Firstly, I would like to thank you for this opportunity and apologize for my lateness in submitting it. This song follows the point of view of a college student who is going to visit her family after leaving her graduating party. However, the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Just Stop

The focus is on times when it’s only our thoughts that are keeping us distracted at the wheel, even though I mention other distractions as well. A bit of a rough draft, but meaningful nonetheless. Thank you for this opportunity!


[spoken] Have you ever had one of those moments when..?


Verse 1: 

You didn’t sleep at all 

And you know that there’s no way 

You could drive around all day 

And still be okay 


Verse 2: 

Or when you think you have it all 

Figured out and then 

Another whirlwind of thoughts 

Spins in your head 



Just stop! 

Stop what you’re doing, awake from your sleeping 

There’s a whole world in front of you 

Open your eyes, leave those things aside 

There’s just one thing you need to do 



‘Cause the wheel’s in your hand and the brake’s underneath your feet 

And maybe just maybe you’ll realize 



That life is worth more than, 

Your makeup, hair, or clothes 

And way way more than 

That song on the radio 

So if you feel that urge to move, just go ahead and stop

And remember that you’ve come so far to just lose it all like that 


Life Means More

This is a song I wrote about the repercussions of distracted driving. Life is worth so much and using our phones on the road can cause unthinkable pain. Hopefully this song can spread awareness and help encourage others.

So young and never bored.

Fast car, the world is yours…

But please, take some advice.

You dream of being free and careless,

but I hope you don’t ignore this.

‘Cuz your life means more than a device.

Mamas and papas want to see you graduate.

Sisters and brothers want to see you make your way.

So look to your left, look to your right,

because your life is worth more time than the phone calls now.

Check those mirrors because the tears are real if we must say goodbye

to the light in your eyes.

Put That Thang Down

All samples within are explicitly made free to use without a requirement to seek individual permission. I recorded all instruments and vocals, mixed, and mastered the track myself. While making this track, I drew upon my knowledge as a self-taught jazz guitarist to craft a melancholic, off-kilter chord progression. The percussion is intentionally offset and feels tipsy. For the vocals and additional polish, I looked to my favorite hip-hop artist, Earl Sweatshirt. I stuck to his low-pitched, subdued flow, and his works inspired me to finish off the arrangement with uncanny Rhodes piano embellishments and eerie samples of an ambulance, leaves crunching, and a woman sobbing. Overall, I felt that the most impact on the work came from my environment. I live in the Las Vegas metropolis. I hear several ambulance sirens pass by each day, most likely for the huge amount of car crashes that happen here. It breaks my heart that people are killing themselves with the easily preventable behavior of driving while distracted, but even moreso that they sometimes kill others in the process. I even see distracted drivers firsthand every time I go on the road. It is a scary feeling when someone on their phone almost kills you on the highway. Luckily, I have never been hit myself — but if we do not curb this phenomenon with the right education, it is only a matter of time. Lyrics: 4000 teens died from distracted driving last year Lord knows them text messages stay conniving These kids mommas call it an accident But we gotta stay responsible for it You might whip out the phone Just ‘cos you’re alone But even when nobody’s looking The Grim Reaper’s booking Distracting yourself is a choice And you gotta make the right one I don’t want no more ratchet kids in caskets I say the method of mediation is education We need to stop tryna change decisions with derision Classrooms gotta focus on the empathy bear with me Teens are more compassionate than rational Show them the hurt in their mothers and others When they get that call that their little homie Died with a phone in they lap So if you really wanna avoid that Keep the family intact Put that phone away ‘Cos at the end of the day That text message can wait It don’t matter how much you think you need to respond Ain’t no way a DM is more important than your life Sending streaks to your friends could get you sent to the hospital We’re so buried in our phones One mistake can leave you dead and alone

“Everyone Is Counting On You”

