Eyes on the Road

This is a simple design that gets straight to the point: distracted driving can kill.

Leave Distractions in the Dust

Spring 2021 Entry Infographic suggests alternatives to a few common forms of distracted driving including texting and driving, grooming while driving, and distractions due to pets.

Next Exit: You Decide

I wanted my graphic design to express the importance of driving safe and to not just drive safe for yourself but for the sake of your loved ones as well.


It’s a poster telling people that they should eat /drink/text/call/their makeup/ fix their GPS and Radio after or before they drive and if they are sleepy to pull over. It gets straight to the point

Stats On Car Crashes

This infographic is stats about how car crashes happen and how anyone can work to prevent them.

Put It Away

With a black and yellow design to catch the eye, this graphic reminds drives to stay off their phone while driving.

Distracted Driving has Fatal Consequences

This is a poster meant to emphasize the importance of avoiding certain distractions while driving. In this poster, I give a list of specific distractions that have tempted teens to deviate their focus off the road, increasing the chance of risking their life. It is important to bring awareness to teenagers about the seriousness of this topic, I do this by portraying the information on my poster in a black-yellow theme in order to create an eye-catching contrast. All stats are from nhtsa.gov The Vector-tire print drawing is license-free and free for commercial use, from Shmector.com

Turn Off the Phone, Eyes on the Road

I chose to draw a person on their phone driving metaphorically to their death by showing a road leading to a large skull. I thought this would create a striking visual and be seen as a warning due to the yellow sign behind it. I wanted to use lots of yellow and red because those are danger colors on the road that are supposed to provide you with information. I included stop signs that say “turn off the phone” and “eyes on the road.” I consider the road-tongued skull design to be very eye-catching and leave the viewer with lingering thoughts.

Give Distracted Driving A Red Light!

I created this graphic to spread awareness of distracted driving, and hopefully prevent the mistakes so many have made while driving. The importance of driving safely and paying attention to the road outweighs the importance we place in our phones or our wandering thoughts, and I hope my graphic can make a real change in our world. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

“The Distracted Driver Massacre”

This is my frightful take on distracted and reckless driving. “The Distracted Driver Massacre” was inspired by a horror movie posters of the 70’s and 80’s. If you haven’t guessed already, I put my twist on the 1974’s “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. I chose this film’s poster due to the boldness of the letterings and minimalism of the layout. This also gives more emphasis on the scene illustrated on right. The idea behind the poster is more than meets the eye (I hope so). The poster illustrates of a “maniac” going around and killing distracted teens and young adults. However, this is not what the poster is suppose to be about. In the scene on the right, the teens in the car are actually the “maniacs”. With the teens being distracted, they can run over or hit anything resulting in a car crash. The silhouette of the person shows the incoming impact between pedestrians and the car. Lastly, the “You are not the only one on the road” quote is what I want the reader to understand. To ensure safety for teen driving, it’s a great reminder that distracted driving can not only kill the driver and passengers, but can be as deadly to pedestrians.

Infographic to Stop Distracted Driving

I created this infographic as my Graphic Design entry. I wanted to make something eye catching yet informative, which is why I chose an infographic. All of my information comes from nsc.org, which is the National Safety Council. I decided to make my design simple and straightforward, while still appealing to the average teenager.

Focus on the Drive

As distracting driving is the primary cause of all car crashes, making sure to always focus on driving is essential to keep you and the people around you safe.

Is That Distraction Really Worth It?

Is that distraction really worth getting into an accident? Is that text or funny video worth you swerving off the road? Distractions can wait off the road, a text is not as important as your and someone else’s safety.

It’s not an accident to drive distracted

This is a poster to spread awareness of distracted driving and how to prevent it. It shows provided statistics from “Create Real Impact” and my top 8 solutions to distracted driving.