Was it worth it

It’s not worth the risk, driving distracted is the cause of many tragedies that could have been easily avoided.


Preventions to avoid distracted driving

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learn about what you can do before you hit that gas pedal! it’s important to not only practice these habits, but also teach others the same 🙂

3 Seconds Is All it Takes.

A vintage-inspired poster with flashing red colors to warn teens of the dangers of getting distracted behind the wheel, even for three seconds—because three seconds is all it takes for a serious or even fatal crash to occur.

The Killer Unwritten Rules of Driving

Circling around the general public and teenagers are the unwritten rules of driving: you don’t actually have to stop at stop signs, the speed limit is the speed minimum, etc. Don’t do that – instead we should be thinking in rules of three.

Teen driving PSA

This piece spreads awareness about the dangers of texting and driving.

Keep your Eyes on the Road

My entry is a graphic showing the various distractions that occur while driving. The distractions I listed include: texting, talking, eating, and meddling with the radio. I intentionally circled them around a picture of a driver to emphasize how their presence is everywhere. The accessibility of these distractions is a reason why they are so dangerous. Moreover, the picture of the driver serves to provide an example of someone keeping their eyes on the road. Behind this is a green gradient, which lists additional distractions in opaque text. Below the gradient is 3D pieces of a road. These are symbolic of how a crash makes the world feel as if it is breaking apart.

Don’t Be An Octo-Driver

Don’t be an Octo-Driver! You don’t have eight tentacles, only two hands—and they need to be on the wheel. Anything you would need to do on the drive can be done once you have made it to your destination. Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel!

Safe Driving Saves Lives

More than 1.3 million people around the world die from car crashes each year. Many of these deaths are preventable, and it is our job to keep our eyes on the road. Safe Driving Saves Lives…

You Can’t Autocorrect a Wreck

It’s common knowledge that one of the biggest distractions for teenagers while driving is cell phone use. To counteract this, I created a poster/billboard that discourages cell phone use through its imagery. The design makes use of the autocorrect feature in messaging apps which can appeal to younger audiences.

Look Out Before its Too Late

Ocellus is an art piece that represents a soulless eye that has been taken away due to the consequences of the actions of others. Many don’t think about how their actions could impact others. Even if they believe they are good drivers or have an attentive mindset, accidents are possible to happen. And if you are not cautious of your actions, by not looking out, you will end causing the death of someone. Just like this eye demonstrates the soulless feeling, with no pupil, there is nobody behind that eye anymore because they have caused a death. The eye can be anybody, it could even be your loved ones, so if we are not careful enough and don’t watch out, well be on a path to likely endanger the life of others. Therefore, I encourage others to look around before they pass or drive on because who knows what will happen, and those seconds you spend while looking you could save the life of innocent life.

Stop Distracted Driving

This graphic seeks to remind viewers of safe driving behaviors as well as statistics demonstrating the dangers of distracted driving. I wanted to convey this information on various traffic signs and symbols commonly seen when driving. Reading through several websites covering the dangers of distracted driving to create this graphic was a compelling reminder for me as well regarding what danger I could be putting myself and others while driving.

Solutions that Save Lives

This informational poster serves the purpose to help stop distracted driving among teenagers and young adults. It combines design principles, informative statistics and solutions to popular distracted driving problems. These problems include eating while driving, reaching for an object, and texting while driving.

Lives Are Impacted When You Drive Distracted

This graphic design shows a man reflecting on his accident due to distracted driving. It shows the painful impact distracted driving can have on your life and the lives of others.

Stay Alive, Think and Drive

It is extremely important for young drivers to develop safe driving habits and to recognize the dangers of distracted driving. By establishing safe driving habits from a younger age, we can create a safer environment on the road.