Little Eyes Are Watching

Little eyes are always watching us. Texting and driving are dangerous and parents should always model good driving habits because children will grow up to do what they see.


Mom- Jessica Leffew

Liam- Liam

Cinematographer- Selah Leffew

Editor- Selah Leffew


Hocus Pocus just stay focused!

My video is about some things you can do/avoid any type of accident that could potentially put your or another victim in danger while driving.

Don’t Get Locked Out: Spanish Version

Our video club has produced this campaign that pits smart cars vs. irresponsible teen drivers. We try to play up the sarcasm of both characters. This spot was written by Jerry. I translated, directed, and edited this video. We’re also working on a German translation that is coming soon. I find this campaign to be very important due to having family members negatively affected by irresponsible drivers. I hope this small video can lead to an even bigger impact. I hope you enjoy!

Conduce Con Cuidado

Julianne Jones- Actor Roy Jones- Actor de Voz En este video, Julianne promueve la conducción segura y cuidadosa para ayudar a prevenir los choques de autos. Julianne advierte específicamente contra la conducción distraída y el exceso de velocidad como 2 causas de colisiones. In this video, Julianne promotes safe and careful driving to help prevent unnecessary car crashes. Julianne specifically warns against distracted driving and speeding as 2 causes of collisions.

Sneaking out: Distracted Driving Don’t Get locked Out Campaign

The name of the Campaign I am entering is “Locked Out.” This video represents the idea of distracted driving. Three young teenagers are pleading a smart car to let them drive, while the car thoroughly describes to them the dangers of driving late at night and with other teenage passengers.

Don’t Be A Chicken Keep Your Eyes On The Road

This is a fully animated short animation to discourage distracted driving and how to avoid it. No chickens were harmed in this production. Directed, Animated, Voice Acted, and Edited by Madeline Gelnett Animated in FlipAClip Edited in iMovie Music by Georges Bizet Carmen Suite No.1 “Les Toreadors”

Smart Car Mall Teen “DON’T GET LOCKED OUT”

I’m Faith. I wrote, directed and edited this video. Our video club created this campaign “DON’T GET LOCKED OUT”. It pits “smart” cars vs. irresponsible teen drivers. This video is meant to raise awareness to teens and encourage them to be more mindful and responsible when on the road.

Don’t Get Locked Out Animatic

This is an animatic of our ‘Don’t Get Locked Out Campaign,’ created by the video team at Wiesbaden High School. This campaign pits smart cars against distracted teen drivers. The cars take control to lock irresponsible drivers out. Allyson M. – Animator Jackson B. – Writer Gianna J. as Sarcastic Car Ian B. as Teen

Impact Teen Drivers Animated Video

Music: [FREE] Tyler, The Creator Type Beat- “Dream World” 2022 Copyright-free no permission is needed Using my artistic abilities to help depict auto safety, I painted and cut images to share facts about teen safety and safe driving. Animation and video are my passion and future educational pursuits, I decided to use my passion to animate this video. I took into account the recommended statistics, I have been personally negatively affected by reckless driving so this scholarship played heavy on my heart to bring awareness through a positive message for others and help with prevention.

Video by: Angela Zamora

Music by: Producer Adam & Eve, copyright free


two cars complain about teenage owners that keep putting them in dangerous situations

Stay Alive, Stay Alert, Stay Focused When Driving

My video shows the danger teens face from reckless and distracted driving, as well as listing ways to be safer on the road. Editing Software: iMovie Video Credits (small clips used): “Responding to car crash. Lots of rls sirens.” Youtube, uploaded by Fire/ems /trains, 28 June. 2017 “10hrs Driving in the Rain “Real Footage”.” Youtube, uploaded by yogaduke, 11 Sep. 2017

Safe Driving PSA

This is a PSA to show viewers the correct and incorrect rules of the road. It covers eating while driving, distracted on your phone while driving, and being distracted by friends in the car.