Focus on the Journey

This song encourages young people to avoid distractions while driving and therefore avoid accidents.

Verse 1:
So many teens like you and I
Get distracted as they drive.
If there’s a way to stop it, you know I’m gonna try
So please take this advice:
Chorus 1:
And keep your eyes on the road
And hands at ten and two.
These are things that we all know,
But we don’t always do.
Distraction’s not a state of mind that you want to drive through,
So focus on the journey that’s right in front of you.
Verse 2:
We love our food and friends and phones.
When it comes to driving, we all know
These can be distractions and they need to go,
So we can all get safely home.
Chorus 2:
Keep your eyes on the road
And hands at ten and two.
These are things that we all know,
But we don’t always do.
Distraction’s not a state of mind that you want to drive through,
So focus on the journey that’s right in front of you.

Eyes Up

Lyrics: Don’t drive distracted Distraction’s usually what causes crashes He was texting his friends, no seatbelt fastened Now his friends have to carry his casket Driving’s a responsibility that requires focus And losing focus could get you buried below us Unsafe driving fills me with disgust And there’s a couple things i’d like to discuss First off, why are you driving with your phone in your hand Is crashing and dying all part of your plans? Two eyes on the phone is no eyes on the road So you should put that thing in airplane mode That’s right, If you wanna stay alive Put that thing in airplane mode before you put it in drive And you need two hands on the wheel Not one on the wheel and another one on a meal Cause two hands on the wheel is part of the deal And two eyes on the road is just how it should go And one more thing I that I think I should mention Why’s your seatbelt off? It only takes two seconds! So stop being selfish And stop all the things you’re distracting yourself with Because it’s more than just you in danger It’s you, your friends, family and strangers Eyes up

Dear Child

A mother looses her son in a car accident where her son ran through a red light because he wasn’t paying attention to the road. She grieves and sings this song to move on (piano and vocals by me)

My dear child, you didn’t look back when you drove through the red lights

You took the wrong turn, you realized too late, too far from the path, from my saving grace

My dear child, how I wish you could know how I love you, how I love you

You were swept away further from me, there’s no point now for you have moved further on and I must do the same

When you’re driving

Lyrics and Music by Grace Fitiausi Performed on the Ukulele by Grace Fitiausi When you’re driving, look at the road and when you’re driving, put down your phone and when you’re driving, don’t pay attention to the guy in the back who’s making dirty jokes and laughing loud. And when you’re driving, look at the signs and when you’re driving, don’t eat that pie and when you’re driving, don’t pay attention to the guy in the truck who’s throwing things out of the window. When you’re driving, don’t change the song yeah the music isn’t worth it at all because you’re driving, the repercussions of you losing your focus are not worth it in the long run.

Pay Attention

Many of my friends have been in car accidents because of not paying attention while driving. I wrote this song to bring awareness to distracted driving. All lyrics, vocals, and instruments were written and performed by Anthony Martin.


Now let me tell you a little story about a guy named Jim/He had it going for him everyday was like a dream to live/One day he was driving real fast in his sports car showing off to friends/And he looked away just looked away for a second

Chorus: Don’t look up just look straight keep your eyes ahead/Don’t look down or all around pay attention

Speed Kills

Lyrics: Speed kills When you look away When you leave a message When you spill your drink Speed kills When the light turns red When your friends talk loudly When you lose your head Say hello to James Dean for me He might pull you from the wreck Twenty miles without a seatbelt Was it worth a rubber neck? Speed kills When you look away You could be remembered For your last mistake I wrote “Speed Kills” to be a simple, to-the-point message about the ultimate consequence of reckless driving. On the road, the lives of many people, including teens, are cut short because of reckless driving and avoidable mistakes. Even the life of American icon James Dean was cut short in 1955 due to a fatal car crash, which would have been prevented if Dean had driven more slowly, giving himself more braking distance. Nowadays, distractions such as texting, road rage, and other passengers can produce equally fatal results on the road, regardless of speed. In the end, reckless and distracted drivers become victims of their own doing, and the regrettable tragedies that follow them serve as cautionary tales for everyone. My song, “Speed Kills” reminds the listener that they, too, could be the subject of those cautionary tales if they choose to drive recklessly.

