End Reckless and Distracted Driving

Reckless and distracted driving is far too common in todays society. By following these 4 tips and strategies, we can put an end to distracted driving!

Distraction leads to death!

I have tried to represent the skull as a symbol of death which is led by various distractions such as texting, eating, and doing make-up while driving. Also, depicted some solutions to overcome reckless driving.

Drive Safe, Save Lives

Our society downplays the dangers of driving. According to the CDC, road collisions kill 3,700 people daily. In order to save lives, all drivers must prioritize and practice safe driving. Drivers must avoid distractions and obey traffic laws. I want to remind drivers to drive responsibly, follow the speed limit, and ignore common distractions through my poster. I chose to replicate the popular traffic sign “No Parking Anytime” in hopes that people would remember my poster—would remember to drive safely—every time they saw the sign.

Distracted Driving

It’s Not Worth it. Every year an average of over 3,000 teenagers die in car crashes. While driving, a million different things can pull at one’s attention. As a teenager, these things can be all-encompassing when you get a text or a notification that becomes your brain’s priority. When your favorite song comes on, and your friends are belting along… not messing up those lyrics is more important than the oncoming traffic signal. And when your friend wants to take a cute picture of you, you are most likely thinking of your appearance instead of the car turning in front of you. In my graphic, you can see representations of each of these things; Music, phones, photos… distractions. Both drivers have failed to notice each other and cannot respond to the oncoming collision. Distracted driving kills, and none of these actions you see taking place are worth the potential outcome. It’s not worth it because distracted driving kills.

Don’t Stare Off Into Space

In this minimal design, I portrayed how teenagers often simply forget to pay attention to the road in front of them. When you forget that you are playing an active role while driving, messing with food, makeup, or the radio does not seem like a risk. Keep your eyes and the road, and don’t stare off into space.

Permanence Enfocado

A poster that highlights a crash happening due to the driver not focusing on the road. It’s vibrant and colorful that clashes with the scene unfolding. It has solutions and statistics on the top.

Driving Isn’t A Game

This graphic design piece, inspired by the 80s vaporwave aesthetic, emphasizes that driving is a serious matter, not a game. The graphic demonstrates how to stay safe while driving- by buckling up and silencing your phone to avoid disruptions. It additionally offers solutions to reckless driving by urging teens to set their GPS and music before starting the car, and to refrain from eating/drinking as well as distracting conversations with passengers while the car is in motion.

All hands on board

In this piece, I wanted to showcase the dangers of distracted driving. People believe they are invincible or can do multiple tasks at once (like an octopus) however as I stated in the artwork we as humans only have two hands and can not physically multitask like that while driving without creating a dangerous situation. I decided to capture this idea by drawing an octopus driving with two hands on the wheel while still being able to complete other tasks with their eight arms. While the human driver beside him is already distracted simply by the presence of the octopus driver only having one hand on the wheel and looking away. Basically, showing that humans are incapable of multitasking while driving and putting themselves in immense danger when they do. Therefore, I wanted to encourage safe driving by emphasizing the importance of focusing on the road and providing a list of what to do and not do while driving.

It Can Wait: The Solution to Distracted Driving

This piece was created to convey the dangers of distracted driving. It includes the statistic, “Distracted driving causes over 391,000 crashes every year in the U.S. alone.” The piece then begs the viewer to avoid becoming a statistic, affirming that whatever draws their attention to their phone while driving can wait. The poster was created using the procreate program; the picture was of the participant. Several hours went into this project for the purpose of providing solutions to distracted driving.

It Can Wait

There are so many other things in life to look forward to. This represents choosing life over distractions. It can wait!

Texting While Driving Is Dangerous and Cringe

Driving and texting is a dangerous hobby that is also considered cringe in today’s society. We have seen enough of the consequences to have a bit of common sense about it. Unfortunately, there are others who continue to embrace the cringy and dangerous habit.

Ways To Avoid Reckless Driving

This poster list 6 ways on how to avoid reckless driving. It also mentions a few tips that could help the drivers stay safe while driving.


These are the main reason most distracted driving accidents happen.