Lyrics: Please, ignore this song. You’re rocketing past in a tin can. Your actions affect others. Pay attention to the road and not this song. ooh ooh keep the volume down. ooh ooh only play songs you can tune out so you can please pay attention. You are no superhero. Just think of all the things that you want to keep living for. I thought of this message because I find it helpful to have music in the background of my driving to keep my own thoughts from distracting me but that system is foiled if I start to pay more attention to the song than to driving. If I keep the volume down and only play songs i know really well, I don’t feel the need to pay attention to them and I focus on driving safely. I want to help others find the system that works best for them individually so we can all be our best driving selves.

Stay Alive

Stay alive, Safe when you drive, Keep your eyes on that road, Wherever you go It takes one slip, For it all to blow Don’t take the risk You won’t escape There won’t be a hero, With a mask and a cape, To warn you before it’s too late, You only have two hands, Keep those two on the wheel, And none on your phone, Don’t text while you drive, Into the unknown. Your family, Will get the call, from the hospital Your son is in critical He totaled your Lexus While texting to Alexis, Kids these days, So reckless, Kids, don’t drive and text. Stay alive, Safe when you drive, Keep your eyes on that road, Wherever you go It takes one slip, For it all to blow Don’t take risks You won’t escape There might not, Be a quick save, How can there be, If the road isn’t where you gaze, If your focus is texting to Dave, Don’t make the last day, quick Don’t be a statistic.

Life & Death

Hi, there! This is a project my friend Connor Kemp and I decided to do, and it was a lot of fun, considering he is in Michigan, while I’m in Nebraska. I got to experience working with someone else, writing as a group, and having something to look up to. Unfortunately, though, the final product was too long (5:06), so we had to trim it down to the bare minimum. If you’d like to listen to the full version, though, click here ( Other than that, enjoy! And also, remember to vote. It’s totally free, and you can change your mind before you vote. Enjoy the song!



“I’m driving fast down the highway

Far away from home
The red tail lights are shining
It is nightfall
Child in the back of a car passing by me,
But I cannot see, I am focused on the man who makes me mad,
As my madness controls my mind and my hands,
My anger explodes,
I just can’t take it anymore!”

Mind Off The Phone

Using a cell phone while driving is a major risk so I decided to highlight it in my song “Mind Off The Phone”. I remember watching distracted driving PSAs as a kid and how scary they were to me. They stick with me to this day so I decided to make the song sound a bit eerie to keep you present of the risk of distracted driving. Lyrics 4000 teens lose their lives every year in collisions At least 1 in 4 are when someone is using their phone When you are tempted to make that unsafe decision Simply remember the words of this little song Ba dum bum bum Get your mind off the phone focus on the streets If you want to be alive tomorrow Before you start to drive always adjust your seat and mirrors and put that seatbelt on Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da 11 teens lose their lives everyday in collisions Everyone using the road must do their part It’s dangerous, don’t put your friends in that position I hope that this song can keep you driving smart Get your mind off the phone focus on the streets If you want to be alive tomorrow Before you start to drive always adjust your seat and mirrors and put that seatbelt on Thank you for listening!

Second Chance

This piece was created with several loops presented to me from Free Sound. I have looked into the rules and understand the statements in borrowed sound. This composition is something I imagined when thinking about the prompt. I have never experience reckless driving. I have known a close friend who experienced that with their family member. It really saddens me how little mistakes we do as humans can cause a real impact to those in our community. This story was based on my friend, who would like not to be mention, as they gotten a phone call and trying to put music in their car stere0,when the event happen. It really saddens me how little mistakes we do as humans can cause a real impact to those in our community. We have opportunities to learn from these mistakes, to better ourselves as better people. Again this is what I would call a “picture being projected by music.” No lyrics, but rather imagery.