The Rushed Dirge

Lyrics: I look at the time, I have 10 minutes Throw on some clothes, and grab the tickets Grab some fruit, my makeup bag Run to my car, no time to lag Turn the key, hit the gas Really gotta make it fast Start to make my face look lean lookup and the light is green Honks and flashes of angry faces I’m driving like I’m in the races Grab the banana off the seat Not paying attention to the street I start to drift out of lane I stop and think this is insane I pull over to the side of the road I need to make sense of my load I get it all done then back at it again Making sure to check my mirrors now and then It’s ok that I arrived there late Cause what matters is I got there safe. Backstory: I wanted to create a story about someone who a lot of people could relate or identify with. I find myself or my family rushed getting out the door, trying to get to where we are going while being as on-time as possible. The point of this scholarship was to focus on solutions and ideas to better help with staying on track while driving, and not on the many ways you can get distracted, I decided to hone in on one. I created a character and a short story about why they were distracted while driving. I then cut down the story to its most important parts and created a poem based on that. From there I created a melody and a Ukulele accompaniment, and finished with a celebratory “Yes!” I had a ton of fun creating this song, and recording it for this. It also allowed me to look into creative solutions to solve this issue so that I can be all the more attentive when I drive.

I Did It

This song is written from the perspective of someone who was using their phone while driving and reaped the consequences. It encourages teen drivers to take responsibility for their choices and outcomes. Here are the lyrics: Sometimes we don’t know when we go too far/ Sometimes it too late to hit the breaks that hard/ Sometimes we make mistakes that stay in the dark/ sometimes it’s not that safe when we’re in our car/ I saw the text, I read the screen/ I watched my life flash before me/ I turned around when I didn’t mean/ To cause the damage I did/ I did it/ I did it all/ I am the one to blame, I am the one to fall/ I did it/ I never it meant it so/ I hope you don’t have to learn the hard way/ And lose it all/ So stay off your phone/ And you’ll make it home/ We don’t have to be a slave/ To distractions when we can make/ A change/ Keep your eyes up in the car/ The world in your phone can wait/ As long as you’re safe.

Wait Till You Get Home

This song mirrors the scare and devastation that comes with distractive driving. I have witnessed so many of my loved ones go through this terror and I wish that I could just take away all of their pain and suffering. The consequences of this deadly phenomenon can be brutal. I wrote this song to represent just that and the steps associated with it. My love and passion for the piano came into play with this project as well. I have been playing since I was eight years old and I loved being able to implement it. I not only learned more about reckless and destructive driving through this application process but I also had so much fun doing so.



She gripped the wheel so hard
Her body was numb, the world went dark
The light was yellow
Then suddenly red
The speed was faster
then what she thought in her head
That one message sent
That insta post liked
It was all over in a blink of an eye
It’s never worth it, I promise you that
And that is just a matter of fact
Look up from the phone
Wait till you get home
The distraction real
How would your family feel
Look up from your phone
Wait till you get home

Put Your Phone Down

I wanted to create a song that was from the perspective of a teen who has crashed. This teen wants to share their story of how their life changed just from checking a text on the road. Time: 01:29 minutes Lyrics: When I started Drivers Ed I never thought that I’d ever even crash Woah, just driving with my friends, oh One day I really learned The price you pay when you put a text first Did not see that car Distracted driving kills 11 teens everyday: 1 in 4 were on their phone It doesn’t even have to be a text It could be shuffling a playlist or fixing your GPS Your life is worth more Put your phone down Credits: All credits go to me! Alexandria Lade

Drive Safe!

The lyrics to this song portray the free-spirited and reckless behavior that adolescents often exhibit as a result of having the freedom to drive by themselves. I framed this behavior within the perspective of a car crash that I had shortly after receiving my own license. Lyrics: I’m finally free I’m finally me I am the way I like to be I got the key Put it in the ignition then it hits the transmission Put the clutch in position and then that’s when I go Now I’m back on the road, I’m going home I ride off in the snow This road is dangerous But, I gotta take it I hope I make it If I just focus I make it I check my phone Give the music a shuffle Thinking that could be trouble I keep on driving The lights are blinding I don’t know what lane I’m in But, I’m going home I ride off in the snow This road is dangerous But, I gotta take it I hope I make it I just hope that I make it When I was seventeen years old, I got into my first car crash I was lucky to make it out in one piece, but my car was totaled But, it didn’t have to be that way If I was just paying more attention to the road, maybe things would have been different But you can’t change the past, all you can do is keep this story from repeating itself Drive safe everyone

