Power to Focus On The Road

Cast and Crew: Driver: Celia Puleo Camera Person and Unicorn Voice: Pearl Pincus Crew: Louis Puleopincus All facts are from USA. Eating While Driving Fact from https://www.decidetodrive.org/distracted-driving-dangerous/eating-driving/ Texting while driving facts from https://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cause-of-accident/cell-phone/cell-phone-statistics.html Reckless and Distracted Driving is the #1 Killer of Teens in America fact from https://www.impactteendrivers.org/ The car was off and not moving the entire video Music is royalty-free music


Cada vez que estés manejando, debes tener en cuenta que tus acciones no solo te afectan a ti pero también a todas las personas alrededor de ti.

Estadísticas de la conduccion temeraria

Datos sobre la conduccion temeraria representada por pantallas de zoom. Además incluye recomendaciones simples para implementar. Ya que no es recomendado salir, esto es lo que imagino una lección enseñada en línea sería.

Don’t go Alan

Don’t Go Alan is an abstract project that shows the life of an average and regular kid. It’s meant to highlight that an accident can happen to anyone and no one is safe when they use their phone during a drive.

Rational Driving

My video consists of a girl and her life story. I demonstrate a girl growing up and going through struggles when she is young and feels vulnerable and unhappy. It is about if she ended up getting into her car and going on a drive when she was extremely unstable and feeling low, that she would end up getting into a fatal car crash. Our video demonstrates what could have happened if she went into her car but what did not actually end up taking place because she made a logical decision.

It’s not worth it.

This video serves to provoke drivers to not text while driving. It is very emotional and shows real life examples of the consequences of reckless driving. Music used is copywrite free

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is not just texting and driving. There are many different ways that you can be distracted while driving. We all have to be focused on driving to keep everyone else safe.

Back of Your Head

A teen talks to the back of his head (as in his conscience, in a way) as he is about to drive. The back of his head, however, has some other things in mind for the driver. Driver / “Back Of Head” – Both played by Aidan Bridwell

wake up call

A short video describing the dangers of driving distracted and the possible outcomes.

Be Careful!

David Quintana and Reuben Reyes entry of a teen driver who thinks as if he is prepared for all the dangers of distracted driving describes how he was not ready for the dangers at all and how he learns from his actions. He learns of the consequences of his actions and learns from this by seeing the outcome of proper actions taken during driving. This video is titled “Be Careful!” because it describes how a concerned friend Reuben Reyes warns David Quintana of the dangers of distracted driving and to be of course Careful!

Don’t text and drive

Only use your phone when you are stand or siting still. Never text and drive . Do your part and save lives.

Reckless Driving Solution Song

I was trying to submit this into the “Music” category but it kept saying my file was too big even though I’m under the time limit by over 30 seconds. I didn’t get an email back with answers but still wanted to submit an application so I uploaded it to Youtube to submit it as a video, but I’m not sure what category I fit the best in. Please let me know if I should submit it somewhere else. I wrote this song to the “cup song” beat that I showed in the video, but the lyrics are my own. Lyrics: I’m going to teach you about protection Out on the road when you drive away You got to keep your eyes on the road and make sure you’re off your phone So your car doesn’t swerve the wrong way The wrong way The wrong way Please keep distractions all away Passengers, please don’t play Too loud, rough, or in my way So we can all stay safe every day

Future Lesson

My future self comes to me as i am texting and getting ready to drive. Also my future self will tell me that i’m doing the wrong thing.

Street Sight — Create Real Impact

I have created a video that represents a solution I have that will solve the problem of distracted driving in teens: an app, named Street Sight. The app, as described in the video, will limit most notifications and sounds on the device, allowing the driver to say focused. The app itself can sense motion, and once activated by the driver (before driving), the app will sense motion and proceed to lock down the phone, turning off notifications and sounds, and will remain as locked until the app senses the driver has come to a complete stop. Once the motion (or lack thereof, rather) is sensed, the device will be unlocked and accessible to the device wielder. The app allows the driver to maintain their full attention on the road, and limit distractions that could otherwise cause injuries, fatal accidents, or death. Safe and non-distracted driving is incredibly important, especially amongst new and inexperienced drivers, because safer roads means safer lives. With less distracted driving, there will be less deaths or vehicle-related injuries because of the 100% focus on the road.


Distracted Driving PSA by Sarah Young & Madison McAdam. With acting from Madison McAdam, Jaelyn Jochims, and Michele Smith. Simple solutions are shown to increase safety for teens when driving. The character is faced with unknown alerts leading to her consequence of distracted driving, then realizes her mistakes and shows ways to focus on the road.