Before It’s a Temptation

Writing the song “Before It’s a Temptation” was the best thing that could have happened for my driving habits! I hope it is helpful to others as well. In this song, we see the road through the eyes of a teenager placed in a situation where we commonly fail to drive safely (running late to something important and time-sensitive). The solution proposed, as the teenager goes from reckless to intelligent driving, is that the commitment to drive sensibly needs to be made before the car’s in motion. This includes simple plans for how you’ll respond to certain situations and “temptations” on the road. Lyrics: “Okay, this thing’s in motion Need to go fast but traffic’s worse than I was hoping Got a plane to catch, got to pass, find an opening, oh Now I’m not quite sure I know Which of these is the right road So I’m reaching in my pocket for the GPS app, that’s on my phone What could be worse I need to U-turn And what could be worse than miss this trip That I worked so hard to earn I’m turning while turning back on the screen Nearly clip an SUV Hey, looks like I have new messages to check Sharply swerving to avoid that wreck on the shoulder I can smell the smoke from their motor Man they must have been distracted wonder how they managed that mess I only ran that red ’cause I’m in a hurry Interpreting the speed limit in a way that would make my mom worry Why is everyone stopping? I’m going to miss my flight. 40 minutes ’til my plane leaves But before the light’s green I hear something in my head say What could be worse than be the second wreck What could be worse than not to make it there at all So if you want to drive eyes blind to the road Pedal to the floor that phone Could become the last thing you saw You’ve got to make the decision Before it’s a temptation So here is my proposition Make a quick mental commitment tell yourself You won’t sacrifice your life or another’s For the sake of a couple car lengths of time or directions Promise to pull over when you need to send a message or check the map Promise you’ll go slower when you’re tempted to go too fast If it’s that urgent that you need to be there on time Then it’s even more urgent that you’re there alive Commitment to make that happen by the way you drive” Thank you for listening!

In Control

In Control Driving in a car is a risk everyday It causes many lives to be taken away Keep your hands on the wheel and your foot near the break A distraction is a risk you ain’t willing to take A phone, ain’t nobody leave you alone When you get a call leave a message at the tone Keep your eyes on the road, no matter where you go One text can kill many lives unknown Don’t be driving in the car while you eat Your attention is key to the lives in the seat Focus on the lights and the cars on the street Support local laws and drive safely Keep your eyes, on the road When you drive, you go slow Cause your recklessness can cause a life to go Don’t text or call anybody when you’re in control Stop, and keep your focus on the road Distractions will arise and be bestowed On everyday drivers like you and me The last thing you want is a casualty Always be wise Always be aware Don’t fall asleep on the drivers chair Consequences will come, if you don’t care So avoid the danger and be safe everywhere Keep your eyes, on the road When you drive, you go slow Cause your recklessness can cause a life to go Don’t text or call anybody when you’re in control Credits: Produced, written, and sung by Emi Gil Backstory: This song was written to motivate our youth to stay focused while driving. Being distracted by your phone is not worth taking someone’s life and/or ruining your own. I hope that my peers think the same way that I do as I think it is extremely important to always be ‘In Control’ behind the wheel.

Don’t Risk It

I love making raps, about all sorts of things, and this project gave me a wonderful opportunity to continue that passion and learn more about making music and constructing beats, while learning and sharing my knowledge of safe driving. Although the beat is simple, it is one of my first ones, so I am proud of that alone. The lyrics were inspired by my PE teacher who taught me about safe driving. She kept reminding me how kids always think that it will never happen to them, and they have heard the phrase don’t text and drive, but there’s much more than just texting that could endanger you. “Don’t be part of the statistics,” she said. I hope you guys enjoy my rap about safe driving. I had plenty of fun working on this and I really think that this is a great cause that really empowers teens to help others realize how important safe driving can be. Thanks, and here are the lyrics: Krunchy Kidd(stage name:) haha, We gonna jump on the topic of driving Speaking a bit too fast we just vibing Go ahead relax put ur seatbelt on, Better stay in bed if your gonna yawn You got ur license that’s cool, Eyes on the road that’s the rule But you just heard a ding That’s ur cellphone ring I should check it out, that’s what your thinking Don’t pick it up, fling it to the side Listen here buddy you could’ve died Ye ye I know, Don’t text and drive, That’s why i’m here and still alive, I’m not that stupid, it won’t happen to me I aced the test…minus three But why risk it? It’s not all in the phone That could break ur bone Distracted driving will getcha killed Doesn’t matter if your bad or skilled Boom boom there’s the bass all around Stop that nonsense, please turn it down Focus on the road ahead, not at the sound You should probably drive slower around the town Snacks and drinks, go put em in the back Don’t eat and drive you’ll get a heart attack If your friends wanna lift, no need to be swift This aint no Tokyo Drift When youre in the car, feeling like a superstar You can multitask, but please refrain we ask For your goal here Ain’t just pedals and steer, Its driving safe cause your life is on the line You might get away, feeling pretty fine But why risk it? Cellphones to Do not Disturb A nice safe drive, that’s what we all deserve, Just pay attention, and ease the tension It’s a privilege to drive, there’s no revives Dont Risk it Don’t be part of the statistics.. Focus getting from point A to B, then you can do whatever you want. Don’t Risk it.

