Distracted Driver

This is an electronic instrumental piece about a distracted driver who picks up his phone to reply to a text while driving. As I am not a singer, I used audio to tell a story to raise awareness about the serious risks of distracted driving. I centered the production around sounds you would hear while driving, which I used as starting points for designing the main synth and some percussion sounds. I hope you enjoy my entry, “Distracted Driver.”

It Could Be You

This song addresses how some teens “turn a blind eye” to driving while using their phones or doing other activities at the same time. Distractions have become more of habits that are overlooked because we’re so used to them. I wrote and composed this song to emphasize awareness against this. Don’t turn a blind eye anymore This ain’t what it used to before Got your keys when you’re walking out the door But you left your heart out on the floor in the backseat Your eyes glued to a bright screen While some mother’s crying ’cause her baby did the same thing Do you see yourself in them Will you go on and still pretend It will never be you instead Get it in your head It could be you, it could be you on your phone It could be you, it could be you not coming home It could be you, it could be you indulging in distractions like nothing’s gonna happen it could be you don’t let it be you Oh don’t let it be you It’s time to wake up to reality These distractions need to go If it’s not now then will it ever be taken seriously? No Don’t turn a blind eye anymore

We Can All End Distracted Driving

Music has always been a part of my life. Early on, my parents exposed me to a wide variety of music from gospel to classic rock, hip-hop, R&B, jazz and rap. I relied heavily on music to get me through the last 12 months which pushed me to start writing my own music and eventually rapping. I was able to go to the studio with my dad to create the track for this scholarship and together we created the instrumentals. Please enjoy! Additional Credit: David Delgado (dad) Music Lyrics Pay attention at all times when you’re behind the wheel We want to make sure you make it home safe I don’t text when I drive I don’t text when I drive because I want to be alive I don’t text when I drive I don’t text when I drive because I want to be alive I don’t text when I drive I don’t text when I drive because I want to be alive I don’t text when I drive Please be alert when you’re whipping the wheel That one text you read, can seal the deal In the blink of an eye your life is gone Just think of the pain it would cause your mom Girl, you’re reaching for make-up, fixing your lips What if you swerve and the whole car flips? Just picked up some food, I know you want to eat it Text from your girl, I know you want to read it Seat belt better be on because you need it And please obey the speed limit You’re riding with your team just be patient Cruising in a drop to your destination Cops pull you over now you got a citation. Don’t speed when u drive because you want to be alive Don’t speed when u drive Music on fleek. System on blast Your bestie said a joke and you all start to laugh Took your eyes off the road and you almost crashed. It could happen that fast. Think about the aftermath – Mangled metal, broken bones and glass There’s a crazy driver trying to pass Please stay calm and drive at your own pace Remember slow and steady wins the race Traffic slowed down, everybody looking to the side of the road You dipped out your lane now you’re getting towed Rolling down the street, you better stop flying We can all stop the deaths if we end distracted driving

All It Takes

Based on real stories, this alternative piece represents the idea that when you’re driving, not only do your actions predict the rest of your life, but the rest of your loved ones’ lives as well. One text can take you out of their world forever and leave a hole that can never be closed. Texting can wait. Distractions can wait. A reckless decision could wreck your future and the future of every person you’ve ever touched. I hope those who listen to this song remember that anytime they drive, they carry the hope’s and dreams of their loved ones in the passenger seat.



They told me that day you were going 83,

And the last thing you saw was the text that you sent me.

“I’m on my way.” Those four words you said stopped you from seeing the light had turned red. They found the picture of me in your wallet, the seven missed calls on the phone in your pocket.

Lights on the road. Steel in the street. The smoke finally cleared but I still couldn’t breathe. Holding the phone that you chose over me.


Looking back I don’t care that you would’ve been late

If it meant just once more I could’ve seen your face.

I wish I had been there to step on the breaks.

You looked down for a moment,

But a moment is all it takes.


All it takes is a minute to make sure you’re safe

to turn off the distractions, the things that can wait.

All it takes is your eyes on the wheel, on the road.

Check your blind spot, your mirror, but don’t check your phone.

All it takes is attention for a minute or three.

Distracted driving, it took you from me.


