It’s Not Just Your Life On The Line

Driving distracted can often be justified because people only see their own lives on the line. Nonetheless, we need to shift that perspective and show that distracted driving means that countless other lives are impacted, not just their own. The innocent civilians that get into the accident, along with the lives of all their own family and friends, will suffer repercussion from a moment of distracted driving. Don’t take an innocent life. Don’t give pain to your friends and family. Say no to distracted driving.

Drive Safe

This piece lets people know what the #1 killer of teens in America is while also telling them how to be safe. The aim is to get people to focus on the road and wait to do tasks until after they are off the road.

Reckless Driving Graphic Design

This drawing is an image of someone texting and driving getting into an accident. This is one of the main reasons people get into car accidents, and sometimes sadly pass away. I wrote at the bottom a little rhyming quote saying, “Don’t text and drive, so you’ll stay alive,” to add more to the picture.

It will still be there.

A graphic design on which distractions affect teens the most while driving. These distractions include: drinking beverages or even illegal drinking, putting on makeup, music, and talking or texting on the phone. These are the reasons why families lose their daughters or sons to fatal crashes and we can change that together by pulling over to adjust your GPS, apply that mascara, or when you feel drowsy. Keeping your attention on the road at all times ensures safety for yourself and others in the car. We can bring this change together by putting your life first instead of your needs,


Driving should be a breeze so stay alert, avoid getting distracted, maintain required speed limit and ALWAYS buckle up in order to be safe while on the road. With statistics supported by “create real impact” following these safety measures makes it a lot safer to be on the road. This is a matter of you and others safety.

Its Not Worth It

In the drawn image I have displayed a person who has been pulled over for using her cell phone while driving on the highway. The Officer can be seen handing a ticket over to the woman, fined to a total of 6,000$.

Drove Safe

Choosing to drive safe is n important decision for you and the other people on the road. You can impact a someone’s life. If you get in a car accident, you can be hurting or injuring someone who may have a family, may be a mother or father, sister or brother, great cousin, or someone who makes a big impact on another, so just pay attention to the road. What ever you are doing can wait until you reach you final destination.

Is a…worth your life?

We all know distracted driving can have deadly consequences. Before you want to take a bite out of your burger, turn up your radio, or transport your pet without a cage, as yourself, is it worth my life?

The P.A.C

This Poster is meant to convey the top three things a driver should be doing/considering while on the road. By being Present, Aware, and Cautious, (P.A.C) drivers can ensure that their full attention is on driving safely, proactively, and without impairment.

Puede Esperar

This piece embodies the simple message of safe driving through a colorful graphic. It lists some examples of distracting activities that one may need to pull over for and is followed by brief text. I chose to do the graphic in this unique style because it draws the viewer in and gets them to stop and read it. Distracted driving is something that is very serious and should not be taken lightly.

Think About Your Future

The presentation of the future makes the viewer think about their life and makes them think twice about distractions. The flyer hopes to raise awareness against distracted driving and hopes to improve the safety of all drivers.

Consejos de Conducción Segura

Este póster ofrece consejos sobre cómo evitar la conducción distraída. – This poster offers tips on how to avoid distracted driving.

No One Likes a Backseat Driver

This is my submission for the Graphic Design category for the Impact Teen Drivers Contest. Please note that the kanji graphic on the girls t-shirt means “car” in Japanese. Should this be a problem, this can be removed or replaced digitally.