Take It Easy – Reckless Driving

Hi there! My name is Isabel Folkers and this is a shortened version of an original song I’ve written called Take It Easy. I wrote this song about the struggle of reckless driving from the perspective of a friend/girlfriend of a student who has recently been driving irrationally despite her warnings and attempts of help. The student has continuously ignored her plea to prioritize their safety and she has had enough. This is a moment where she has put the ball into the other student’s court to decide if they will make the right and safe choice of driving without distraction. She finally admits that she cannot be the student’s way out of the trouble that they are in, no matter how much it may hurt. This song is important to me because it showcases the push and pull of situations within unsafe driving.



Baby, I’ve been so down lately
Trying to keep control of you
You’re just loose at the reigns
Stop trying to get your way with me
I’m not your piece of meat
So honey, take that attitude right out the door
You can’t take it
I’m not your ticket
To get you out of your own hell

It can wait

Lyrics: Who knew that would be your last smile. Taking a picture with friends on a drive. Who knew that a few seconds could change your life. Don’t be distracted driving, don’t look at your phone, done eat, fall asleep, don’t even waste a second texting. The makeup can wait, do it before. If you’re running late, the makeup can wait. For Gps have it ready before you leave hands free device so its the road that you see not the phone… Put your phone on settings and do not disturb, although it’s tempting, just put the phone away! Who knew a few seconds could save. Credits: Lyrics, singing, harmonies and Composure: Me Helping record and play guitar: Dan H.


This song is called “Highlights.” When writing this song I was thinking about driving while texting and being on social media. Those are dangerous and distract you while driving. One mistake and it is over. I was thinking about how on social media, we only post about the highlights, the positive things that happen in our lives. But only knowing someone’s highlights isn’t really knowing them, is it? Real life is the high points, the low points, the everyday-mundane-times. This song is about wanting to be in someone’s life, for the highlights, and for everything in between. Driving recklessly will ultimately mean that we will not be around for the people we love and miss out on all the highlights and everything in between.



Only half of the story,

Postmarks in the road, and no one knows where they go, so,
Tell me all of your stories,
Maybe no one’s asked before, but I’d like to see behind that door,
We’re all tryna save face, in this blue light age,
Pictures scattered on the screen, what did they ever mean?

I don’t wanna be
peripheral to your life, only seeing highlights,
I don’t wanna be
keeping at a distance, I don’t wanna miss this,
It isn’t enough to
have temporarily loved you,
It’s in between the highlights,
to all the tough times,
and all the rough nights,

I wanna be there

“Come Home”

Verse: “We’ve all got some more life to live, air to breathe. A lot of us, we’ve got families, people to see. When you’re on the road, take it easy, slow and steady. Follow what I say so things don’t get heavy. Chorus: “Keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Strap in, don’t look at your phone. No distractions, because I want you to come home. Keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Pay attention, do as your told. Be careful, because I want you to come home.” Chorus: “Keep your hands on the wheel, eyes on the road. Pay attention, do as your told. Be careful, because I want you to come home.”