This is a song I wrote about driving distracted, and the song is upbeat and engaging, hoping to persuade distracted drivers to change their ways and focus on the road and others around them. The lyrics are listed below: Verse One: You drive like you’re in A getaway car Inside of a high-speed action movie But baby, don’t you know This ain’t Hollywood It’s real life, baby So, I’m begging you Wake up, and eyes on the road in front of you Chorus: If you get scared that your mind will Wander at the wheel Just listen to this song And focus on the road, and what’s real It’s the best and easiest thing to do Everyone is counting on you


Only half of the story, Postmarks in the road, and no one knows where they go, so, Tell me all of your stories, Maybe no one’s asked before, but I’d like to see behind that door, We’re all tryna save face, in this blue light age, Pictures scattered on the screen, what did they ever mean? I don’t wanna be peripheral to your life, only seeing highlights, I don’t wanna be keeping at a distance, I don’t wanna miss this, It isn’t enough to have temporarily loved you, It’s in between the highlights, to all the tough times, and all the rough nights, I wanna be there

Thousand Shards (by Luke Rey)

Music has been a passion of mine for a long time, it has a certain power of delivering messages and emotions. I love it some much and I decided to spread awareness to end reckless driving through this song and its lyrics. A lot of people nowadays resonate with songs and its meaning, and I feel that with the vibe and style I gave this song, it’ll impact the crucial demographic of teenagers. I hope it creates an impact on the current situation. Thousand Shards (Verse) Everytime you buckle in Do you get this train of thought? Please, stop looking off the road Keep those eyes sharp as a hawk (Pre-Chorus) Can’t your make up, phone calls, friend’s chat, playlists wait a little ’til you arrive? Simple things like this can make a difference of who lives and who dies (Chorus) Look ahead Clear your view I don’t think it’s worth your time Look ahead Would you choose? A single glance or your life (Bridge) Can’t pull through that you let go Piercing me through my soul Like a thousand shards of glass When I think of you flying away (Chorus) Look ahead Clear your view I don’t think it’s worth your time Look ahead Would you choose? A single glance or your life (Please drive safe) Oh, oh, oh It’ll hit you like a thousand shards Oh, oh, oh It’ll hit you like a thousand shards Credits: Lyrics – Luke Rey Vocals – Luke Rey Instrumental – Luke Rey Mixing/Mastering – Luke Rey

Matter of Time

A creative at heart, I have always considered myself first and foremost a storyteller, whether that be through music, writing, or art. I was so excited to tell a story (with a moral) through music about this prevalent and pressing topic. As someone who is not only violently afraid of driving due to the reckless cars on the road, but also knows people who have been involved in such crashes, it is important to me spread awareness about how dangerous reckless driving truly is. Thank you Create Real Impact for giving me and all the other students who are entering the competition a chance to showcase our gifts in an “impactful” way! (Song was created using MixPad Multitrack Recording Free by NCH Software — many thanks to them as well!) Lyrics: Her life was just getting started when she moved out of her parents’ apartment. Make a difference, see the world. Goals strewn in her journal on a dreamy night. Meet new people, become something, make her childhood wrongs right. Threw that journal in a backpack in the backseat of her car. Out of the driveway, down the highway, took a detour through the park. Scenic route, she said, “I’ll get there someday. Might as well enjoy the ride so far.” Headlights glaring, playlist still playing as she swerved to miss a car. Lights flashing red and blue. Handcuffs clashing as they’re secured onto the wrists of a stranger who couldn’t wait to send a message saying, “I’ll be late.” They found her backpack later in the ditch, journal opened to the page with the list. Would have been a beautiful adventure, but it cost her life. Don’t text and drive. It’s only a matter of time before those wrongs can’t be made right.


