Put The Phone Down

Many teens and young adults seem to be all about “the aesthetic” these days, and unfortunately, that has included many quick snaps in the car and on the road. I created this poster tp be trendy and eye-catching, yet serious and straightforward in hopes to bring more awareness to the dangers of cell phone usage while driving.

Neon Poster

Poster designed to help give tips on how to focus on the road why you should be focused on the road.

Just Focus

Some things in life are worth waiting for. Collisions aren’t worth anything. When our safety is on the line, things we love can wait. Just focus, and you’ll be safe. It isn’t that hard.


This is a Graphic Design of a beautiful watercolor orchid. It represents the beauty and fragility of life. I created the text: Flowers are meant to be enjoyed and not used as toppers of a casket for teens who choose to text and drive. This message is to create awareness about driving and texting and how it can lead to death. I want teens to think about how beautiful their lives are and how fragile their bodies are. Texting and driving can lead to distractions. Being distracted while driving can lead to accidents, and accidents can lead to death.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen fatalities in the United States. If more teenagers can learn the facts about collisions and make efforts to prevent them by practicing safe driving, I believe it will have an impact on this country and future generations. Working against reckless and distracted driving is not just making personal changes, but it is also encouraging others to do the same. Putting down a phone and getting rid of distractions will make an impact.

Distracted Driving = Disastrous Consequences

A distracted driver is a dangerous one, whether its because of a beautiful sky or the endless ring of notifications from social media. Whatever it is, it can wait! Or if you really can’t wait, pull over, admire the clouds (or your phone), and only start driving when you feel you can give your undivided attention to the road in front of you!

Stay Safe by Being Smart

Stay Safe by Being Smart is about the do’s and don’t when driving. While there are many do’s there is almost double the amount of don’ts and this graphic is displaying a wide variety of them!

Better left unread than dead

One of the biggest issues with distracted driving is texting and driving. It is essential that people understand the importance of not being distracted while driving. If your eyes are on your phone even if it is just too quickly read a text, your eyes are not on the road. Something can happen just in the millisecond that you look away so it is extremely important to keep your eyes on the road. This graphic tells people that reading your text is not worth it as it could lead to death.

The danger of driving

This is really close to me because I will be trusted with other peoples lives so i have to remember this too.

Your Life Isn’t Worth It

Is being on your cell phone while driving really worth it? 11 teens die in car crashes every day. Distracted driving is one of the main reasons teens get into crashes. Don’t become another statistic, it’s your life and its not worth loosing to check a text message.

Stayin’ Alive

Switching music can take your eyes off the road and cause a crash.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This graphic design poster was meant to address the issues of many drivers being on their phones while on the road and attempt to alert many that it is very unsafe to be checking and looking at their phones while on the road.

Friends or Foes

This is a poster drawing I created to show how distracted driving, such as eating, drinking, listening to music, talking and phone use can cause car crashes. This will result in not only the death or injury of the driver but of whoever is in the car. The main message of the poster is to be responsible and focus on driving rather than letting yourself be distracted and putting your life and your friends at risk.

Eating And Driving

Describes the consequences of eating and driving and how dangerous it can be.