Put The Phone down

Video to spread awareness about distracted drivers, in memory of people who have lost their lives to impaired and distracted driving.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

A less than a minute animatic PSA about teen driving. [Credits]: Voice actors: Elisabeth Ferguson/Jason Graff Script: Elisabeth Ferguson/Jason Graff/Kathryn Thayer Art: Kathryn Thayer Director: Kathryn Thayer Music: Thunder YouTube Audio Library License (No attribution is required.)

Driving With Doji

This is a video about the dangers of distracted driving, but especially driving with pets. Even my cute little dog, Doji, can be a liability nobody should ignore. I’m trying to spread the word with Create Real Impact to be more aware of these dangers and try to stop them. Thousands of crashes are preventable each year and this is where we should start.

Don’t text and drive man.

A video PSA entry created with me and a friend of mine. Keep your phone on do not disturb, keep your eyes on the road, and DON’T text and drive.

“it ain’t rocket science”

Cast: The human cast behind the scenes is me: Hailey. The clay cast is “Frankie” the teen driver, and “@#$%#” the alien. Backstory: Clay-model Frankie is driving along with his music playing on shuffle when suddenly a song comes on he doesn’t like. He decides to change the song mid-driving, and grab for the phone, but he gets sucked up into the Cataclysmic Collision Program UFO. The alien @#$%# saves him from a head on car collision that would happen in the future if he grabbed for his phone. What will Frankie do next!? Credit: All art figures, graphic designs, music, and video production are all made by me.

Safe Drive, Saved Lives

Texting while driving is one of the main ways teens stay distracted on the road. They say, “Oh it’s just one text.” It’s never one text. Teens die each day because of “one text”. The text isn’t worth it. Credits: Director/Producer: Hannah Klein Driver Seat: Hannah Klein Passenger Seat: Olivia Schindler Back Seat: Kadence Eaton Editor: Hannah Klein Camera: Hannah Klein, Olivia Schindler, Kadence Eaton, Kassidy Collier

Not While Driving

Things that are okay to do, such as putting on make-up, eating, listening to music on headphones, or watching a movie – it’s just not okay to do them while driving. These things, when done behind the wheel, cause teen drivers to be distracted.

YEAR 2122

A 60-second PSA depicting an ordinary conversation between two drivers from the future. [CREDITS] Starring Sinai Teffera and Bhavika Patel Written, Produced, and Directed by Guohang “Henry” Zhang Edited by Guohang “Henry” Zhang Music by oneigor from Pixabay (copyright and royalty free) Sound Effects by Guohang “Henry” Zhang and public domain sound effects 3D “Speeder” (https://skfb.ly/6QYEO) by Rasmus.Eist is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b…).

PSA Project 2022

PSA about the dangers of texting and driving and how it affects more than just the driver.

Video produced by Will Byers and Adrian Fernandez

“It Can Wait: Don’t Drive Distracted” Official Create Real Impact Teen Drivers Submission

“It Can Wait: Don’t Drive Distracted” Official Create Real Impact Teen Drivers Submission Written, Recorded, Mixed, Starring, Edited, and Directed by Major Hargraves Also Starring Ivy Hargraves as Driver Script: Two teenagers are in a car and preparing to drive up. A girl is in the driver’s seat is texting on her phone. The dude in the passenger seat, upon seeing this atrocity, bulges his eyes in horror and snatches the phone. Girl is angered and tries to grab the phone back from him. In protest, she responds. Girl: “but I want to text him back” Dude: “It can wait” Girl: “but I want to check my snap” Dude: “It can wait keep your eyes on the road you’re in driving mode don’t take the bait it can wait You see, too many crashes come from a phone when you drive just drive yeah stay in the zone you’re trying to turn left and swipe right distracted driving: Is it worth your life?”

Drive Carefully

This video uses a serious approach to express the severity of the loss of teen lives in car crashes. This video hopes to stress the frequency at which these unfortunate circumstances occur. In addition, tips are included for safe driving techniques. Director/Writer: Rachel Stennett Cinematographer: Katelyn Vong Cast: Ariela Appadoo Editor: Lena McCullers Music Composer/ Performer/ Editor: Lena McCullers (Piano and Alto Saxophone)