Name of Song: Auto Verse: Texting, driving Not a heating pad But it aint cool They driving you crazy Drive more safely on the way to school This is a don’t Peer pressure made it a do Phone stuck to our hands We don’t even use glue Lose the phone And not the car Look at the lights And not the dark 27 seconds prey on you like a jaguar Is a text worth your life? Is that call worth your life? Is that post worth your life? No it’s not, answer why, do you text? Why text and drive? While you looking down An accident happen up high Chorus: Text and drive is a no no Looking down is a no go Straight facts, this no show Drive, don’t take photos Just look up Not up and down Don’t lose focus on the road And make your eyes go round Verse: Do you really want to put your life at risk? To something that pertains to this? Do you really want to put your life at risk? And have the hood of your car contorted and bent Answer my question Is texting and driving safe? (No) Answer my question Is texting and driving the way? (No) Outro: Answer my question Is texting and driving gonna get you likes? Is it worth your whole life? Credits: BandLab App- I put together loops and beats from Trap Vol. 2- Loop and Beat Pack and recorded my voice Freesound- “CarEngine.wav”- prometheus888 (Car engine sound used in the beginning of the song)

A Safe First Date

VERSE 1: You and me, we’ve been talking for a while It’s our first date, just one more mile I’m so nervous, starting to get sweaty I ask you to turn on the AC My friends are blowing up my phone I don’t want to get distracted So I put my phone in the console, oh-oh-oh-ohhh CHORUS: I want to look in your eyes, they’re so mesmerizing. But I know it’s not safe cuz i’m busy driving. And I’d love to eat that, I love chicken nuggets. But I know it’s not safe cuz I’m busy driving. So i’ll stick to the plan. And i’ll wait til we get there. That way we both stay safe. And have a real good time. BRIDGE: We’re having so much fun I could dash across town like a racecar driver But I try and keep cool I still can’t believe I’m a first date survivor! ___________________________________________________________ I made this song about what it’s like going on a first date from my own personal experiences. Your nerves are rushing, you’re starting to sweat, and you’re trying not to be awkward. Besides all of that, you have to navigate the roads and make sure that you get to your destination safely. This song gives a few examples of easy ways to stay safe during a first date despite everything else that may be going on, such as your friends texting you to see how the date is going, having to turn up the AC, and eating while driving. I really like this song because of how it evolves from the beginning to the end, and how I was able to use trendy beats and synths to target younger drivers who are just getting used to driving with others in their car.

R.P.M (Ready, Pay Attention, Minimize)

R.P.M (Ready, Pay, Attention, Minimize) is an original work written, produced, and performed by me, Isaiah Cunningham, completed on Thursday April 8th at 4:30pm. R.P.M is the acronym-solution used in my song. It is a pun on the commonly known driving term RPM (revolutions per minute). By using the steps in this acronym, young drivers can literally slow down their RPM before it’s too late. My original song was inspired by the sounds you may hear in a car or car crash scenario. For example: the hi-hat is the blinker sound and musical transitions include cars racing by. There is a reversed glass breaking sound, the car ding when your seatbelt is not on, and the sound of a distant ambulance in the track. I take driving seriously because I realize how quick you can lose your life when driving. In fact, I was shaken up after almost hitting a telephone poll head on because I was simply talking to others in the car. My goal is for my peers to use R.P.M to slow down their RPM and preserve the lives of themselves and others. Lyrics and musical information are below. RPM (Ready, Pay Attention, Minimize Distractions) Time Sig: 4/4 Scale: C min BPM: 95 Shattered glass on the front dash Dusty airbag fills my lungs Who’s car is this Where am I? Oh I remember now I emerge from the carcass of a vehicle I can’t move my left arm barely feasible That was my car and in it I was stuck Realization hits me like the car that I just struck This is a warning For all the people ignoring Potential hazards and obstacles Local driving legalities A generation of brilliance and resilience Some how we are the leaders of automotive fatality Multi-tasking behind the wheel That’s not the best Like a car Your brain can’t go Both east and west A resolution to slow Revolutions by the minute It’s an acronym Get with it RPM R Get ready Click the belt Move your seat Before you drive Cue up the destination you need P You should pay attention to the road ahead If you can’t focus with that music up Then turn it down instead M Minimize No food, phone, drink to wake up Put the beauty products down They could never make up Let me tell you frankly I am not trying to scare you I don’t wanna see you on the news So I prepare you R to the P to the M Ready, pay attention it’s principal Minimize what distracts And remember You’re not invincible We can be the revolution To stop letting all these things be permitted Remember The real nightmare of a crash or collision Isn’t dying it’s you have to live with it


This is an original music piece created by me. I am of the opinion that driving with music is a good thing. However driving to intense upbeat music can cause a driver to become distracted. A driver might be too distracted singing to the lyrics or their focus might wander because of the upbeat rhythm of a song. My song, is one of many that might take the place of more traditional music. Playing music similar to mine might instead calm the driver and allow them to focus more on driving, therefore reducing the risk of an accident.

