Firstly, I would like to thank you for this opportunity and apologize for my lateness in submitting it. This song follows the point of view of a college student who is going to visit her family after leaving her graduating party. However, the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Was it worth it

It’s not worth the risk, driving distracted is the cause of many tragedies that could have been easily avoided.

Just Stop

The focus is on times when it’s only our thoughts that are keeping us distracted at the wheel, even though I mention other distractions as well. A bit of a rough draft, but meaningful nonetheless. Thank you for this opportunity!


[spoken] Have you ever had one of those moments when..?


Verse 1: 

You didn’t sleep at all 

And you know that there’s no way 

You could drive around all day 

And still be okay 


Verse 2: 

Or when you think you have it all 

Figured out and then 

Another whirlwind of thoughts 

Spins in your head 



Just stop! 

Stop what you’re doing, awake from your sleeping 

There’s a whole world in front of you 

Open your eyes, leave those things aside 

There’s just one thing you need to do 



‘Cause the wheel’s in your hand and the brake’s underneath your feet 

And maybe just maybe you’ll realize 



That life is worth more than, 

Your makeup, hair, or clothes 

And way way more than 

That song on the radio 

So if you feel that urge to move, just go ahead and stop

And remember that you’ve come so far to just lose it all like that 


Adios Carro

Con el corazon hecha pedazos, Andrés hace un music video cuando esta manejando. No fue una buena idea.

The Numbers

This essay details how important it is to be alert and careful while driving.

On My Way!

A girl is driving to her friend’s house when she makes a grave mistake.

No Seas Uno De Los Once – Create Real Impact

Limite las distracciones durante y antes que manejes! Krystal va a una fiesta de una amiga, sin preocuparse de las distracciones en su carro cuando esta manejando. Ella fallece y su mama esta triste que se murio su hija.

The Second Virus

This is a poem I wrote about distracted driving, through the lens of a teenager existing in a global pandemic. In many ways, distracted driving and Covid-19 are similar. We must implement strategies and safety measures to care for ourselves and others.


Preventions to avoid distracted driving

More Important Than A Text

Every precious moment with a loved one matters. Driving while distracted could take away those amazing moments and future memories in a second. Spending as much time with a loved one is a gift and should she be appreciated every second. No matter what the task is, it can wait to be completed at a later time, but not while driving. It is not worth the pain to drive while distracted because the consequences could be detrimental to yourself and others. Everyone deserves to live a long life with those they love, and that shouldn’t be jeopardized by a preventable action.

get involved

learn about what you can do before you hit that gas pedal! it’s important to not only practice these habits, but also teach others the same 🙂

Speech is silver, silence is golden.

I wanted to simulate a familiar scene (texting) but add a twist to it. All in all, what I was trying to convey is that being at peace with yourself while you drive is better than trying to pick up the pieces of a short life.

What Needs to Change in the Driving World

I reveal my thoughts about distacted driving and my solution along with stradegy that could help people behind the wheel. I sincerely hope that anyone that reads this enjoys and learns something from it.