Alysa Monteagudo

The flyer is targeted towards students who can drive. It can be shared both digitally and physically.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Road

I wanted to create a friendly environment, especially for younger drivers, to just learn more about the best conduct for the road and take the safety of themselves and others seriously. Hopefully, my art piece is entertaining and informative!

Dangerous Driving habits

People are distracted on the road every day, whether it be by a phone, makeup, or food and drink. These simple habits that we all tend to engage in can have serious consequences. For years I had known the dangers of driving and how a car can be a several-ton weapon, able to kill. However, mid-way through making my poster, I happened to get into a car accident. This accident rattled me to my core; the other car’s driver didn’t notice me and cut me off, causing me to fishtail into a ditch so I wouldn’t hit her. I wonder if she was on her phone or doing makeup as I only got 2 seconds to look at her. This accident gave me a new appreciation for my own life and the dangers of driving, from the potential risks of hitting pedestrians to the people out there texting and driving right now, or eating a burger, putting others in danger. I made my poster as a PSA for people to remember the consequences of their habitual actions and that one mistake can cost them their lives and the lives of others.

Drive Safely, Not Insanely

I first drew up a sketch of the poster on printer paper. Then I took a picture of that and uploaded to my computer where I used two different art tools. Digital coloring and outlining of the characters done using a drawing software, known as Krita, while the text, effects, word bubbles, and borderline are done using a design website, known as Canva. I overall wanted to make a satirical piece by pointing out the imperativeness of driving safely in both a serious, yet humorous way.

Distractions Cause Crashes

The distractions of day to day driving compiles on one car dash, that obscures the driver’s view of the road.

Hands on the Wheel Eyes on the Road

Distracted driving creeps up on every driver put behind the wheel, including myself. I wanted to create a graphic that would not only draw in my target demographic of young adults, but also stand out to those not in the age group. The graphic has brighter warning signs and bolded warnings so that distracted individuals will consume the messages I’m trying to get across even if they don’t read the entire poster. For those who do read the entire poster, there’s even more information on distracted driving and its effects that they can learn about. I also wanted a directional composition, going up from the top of the poster and scaling downward, so as your eyes descend down the poster, you’re hooked into the topic and learn in a linear fashion. Overall, I wanted the graphic to appeal to my target audience whilst drawing others in as well, so that everyone can learn to drive safer.

Dive In-to Safe Driving

Upon hearing about the contest, I decided to create a impactful but visually pleasing piece to submit as an entry. The idea of driving in an underwater world came to me while watching “The Little Mermaid.” I started the artwork in Adobe Fresco and drew everything in the infographic with the exception of the text. I then moved on with Adobe Photoshop to further the creativity of my piece. Knowing the artwork’s background of an underwater world, I came up with the title, “Dive in-to safe driving.” The catchphrase not only appeals to the ears, but also matches the artistry of my project. I believe my work not only impacts teens and adults, but also impressionable children that will drive some day in the future. My hard work of 20 hours forms the captivating infographic submitted to the contest.

Drive like your life depends on it

Through my experiences of witnessing and hearing about distracted car wrecks, I understand that there is a need to spread awareness for the #1 killer of young people, distracted driving. I decided to make an informational graphic design of a car crashing into a light post due to distracted driving. the drawing is set on the street were there is a billboard visible that says “better left unread than dead” with buildings surrounding. I also added some statistics of how dangerous distracted driving truly is. I hope that my graphic design can be used to inform people on the dangerous of distracted driving and hopefully inspire change and safe driving habits.

Multitasking Doesn’t Exist…So Stop Trying

A piece that shows what people sometimes focus on instead of the important things like pedestrians and stop signs. Emphasizes how we can’t multitask and that we need to stop trying. Focus only on driving.