The beat was created in GarageBand and the lyrics were written by me. The song is titled “Voicemail” because the song is written like a person calling their now deceased friend. The lyrics primarily focus on the effects of reckless driving, while also offering a solution towards the end. People die from reckless driving everyday, and it is the job of the world to do whatever it takes to lower those numbers. Lyrics: Hey Jack, how have you been? It’s been one week since everything went grim. Y’know, I refuse to believe you’re not alive. And the fact that you died on Highway 105. I heard you checked your phone in the middle of the night. You were looking away and you missed the oncoming light. I heard what the notification was… dude. It was an email from a pizza shop promoting their food. You would never your check your phone during driving if it rung, You remember what you told me at my house when we were young? You were the brains, and I was the brawn, I’d be the muscle, you’d be the smart one. …What did you check that day? Was something so important that you had to look away? Please, if you just decided to mute the phone, I wouldn’t be sitting in my room all alone! I’m angry, Jack! You did something so dumb! We were supposed to have a party today! You said you’d come! My best friend is gone and I’m still here suffering, Sitting here bawling with my eyes red from sobbing! The school called it an accident in the end! Screw that! It’s a preventable crash that took my friend! Now all I dream of is burning grass and shattered glass, And I don’t even have a partner for the project in math class! …Sorry bro. I’m still shocked when I first learned about the news from Ms. Joe. I miss you my guy, I’m still filled with this pain, This void in my heart, knowing I won’t see you again… I’ve decided now. I’ll be safe on the road. Keep the phone in the pocket in order to lighten the load. I have to go now… I’ll see you in the sky, I promise to see you again, but for now, goodbye…

Siren’s Lullaby

Lyrics: Hey the world ‘s going blurry Now as you sing this song It has enraptured your heart You have to follow along It slowly steals your focus But you don’t realize It leads you to demise Blinking quickly, where am I Loosing focus, siren’s lullaby Have to pay attention Stop! Have to pay attention Volume too loud, lyrics spinning Blaring horns, and people yelling Stop, have to pay attention Or face the consequences I can’t think I must do something now Turn it down I slowly turn down the volume I still can’t hear my thoughts My subconscious is screaming “Oh please just turn it off” I decide that today Is not the day I will die I must get this nullified Unplug the aux cord Stop the streaming And turn off the sound Can’t hear a thing Don’t touch the phone Just let it sleep It’s better, much better, hello sweet peace A few simple actions All without turning While keeping my focus Right on the road No need to look over No crash and burning Just silence, without the overload Attributions: “boedie_alfa_romeo_MiTo_honking_car_horn.wav” by boedie https://freesound.org/people/boedie/sounds/457425/ LICENSED UNDER CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL (CC0 1.0) PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION “SFX – Car Keys and Ignition » Car Ignition Key – Engine Starting Running Idle 2.wav” by RutgerMuller https://freesound.org/people/RutgerMuller/sounds/50898/ LICENSED UNDER CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL (CC0 1.0) PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION “Field Recordings – Driving a Car » In Car Driving.aif” by RutgerMuller https://freesound.org/people/RutgerMuller/sounds/50910/ LICENSED UNDER CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL (CC0 1.0) PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION “SFX – Traffic » Tires Squeaking.aif” by RutgerMuller https://freesound.org/people/RutgerMuller/sounds/104026/ LICENSED UNDER CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL (CC0 1.0) PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION “Horn_Doppler » Horn_Doppler_01.wav” by Mullumbimby https://freesound.org/people/Mullumbimby/sounds/385283/ LICENSED UNDER CC0 1.0 UNIVERSAL (CC0 1.0) PUBLIC DOMAIN DEDICATION Here is a link to the CC0 (aka. Public Domain) legal stuff. https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/legalcode As for the backstory, there isn’t really much. I felt like making a song and I had the thought, “Wouldn’t it be ironic to write a song about songs being distracting in the car?” I had this idea that it was something like a siren’s song. Sometimes when I drive, I get a bit too engrossed in the music I listen to, so I wanted to make this catchy song as a reminder to me and everyone else that music can be distracting and harmful. In the worst case scenario, you won’t be able to think or focus because you’re too busy singing, or you miss an audio cue and end up in a crash. As for the lyrics and sound effects, since the lyrics portrayed a bit of a story, I wanted to add a bit of pizazz by helping the listener visualize what was happening around this character in respect to what she is singing about. It helps add to the tension because not only is she distracted, you can hear that the music is causing actual consequences, though she makes the right decision before she truly does crash.