Wish You Were Here

“Wish You Were Here” “Wish You Were Here” is an emotional song written from the perspective of a grieving father who has lost his child to distracted driving. It starts out soft and melancholic, then progresses into a big, head-banging finale. The point of this song is to illustrate to teens the emotional impact you could have on your parents if something happens to you while distracted driving. The song also provides tips on how to avoid distracted driving, like allowing a friend to choose your music, and putting your phone in the back seat to minimize temptation. Something I didn’t expect is that I’ve benefitted from this project in my own life, because it’s helped remind me not to do other things while driving. Thanks for having an opportunity like this, it was really fun! Also, thanks for taking time out of your day to listen! 🙂 Lyrics: Everybody’s somebody’s son or daughter Take me back to when I was a happy father. There’s nothing in the world I wouldn’t give To be home with you. I wish that I could go back in time, and tell my past self to teach you right cause every night I die a little inside. (Chorus) So put down the phone Put down the phone Oh how I wish you were here. Write yourself a note: You can wait to see that notification. Let your friend choose the music. Put your phone in the back seat! Oh how I wish you were here! (Yeah) Why’d you have to leave me so soon? Why did you have to leave me so soon?! I didn’t even get to say “I love you.” I love you! (Chorus) So put down the phone! (Oh please!) Put down the phone! Oh how I wish you were here! (Oh I wish, oh I wish) Oh how I wish you were here! Don’t multitask and drive. Tragedy doesn’t just happen to others.

The Statistic

Over the past 10 years, more than 3,000 people have died yearly due to distracted driving. 6 out of 10 teen crashes result from driver distraction. This is what the statistics tell us. However, it seems we’re in no hurry to change this. My song, The Statistic, was inspired by the common belief among teenagers that they are invincible, having a “it won’t happen to me” mindset. But, it does happen; 3,000 more dots are added to the graph yearly. As teenagers and young adults, we’re consumed with living life to the fullest, even if this means being reckless in the process. This song takes a less direct approach in discussing the issue of distracted driving; instead of blatantly telling listeners to put down their phone, it immerses them in the real-world consequences of a real-world thought process. In the song, the lyrics slightly change from the first chorus to the next to show the switch of perspective after being involved in a crash: “We never think” switched to “We never thought”. Also, I wanted to emphasize the view we have of the tasks that cause us to be distracted. These “tasks”, like texting, have become a second nature to us, and we view them as simplistic and harmless. I’m hoping this song awakens our generation to break the status quo and keep our eyes up on behalf of the many lives lost in previous years. This song was both produced and written by me. Enjoy! LYRICS (Chorus 1) We never think we’ll be part of the statistic Left to be defined as a point up on a graph It’s the harmless tasks—the things so simplistic While we’re distracted More points are added to the graph (Verse) And there’s warning signs But we don’t listen Consumed by Our way of livin’ To me it won’t happen It’s one in a million Sure there’s no harm ‘Till your windshield gets broken (Chorus 2) We never thought we’d be part of the statistic Left to be defined as a point up on a graph It was just a harmless task—a task so simplistic While we’re distracted More points are added to the graph (Ending) When we’re distracted More points are added to the graph Won’t be distracted We’ll keep our eyes up on their behalf

Don’t Be Distracted

My song about staying safe while driving and not being a statistic.


So I was looking online and I was startled by some facts
Like 11 teens die a day from driving while they text
I know it seems a little crazy to even think
About picking up that phone when you’re going 60
Miles an hour
Seems sweet but it’s sour
Cause a lot of people think they got the time to swerve out of
Harms way
Till you flipping’ sideways
Yeah you roll a couple times
Then you fall in a ditch
(Yeah you fall in a ditch
Yeah you fall in a ditch
Yeah you fall in a ditch
Yeah you think you got the time till you fall in a ditch) X2
Now some people might be running kind of late
So they pull down their mirror and put makeup on their face
And they think they look all cool till they run into a bus filled with children heading to school
Now imagine if you never seen yo kid again
Cause a person didn’t finish getting in
They morning routine before they got into their car thinking everything would go smoothly
(You’ll never see your kid again
You’ll never see your kid again
You’ll never see your kid again
You’ll never see your kid again
No no no
You’ll never see your kid again) X2

Put Down The Phone

I love writing songs. I’ve written a lot of songs mostly about love under the name “rredbeatt,” but when I came across this opportunity to write something that could help save teen lives, I got really excited. I never realized car crashes are the #1 killer of teens in America. I constantly receive Snapchats and texts from loads of friends while they’re driving. It makes my heart sore thinking about the high possibility of them hurting themselves or others by engaging in such risky behavior. I also have a best friend who tells me how she’s always driving to 5 a.m. practice, dozing off because she’s so tired; she tells me she blasts the music and sips on coffee in order to try to stay awake. I’m extremely worried about her and know that it’s not just her, but a huge majority of us that are engaging in these types of behaviors every day. All of our schedules are fully packed. For most of us, staying up late is very normal which unfortunately leads to living in a constant state of exhaustion with heavy eyelids. I wrote this song because I wholeheartedly want to help prevent teen driver crashes due to reckless and distracted driving.


