmed with my brother. It’s meant to convey that, in an instant, it all can be gone. Whether it be brothers or friends, it’s important that guys hold each other accountable to stop distracted driving,

Don’t Be The Next Number

This is my submission for the 2021 Create Real Impact Scholarship “Don’t Be The Next Number” Written/Edited/Voice Over: Jordan Shortt Cameraman: Nathan Krueger Fra: FraLynn Fredrick-Patten Lillie: Lillian Pokorney Royalty free music found on MusOpen Violin Concerto in F Major “Autumn” – Antonio Vivaldi

Keep Your Eyes and Mind on the Road

Driving distracted is planning to fail, Crashes are NOT accidents. The vast majority of wrecks are not accidental but have an underlying cause i.e. speed, distraction or impairment. Buckle up, drive safe & sober and avoid all preventable distractions. Stay Safe!