Dreams of Driving

There are zero instrumental parts in “Dreams of Driving” by Mags Baack. With only vocals, this song is simply human; no machines are being used. So many things now are mechanical and often people think they also have the ability to do multiple things at once, like a fancy machine. Even when driving, they believe that they can multitask and be fine. We need to remember that we are human, that there is a limit to what we can and cannot do at the same time. It is when we become too comfortable with things that things go wrong and too many people are comfortable with driving distracted. Lyrics: Your dreams of driving through the night with your friends by your side, wondering when the sun will rise It’s all too real what driving distracted can do to you in just a second, it’s not worth the risk for your life You can drive safely if you only put down the phone Put down the phone and wait to put your make-up on, don’t be searching for that one last fry or reading a book Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones or maybe you won’t, don’t risk your life for a moment of entertainment Your dreams of driving through the night with your friends by your side may come to an end if you don’t stop

One. Split. Second.

Hello, everyone! My name is Sparsh Shah (a.k.a. “Purhythm”), and I’m a 17-year-old singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, inspirational speaker, philanthropist, and high school senior from New Jersey! I also have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), which is a rare, incurable, genetic disorder that makes a person’s bones extremely fragile. Because of this condition, I’ve never been able to stand or walk, and I’ve also had over 140 fractures and various surgeries, which have given me 19 screws and 8 rods in my body. Nonetheless, I’ve been able to live out my dream career at a very young age. So far, I’ve given over 200 live performances and delivered keynote speeches across 9 countries, and two of my performances have been broadcasted to over 2 billion people! My music videos and speeches have also been watched over 200 million times across all social media, and I’ve written over 60 songs (and counting) since the age of 10! (If you want to check my work out, please feel free to go to my website: www.SparshShah.com) But enough about me—this contest is about a cause much greater than myself: to stop the problem of teenage reckless and distracted driving. I’ve always been passionate about creating content that can “sparsh” (which means “touch” in Sanskrit) people’s hearts and make the world better than I found it. Hence, when I found out about this contest, I was so excited to have the opportunity to do so while also competing for a scholarship that could help me achieve my goals for higher education. With that, I’m overjoyed to present to you a song that I’ve written, produced, and sung: “One. Split. Second.” Here are the lyrics: “One Split Second” By: Sparsh Shah (Purhythm) (Verse) One. Split. Second. That’s how long it takes; Either life or death, The biggest difference it makes. It doesn’t matter, If you’re calling or texting behind the wheel; Or if you’re hearing music, eating, Or doing makeup—let me be real: 11 teens die every day, Because they drive distracted; And once the damage is done, Well, you can’t retract it. But here’s the catch: This isn’t just for car drivers; Or truck, motor, or bicycle drivers, It’s for ALL drivers! Maybe you drive a scooter, Or a wheelchair or powerchair; Or a wagon or hoverboard, But either way, I DON’T CARE! Whatever you roll on, Do it with all of your concentration; Focus on the road only, No time for hesitation! And if you ever feel like, You’re too busy or too tired; Or under the influence, Let someone else drive the tires! And if you forget everything I said, Just know that one thing’s true: One split second of distraction— And it WILL be you! (Chorus) [One. Split. Second. Don’t you be caught skiddin’; One. Split. Second. Trust me, I ain’t kiddin’!] x2 (Outro) PURHYTHM!

