Keep Your Eyes On The Road

A graphic depicting a woman taking her eyes off the road by checking her phone and text reading “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD” above the car, encouraging people to put away distractions that can put them in danger while driving.

Don’t Drive Recklessly! Drive Safe!!

Reckless driving is the number one cause for teens death. We can all prevent a tragedy if we just follow simple regulations. Making sure you leave your phone on mute is very important. Texting while driving is the number distraction for teens who drive. Try not to eat while driving. Struggling to drive and eat can cause a accident. Understand that every 50 minutes one person is killed by drunk and reckless driving. Prevent these accidents, save lives. If you are drunk don’t drive home. Instead call a cab or friend. Don’t make the mistake of driving under the influence. All in all Don’t Drive Recklessly! Drive Safe!.


Drive distraction-free. Wipe away notifications using your windshield wipers in order to see a clearer view while driving. Teens often do their makeup, eat, make and answer phone calls and FaceTimes, and comment and go through social media all while driving. It is critically important to turn your phone on Do Not Disturb when driving to make sure none of those notifications come through. You need to protect yourself and the loved ones in your car and your life. Your life in real life is so much more valuable than your virtual reality. Drive distraction-free.

Look Up.

The design depicts someone trying to look something up on their phone. To express the dangerousness of the situation, the steering wheel resembles a skull.

Your Life Matters

Driving while distracted is a real issue in today’s society. It’s important that people know the dangers of those habits. Your life matters so don’t cut it short by a distraction.


A veces, son las acciones más lógicas que nosotros olvidamos en nuestra vida diaria. Apagar el campanero del teléfono, mirar a ambos lados en la carretera, abrochar su cinturón de seguridad: las pequeñas cosas en su vida diaria que a veces olvidamos pueden determinar nuestra supervivencia. Semejante a oler un olor desconocido en la comida o ver un objeto afilado en el piso, estar en la carretera debe significar que es proactivo en cada movimiento que hace con todas las habilidades que tiene. Y, cuando se trata de sus sentidos, son la mejor herramienta si tiene… ¡USALO! Instintivamente, cada individuo tiene herramientas ellos necesitan para estar lo más seguro posible siempre y cuando deje de distraer las cosas que lo mantienen con vida. Es más lógico, pero están más descuidados. Por favor, no se dé por sentado en el camino, no vale la pena. Para estar seguro en la carretera, ¡utiliza sus sentidos! English Translation: Sometimes, it’s the most logical actions that we forget to make in our everyday lives. Turning your ringer off on your phone, looking both ways on the road, putting your seatbelt on – the little things in your everyday life that we sometimes forget that can determine our survival. Similar to smelling an unfamiliar odor in your food or seeing a sharp object on the floor, being on the road should mean that you are proactive in every move you make with every ability you have. And, when it comes to your senses, they are the best tool to have, and if you have them… USE IT! Instinctively, every individual has tools they need to be as safe as they can be as long as they stop distracting the things that keep them alive. It makes the most sense, yet it is so neglected. Please, do not take yourself for granted on the road, it isn’t worth it. To be safe on the road, use your senses!

Car Take Over Device

This device shall be placed on the dashboard of your car to sense how close you are to the car’s bumper in front of you. This device shows you the distance between you and the car ahead of you and will blink red when you are getting too close. Bumper to bumper driving is not safe, as someone can slam on their brakes. The driver behind them will not be able to react quick enough, therefore driving up the back end of the car ahead of them.

Driving Responsibly

Driving Responsibility is essential for a safer and more cautious driving society. Knowing the risks and the distractions that can cause reckless driving is pivotal to taking more preventative measures in the future.

Fighting Distracted Driving

I wanted to create a work that would easily grab people’s eyes and draw them in with primary colors and bold designs. Who said that information can’t be fun to learn? I included rules that were most important to me while I drive, and I wanted to spread the word.

Is it worth the risk?

This poster shows the things that people should be thinking about before getting into a vehicle.

Focus On Road!!!

I designed a dark background with a lot of trees to represent driving at night in a dark road. Many people get tired while driving during night time after whole day of work. I wrote some ways a driver can avoid accidents during driving. For example, putting phone away even if there is a notification/call, if tired then pulling over to a side and taking a break until ready, avoiding racing with other reckless drivers to avoid horrible accidents, not driving while eating or putting on makeup, to focus on the road, etc. These are the ways a driver can avoid crashing and getting serious injuries. By avoiding some things and keeping your mind focused on road while driving can make you and many other people’s lives safer and easier. This is something that can also decrease accident, serious injury and death rate.

Heads Up!

I know as teenagers, we tend to get distracted easily. Our phones are an easy way to quickly take our eyes a few seconds off the road. Those few seconds are vital. In this drawing I’ve made, this teenage girl took her eyes off the road because she became distracted by her phone. What she didn’t realize was that a train is passing by, indicated by the flashing lights and the railroad crossing gate down. Since she’s not paying attention, she’ll cause an accident that was preventable.

Just Say No

Many teens and young adults do not think about the effects of distracted driving. Next time you are behind the wheel, stop and think about what could happen if you look down at your phone for just a split second or you adjust the radio to the perfect station. What impact could these decisions have on the rest of your life? #stopdistracteddriving #distracteddrivingkills #focusontheroad #justsayno