“Put Down The Phone” lyrics:

(Verse 1) I don’t wanna see you lying

ten feet away from your car

I wanna see you safe and smiling

another day is worth missing that call

(Verse 2) Put your phone down don’t side eye it

Can’t you wait till you get home?

Your family’s waiting at the kitchen table

Wondering where you are on your own

(Chorus) Put down the phone

Put down the phone

(rap/bridge) Too many families get that call

Their heart drops into silence

Her Mom picks up the phone

Her daughter’s not coming home

As she breaks down to the floor

She was waiting at the door

For you to come home

Don’t pick up the phone

And if you’re tired just wait until you’re ready

Even if you’re close to home

Turn down the music it’s not worth risking

You need to focus on the road

(chorus)Put down the phone

Put down the phone

Make it Home

“Make it Home” is a pop song that I wrote and produced, to spread awareness on driving safety. I talk about how a drivers safety is compromised when one is tired, angry or even having a distraction. I elaborate on how one must think about how they want to live out their future without a driving accident limiting their future opportunities and how people are hoping that one is staying safe and will see them another day. My chorus illustrates how an everyday task, like making it home, should be taken seriously and that the biggest goal is to be safe even if there is are external distraction. Lyrics: Verse 1:Don’t think it’s easier to tell If your angry, not feeling well You should take a break, and pull over Don’t give the red light just a glance Keep your eyes looking through the glass The safety of the road is, what you know Chorus:Don’t try and take the life you have for granted, just keep the focus on the road Stop driving fast on the highway, your biggest goal is trying to make it home Verse 2:Cars will always move a lot So when your driving give it thought And consider that you respect your safety People wanna see you live Don’t give them something that they’ll miss Your gonna use your cation, to drive across the roads (These are extra lyrics that are showcased in the full version I produced for the song!) Bridge:Look both ways, read the signs, make sure you hold on tight Hands on the wheel Save the phone calls for later, no distractions

Be Safe, Be Mindful By Melanie Dawkins

Hi this is Melanie Dawkins. I am a Florida college student. This song is called, Be Safe, Be Mindful. It is an R&B Retro music created by me. I used the App called SoundTrap. I hope you all enjoy it. This will definitely encourage young adults to be mindful and focus while driving to their destination anytime anywhere. Lyrics: If I catch you replying to that text You better knock it off Pay attention to the road Don’t risk your own life If I catch you Adjusting that radio Ima let you know You’re gonna lose ya control That’s not where to go Make sure you put your seatbelts on Look both ways before you cross and get gone Focus honey you’re almost there Be Safe Be Mindful Anytime Anywhere If I catch you replying to that text You better knock it off Pay attention to the road Don’t risk your own life If I catch you Adjusting that radio Ima let you know You’re gonna lose ya control That’s not where to go


I chose this category because music is the easiest way for people to connect to a message, as melodies are one of the most memorable sensations the body feels. Music’s power to “stick” with people makes it a perfect medium to spread the message of safe driving to other youths. I don’t clearly know what genre my piece falls under, though I will say I was inspired by r&b and indie-pop tropes when composing it. I also made sure not to flood my piece with too many lyrics, as I feel that a simpler, hummable message is more likely to be remembered. [LYRICS] Don’t you take a chance, Don’t take a single glance. You better understand, The life inside your hands. Oh please, put down that phone. Keep your eyes on the road. Don’t speed when you should slow. Mistakes you should have known.


I wrote this song about a girl driving down a highway alone, remembering when she used to drive with her friend. Her friend died in a car accident after not driving safe, going too fast, running red lights, and not wearing her seat belt. Now the girl has to drive alone, and she is on her way to bring flowers to her friend’s grave.


I’ve got my foot on the pedal

And my hands on the wheel

And I’m driving down the highway

Remember how it feels

To have you in the passenger seat

Driving with the windows down made me feel complete

Why’d you have to go and be so reckless

You should’ve listened to me when I said that

We’re driving down the road way too fast

It’s not worth the memories I promise they’ll last

I told you to buckle up your seatbelt

But you were too busy looking in the mirror

You really should’ve gone a little slower

Cause now I’m driving alone and you’re not here