We Will Make it Home

“We Will Make it Home” is a song I wrote to emphasize the importance of staying focused on the road while you are driving. I hope that everyone who hears it will consider that some people never make it home, so we should make good choices while driving to avoid preventable car crashes. The lyrics say: I know that being young feels invincible; hopes and dreams frame your destiny. But, before you can take on the world, you must make it home. There’s not a lot in life that is guaranteed, but this fact is the truth: Car crashes can be prevented by our choices. Some don’t make it back home. I know that, sometimes, we are not in control of our given circumstances, but there’s a question you can answer alone. Will you watch the road? Keep you focus on your driving and, please, put down your phone. Distracted driving is preventable, so let’s start this now! If we stick together we can all make it home. So please drive safely and remember our vow: “We will make it home.”

It’s been a year

“It’s been a year” is a rather personal song sang from the perspective of someone who has lost their life to distracted driving. As someone who has been involved in a rather serious car crash and looks back on that night quite often, I knew I wanted to write a song sang in retrospective, wondering what went wrong and regretting past decisions. In the case of this story, multiple forms of distracted driving are discussed, two which often go hand-in-hand: Checking one’s phone while driving and driving while experiencing intense emotions. In the song, the driver checks their phone on the road only to read a text which was presumably very important to them. The driver, as they’re overcome with emotion, cannot help but to stare down at their shoes, lost in thought and attempting to process what they’re feeling. Driving while emotional is a silent killer. Clear your head, and put away anything that can get inside of it. Lyrics: It’s been a year since I drove that day It’s been a year since the crash now It’s been a year since I saw your text Now I’m six feet underground I should just leave it alone now Shouldn’t have picked up the phone Cause all that thinking ‘bout you Had me staring at me shoes So many thoughts through my head then It put my car in a tail-spin Overcome with emotion Can’t make that mistake anymore If I could go back in time to-day I would have cleared my own head then If I had just put the phone away I’d still be breathing to this day

Spinning Off The Road

My original song ‘Spinning Off The Road’ is a reflection story from the perspective of the passenger in the vehicle after the crash. The passenger is speaking to the driver’s soul, sadly telling what happened and explaining to the driver what choice should have been made so that no distracted driving accident occurred. The reflection continues to include other things no driver should do, and where a driver’s hands should always be to insure a safe ride for all on the road. My vocals are accompanied by piano and a violin track.

‘Spinning off the Road’ by Lexi Ann

We were driving home
But it’s cold outside so you
Thought we’d be alone
Traveling on the open road
You made a joke
At the precious life you had
But you left no hope
Careless of what you chose
I told you to put down your phone
But your mind was in some place, another zone, now
Three lives spun off the road
No time for makeup in the mirror
No need for mascara on
Didn’t need to happen
Could’a kept the wheels on the road
Could’a saved a like, if you’d kept
Your hands at 10 and 2
You’d be with me, I’d be with you
10 and 2
No more spinning off the road

So I Can Live

Hello! My name is Kameren Gatson, I’m a high school senior at Yes Prep Eisenhower High School in Houston, Texas. About 6 months ago, I attempted to make a song and was shocked at how it came out. Since August of last year, I’ve begun to teach myself to record and edit my own vocals. I came across this scholarship about three weeks ago and thought what better way to use a new skill than to help pay for my college education and promote safe driving habits. This is an original song written and recorded on my own. The beat/instrumental used was produced by the upcoming producer @straightupbeats. Lyrics Think of all the lives you could affect By just sending one text, If you look down you never know what’s coming next, I choose my life of the characters ‘cause they can cause death, And I couldn’t imagine putting my family through the stress, (Hook) That’s why when I’m behind the wheel I put my phone down just so I can live One text isn’t even worth it Distracted driving’s something that can be avoided (Verse) When I get in the car I buckle up Get rid of everything that can distract me The main thing is my phone, so when I hear it ring I make sure that it’s not on side of me But if I have a passenger in the car I may just ask them to go check for me ‘Cause If I check I might not see tomorrow and I have a long life ahead of me