Worldwide Drive

From the USA to Egypt to Japan driving laws may vary. But driving principles are universal. Worldwide Drive highlights teens ready to take on the road using two main principles: 1) focus on the road and 2) remove distractions. That’s it! The best part is, these principles follow you wherever you go. Let’s cruise the world safely. Worldwide Drive CHORUS Travel the world And then you will find There are teenagers distractions Around worldwide Just follow two simple steps let them be your guide United States to Greece Let’s take a ride Drving safe worldwide VERSE Uh, two step Two step Focus on the road then Throw out the rest Doesn’t matter if the wheel’s On the rightside, leftside You must abide Apply this guide Preliminary Buckle your seat Turn the A/C Man it’s getting Chile? Chilly? Ugh Like the country Speaking of music Lower the decibel gently No Opera House in the whip It ain’t Sydney Long’ and the lat’ (uh) Punch in the coordinates China to Yemen: road hazards exist (yup) People keep texting you, sending you GIFs Do not respond with more hieroglyphics Put away the curry and the marmalade (ew) Have your friends in the car help you stay awake Korean makeup, I’m not into ya And watch for the animals from Ind- ELEPHANT CHORUS Travel the world And then you will find There are teenagers distractions Around worldwide Just follow two simple steps let them be your guide United States to Greece Let’s take a ride Drving safe worldwide

Speak UP, Speak OUT

Oftentimes, when someone is driving unsafely, teens feel embarrassed to say something. For fear of being outcasted or made fun of, many of us say nothing, hoping that the driver does not get into an accident. This song is birthed from that place of uncertainty. “Should I say something or nothing?” Towards the end of the song we see that the passenger realizes that everyone’s safety is more important that social status or making the driver happy. This song urges people to call out unsafe driving and be vigilant on the road.


See I don’t know what to do

In the car trynna keep my cool

Keep from looking like a fool

But the drivers’ on the phone going on

Speedin last with a zoom

Feel the fear consuming

Should I say smthn or nothing

I might stay quiet (quite)

But if the bullet gets a bite then might save a life

So who cares if they wine or pout

We gotta speak up speak out

show em what it’s ab

Drivin, on the go, ain’t a play-ful thing

Watch out for cars not for the latest stream

Both hands on, hear the seatbelt ka-chink and show what (you’re love) for everybody

I know it’s down road

I know it’s down the street

But much could unfold from POInt A to POInt B

Just for good measure

Keep yourself tethered

Know above all else that I treasure our safe-ty

It may seem sorta en tic ing

To drive with a style, laid back, one handing

But cars and ppl could jump out faster than lightening,

So avoid the colloid and just do the roiight thing,

To tell the truth I’m asking you to consider the risk, do the taboo,

Defy what’s cool, and drive unmoved by di-stactions that may intrude

I don’t want you

Thinking that I am being rude

I just want this ride to be nothing else

But smooth

See I don’t know what to do

In the car trynna keep my cool

Keep from looking like a fool

But the drivers’ on the phone going on

Speedin last with a zoom

Feel the fear consuming

This time I’m gonna say smthn

Cause we all deserve a cautious drive

A driver who’s considerate of all our lives

So who cares if they wine or pout we gotta speak up speak out show em what it’s a bout



Can it just wait? Think of your mother She’d want you to stay On this earth a little while longer Why would you want a title of being a reckless driver? So make it untrue or else you will be one of the 4000 Only took a moment one simple look back Focus diverted then led to a crash Sirens are blaring headlights have gone mad One simple mistake wipes out all that you have Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road Turn down the music, keep off your cell phone It may be tempting to turn and talk But trust me, darling, it isn’t worth being gone So can it just wait? Think of your future All the plans that you made Can’t afford being one of the 4000 4,000. That is the number of adolescents who are lost per year as a result of distracted driving. One choice at the wheel can decide your fate, for better or worse. I hope this song encourages choosing to keep your hands on the wheel, to refuse to let conversation distract you, and to channel complete focus on the road. Your life, the lives of everyone else in the vehicle, and the lives in vehicles surrounding you depend on it. So make the notification wait, stay out of the conversation, listen to that one song later – it’s not the end of the world. However, choosing distractions could be the end of you.

Out of Sight and Out of Mind

This song is written from a mother’s perspective as she teaches her child with a learner’s permit how to drive responsibly: “Hey baby, won’t you take my hand, I’ll teach you how to drive. I just need you to be cautious and safe. Make sure your phone is out of sight and out of mind, only some music can be set beforehand. Hey baby, please think about your mama when you drive. She sure would like to see you live another day. You really don’t need to eat or call or watch a show when you drive. I just hope you listen to your mama when she says, ‘hey baby, please be safe when you drive. Keep your phone out of sight and out of mind’.”

The worst mistake you could ever make

Although not very pleasant sounding. It’s exactly what driving is like when distracted on the road. Described by the line sound of the organ playing represents the distracting parts of life. in that it interrupts you from what it’s most important: safe driving. However, by the beginning is the end of the person that crashes with no single word to be spoken.