Young & Alive

This writing describes how distracted driving can strip a girl away from her idea of a perfect life. They’re not accidents when they are completely preventable.

One Second

This is just a small writing about distractions while driving, specifically the phone. It is called One Second because one second is all it takes for something to happen.

The Solutions of how to fix Distracting/Reckless Driving Among Teens In The US

In this essay, I talk about solutions to help prevent distracted driving such as people in communities going to their local government officials and coming up with plans or a campaign that urges people to not be tempted to look at their phone and text their friends/relatives, eat or drink while driving, but instead practice safe driving habits, such as waiting until they get home to text their friends, go on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, or even eat and drink, while they are driving because it is not worth taking someone’s life or even endangering yourself.

The Cost of Life

Life is short and must be lived to the fullest. We must do our best to avoid car crashes.


Max is a student athlete but a very Innovative thinker. He can be forgetful at times and in turn has consider various things. One day, A young child stopped his car right before he headed off to school. The next part was unthinkable and made him alert. With a feeling of anguish, he felt he needed to make sure nothing like that would ever occur again. PART two This corresponds with Part one. Practice drivers safety from the knowledge of the road and coming up with ideas to better ensure drivers safety.

Troubles of Distracted driving

Too many teen lives are lost to reckless driving, drunk driving and texting/driving. There are many ways you can avoid doing these life-risked things. Here’s a mini-story on a girl who did what any reckless driver would do and what any smart driver would do. Enjoy!!

The cold lonely pavement

This story based on true events in my life shows how not focusing on the road even for a second can be a matter of life and death. This poem is meant to encourage those to always pay attention to the road as well as a way to pay homage to a late friend. All drivers should consider the risk factors when it comes to distracted driving and I hope my story can open the eyes and minds of those who consider a phone call more important than the risk of a fatal car crash.

Can you Imagine?

This is a short poem that I wrote to help stop distracted driving. I used some disturbing details with the hopes that it would reach young minds and persuade them to leave their phones alone while they are driving.

Speed and Distraction

This is the story how my cousin died last summer due to her being distracted and spending on a road with lots of curves.

Choose a Different Song

The main message of this poem is that distracted driving is a choice that a driver makes. There are two options: you can choose to be a distracted driver and pay the price of your life, or you can choose to be focused and get home safely. The different alignments of the stanzas also illustrate these choices. I wrote this poem with the hope to help others understand the consequences of distracted driving and that being a smart, focused driver can save your life. The “song” in this poem begins as a distraction for the driver, but comes to represent the choices we make on the road. At the beginning of the poem, I make the point that the song is not worth your life, but in the second stanza the song comes to represent the choices we make: whether we will give in to distracted driving or make a different choice (“choose a different song”). It is my hope that by submitting this poem, I may help reckless drivers my age understand the severity of their actions. Thank you for your consideration and for all your efforts to keep teenage drivers safe on the road.

Reducing Impacts with Inventions

In this essay, I walk the reader through verious solutions, increasing in complexity throughout the essay, that will help reduce distracted driving.

The Money Machine

My plan is to team up with insurance companies to come up with a machine that tracks a driver’s eyesight and reduces their insurance based on how often their eyes are off the road.


My creative writing story is about a young girl. Whose senior year starts off with a lost of her best friend. Not able to understand what she did wrong. With losing her best friend she learned a life lesson. Distracted driving can be a major problem in younger adolescence.