Congratulations to the spring 2022 Contest Winners:

Grand Prize for Music

Speak UP, Speak OUT

Jaylon M

Spanish Language Grand Prize for Graphic Design

Sientete Vivo

Mia O

Bonus Points Winner for Graphic Design

D.D.D. - Don't Drive Distracted

Noam T

Bonus Points Winner for Video

YEAR 2122

Guohang "Henry" Z

Grand Prize for Video

YEAR 2122

Guohang "Henry" Z

Grand Prize for Graphic Design

10 Things to Remember When You're On the Road

Cristina L

Grand Prize for Writing

Distracteddrivosis - A Deadly Disease

Faustine U

Do you ever find yourself abruptly slamming the break when you get to a stop sign? How about getting honked at because the light has been green for sixty seconds, and you still haven’t hit the gas? If you said “yes” to either of these questions, you’ve got a case of Distracteddrivosis, a disease that kills more than 3,000 people a year.

Distracteddrivosis hinders your ability to keep your full focus on the road while driving. Some symptoms include, but are not limited to: 

  • Eating while driving 
  • Adjusting the radio while driving
  • Applying makeup while driving
  • Phone usage while driving
  • And interacting with passengers in the vehicle while driving

Distracteddrivosis not only impacts the infected, but everyone in their car and on the road while they are driving. If you think someone you know might be infected by Distracteddrivosis, speak up! Almost everyone infected is unaware of their ailment. Help alleviate their symptoms by navigating the road and adjusting the music for them. Encourage them to pull over if they have to send an important email or text. Lastly, help create awareness by sharing this urgent message on social media and telling all your family and friends. By taking these steps, we can cure the world of this deathly disease. For more information, call 1-8-DRIVE-SAFE!!!

Bonus Points Winner for Graphic Design

Save Lives Drive Safe Poster

Adrianna P