just be safe PLEASE

just stay awake PLEASE pt.2 LYRICS: I know its not that late the paper is due at 8 and before you know it I stayed up way too late I had so much time but i just procrastinate now I have to work it through the night hope I can get it done on time check the time its 7:59 and I laid in bed my phone went off again I got up and got ready for the day brush my teeth and comb my hair gets a new change of cloths ooh grab the house and car keys now i’m ready to go throw my bag in the back seat and open the car door Stay up, smack my face just be awake you don’t wanna collide and have to pay go to DDs and grab a cup coffee cause you wanna you wanna stay awake stay awake while your driving just stay safe please Description: I originally wanted to do this in my perspective because I have stayed up just to do a history assignment. That is what the 7:59 thing is about. The project was due at 8:00AM and I stayed up until then to finish it. I did and I still do not have a grade for it so that’s great. The reason why its called “just stay awake PLEASE pt. 2” is because i made another recording and whole other song like this, but it was more detailed and too many syllables (is what I got from feedback from friends on a application called DISCORD) so I made it simpler and called this version part 2. I included DD’s which is Dunkin Donuts because that is the nearest coffee shop that is nearby my place, and was the first one I could think of. The Topic I did was drowsy driving, because I know it’s not a big thing to look at, though I know a bunch of people that have driven through the night on the road and are sleepy. I sometimes think, why can’t there be a pit stop for drivers who need to sleep? Because they ALWAYS seem sleepy whenever I look at them. Though yeah, this is my song. My throat hurts so Imma take care of it, hehe :> HOPE YOU ENJOYED LISTENING TO IT AS MUCH AS I DID HEHE :DDDD

Stay Off Your Phone, By Arianna Downes

When you drive You’ve got a million things to think about at one time When you drive Your phone is the main distraction You can get the same satisfaction when you’re home So stay off your phone Stay off your phone Stay off your phone Stay off your phone When you drive You gotta keep both eyes on the road at all times You could run a red light You could hit a worker that’s standing right insight But if you look at the road you won’t hit a car that’s sitting still as stone If you stay off your phone Stay off your phone Stay off your phone Stay off your phone When you are a new driver your main focus should be on the road. 1 in 4 car crashes includes the use of a cell phone. We must inform people about the dangers of using your phone while driving.

“Just One Second”

This is a song I wrote about distracted teenage drivers, encouraging teens to stay off of their cell phones and watch the roads. I also mention taking your time. I was in a collision in August, and although I was not distracted, I often wonder if there would have been a different outcome had I not been rushing to get to my friend’s house. Also, in the song I emphasize the fact that there are others on the road besides just you, and that teens can take care of the lives of others by using caution with their own. Lyrics: Just one second could change your life Please don’t ever forget that Just slow down and enjoy the ride Don’t become a threat Take your time And you will be fine Please stay off of your phone You’re not out there alone ‘Cause just one second could change their life Even a perfect stranger There’s others, too, and they can’t see you A distracted teenager Take your time And you will be fine Please stay off of your phone You’re not out there alone If it keeps you alive, stay off your phone and drive Just one second could end your life Please don’t even forget that

Some Things Change

This song came to me in the car one day, after thinking about my brother shooting targets in his archery club in school. I don’t know how I made the connection, but somehow it struck me that archery is very similar to driving; if you don’t look where you’re going, you are going to miss your target. Sometimes I think that the best thought processes are the simplest ones–some things change when you look away. I hope that this song encourages others to avoid texting, or even glancing at their phones as they drive. In some cases, like shooting a bullseye or making a basket, the consequences of looking away are minimal–you miss your target. But when you text and drive, there’s no guarantee of a second chance.


Some Things Change

Jessie Morgan



Verse 1

You won’t hit a bullseye

if you don’t look at the target


Or play violin

without looking at the sheet


You can’t watch TV

if you’re staring outside


You wouldn’t close your eyes

on a longboard ride


Verse 2


You couldn’t do your makeup

without looking in the mirror


You wouldn’t make the winning shot

if you face the other way


You can’t read a book

without looking at the page


Some things change

when you look away





Sing with me

If you know what I mean

You can’t drive if you’re looking at a screen


Keep the phone on Silent Mode

your eyes On The Road


Some things change when you look away…