The Three Simple Steps to Stay Safe

Teenagers have their whole lives to live. Delaying that reply to that text or the bite of that burger could save you years on your future. Risking those seconds of distraction is just not worth the trouble.

Better Late Than Never

This is a flyer about how dangerous distracted driving can be. This flyer explains the risk involved when a driver drives while not focusing.

Conducción Distraída

Ser un conductor distraído es una opción. Crear conciencia sobre las consecuencias de por vida que causa esta decisión es algo que debería hacerse para prevenir muertes.

Eyes Up, Hands on the Wheel, and Put Away the Distractions.

This poster’s bright coloring, and eye-grabbing design draws readers in to learn about doing their part to end the preventable deaths of teens by distracted driving. Readers are encouraged to keep their “Eye’s Up!” and watch the road, keep their hands firmly on the wheel, and to put away common, yet deadly driving distractions. These easy habits are things that every single teen driver can do to contribute to solving the problem of distracted driving. Finally, readers are encouraged to learn more about the harms of driving distracted by visiting Impact Teen Driver’s website.

Distractions Among Us

As important as it is to know the dangers of distracted driving, many teens aren’t aware. Many teens are, however, aware of pop culture. The poster integrates one of the most popular games among teens today to stress the importance of driving without distractions.

Make Distractions Take a Back Seat

Driving and operating a vehicle safely requires full attention. Any lapse in focus or thought on the task at hand can be deadly, a truth that many young drivers do not realize. Here a distracted driver begins to cross over the yellow line, into the lane of another car. The distracted driver has a lot on their mind–they are going to be late, they have a math test that they didn’t study for, there’s a pop quiz in chemistry–among many other diversions. A collision is bound to ensue between the orange and blue cars, which can be deadly to all involved. The bright red STOP sign demands the attention of the viewer, alerting them to the text below. By keeping your mind focused on driving, putting away your cell phone where it cannot be seen, and ultimately letting distractions take a back seat, drivers can avoid the consequences of distracted driving (such as a deadly collision), and keep themselves as well as other roadway users safe.

Just One Call

Describes the dangers of distracted driving through a visual.

Vale la pena?

El 56% de los adolescentes dijeron que hablan por teléfono mientras conducen. El 33% de las muertes entre los jóvenes de 13 a 19 años en 2010 ocurrieron en accidentes automovilísticos. Conducir distraído es algo que no se toma lo suficientemente en serio y es una de las principales causas de accidentes. Entonces, ¿vale la pena poner en riesgo la vida de alguien ese mensaje de texto?

Car Crash Memorial

My school described the contest as a way to make a creative piece to raise awareness about reckless driving. They said that we could include visual art, so I painted this piece before further discovering that it didn’t quite fit the requirements; however, I thought it was worth sharing. I hope that even though I may not be eligible that my painting can still raise awareness about this topic.

eyes on the road

I distracted driver isn’t paying attention to the car driving towards them.

Stop, Slow, Go

Just like traffic lights direct traffic to stop, slow down, and go, I wanted to use the symbol of the traffic light to tell the driver what to do to practice safe driving. My graphic design picture shows what not to do, to slow down and notice other drivers, and to go encourage others to practice safe driving. This shows the audience not only what to not do, but how to practice safer driving, and encourage others to do the same.

Keep the tabs closed

Distracted driving is kind of like having too many tabs open on you internet browser; there are too many things to keep track of that end up taking away your attention from the task at hand. With each browser tab in the illustration, I put reminders — instead of distractions — of rules drivers should follow to ensure their safety on the road. These rules include making adjustments to the radio and air conditioner before driving, minimize eating and drinking, having one’s hands, eyes, and ears focused on driving, and putting their phone down to eliminate safety concerns that could lead to devastating and avoidable accidents.