Teen awareness driving

This is meant to help out others and also for me to complete an assignment for scholarships.

So Much for a Future Together

Texting and driving is talked about often, but the perspective of the person who sent that last text is underrepresented.

Think of a car like a baby

In this short essay, it uses a baby to apply the same type of causes of distraction accidents instead of a car.

But Can’t I Just. . .?

Distracted driving is a horrific reality that we face in this period of time. I have personally felt the impact of the horrific effects of young lives lost in car crashes within my own community. It is extremely important to me to convey the importance of this kind of tragedy and to show people a small glimpse into its heart breaking effects. We can’t find solutions if we do not acknowledge the problem.

After this

A creative writing piece that tells a touching story from the perspective of a little girl to encourage people to avoid distracted driving.


We as a society need more empathy. We also need to understand understand the consequences of our actions. We lose a sense of perception when it comes to ourselves and we believe we are invincible. Evaluating ourselves and how our actions impact us and the people around us is essential to taking care of ourselves especially on the road.

All distractions count

Distracted driving is a really big problem in the United States. I’ve had Uber drivers who text and drive like it is no big deal, when it is in fact very dangerous. If I can help prevent distracted driving or at least bring awareness to the importance of driving safely, I will have accomplished something I am proud off.

Driving Sleepy is Driving Impaired!

Drowsy driving is no joke, for if your sleepy then you’re impaired. You can’t focus as well, and not dedicating your full attention to the road. take care of yourself, and rest, cause it doesn’t just affect you.

So We Can Make It Home

Distracted driving causes 25% of all car collisions, and the main perpetrators of distracted driving are teenagers who use their phones. I wrote this song to make the community aware of the dangers of distracted driving and offer a solution to prevent it. The consequences of a collision can easily be avoided if we take preventative measures like silencing our phones and keeping them out of arm’s reach. Such a simple choice can save you and your loved one’s lives. LYRICS: Smoke is all around us There’s rubble on the ground Sirens ringing loud Just one look away from the road To check my phone Got us into this mess I look at you, unconscious, And I suddenly realize That I just risked our lives So next time I’ll put my phone on silent And remind myself to Keep my eyes on the road So we can make it home Because I know that just one look away Will jeopardize our lives And you mean so much more to me Than texting a few times Our safety is worth more than checking our phones We’ll put them on silent so we can make it home [ all music and lyrics are original works of Merit O. made on Soundtrap ]

Lost Control

Thank you for listening to my song. Here are the lyrics: I went for a drive down my road I started to ride, then I checked my phone Looked at my phone My phone Got distracted lost control, oh I wish I’d known But ooo, ooo, ooo Wish I’d known Sometimes We can take some time Put other things aside For now, It can wait a minute No mistakes, just take a break Block out life’s distractions Pause yourself in time Just leave it all, fate’s not by design Just one step out of line could be the end of your whole- Stop and appreciate all of your life I wanted to express that sometimes when we are driving, it’s better to focus on the road and leave other distractions aside for later.

Be Smart Stay Safe

I created an infographic encouraging drivers to be smart about the choices they make while driving. I think people need to stop and think about the things they do before they do them. If more people would think before doing, reckless and distracted driving accidents could be greatly reduced and lives could be saved.

Don’t be Mainstream

Aye yo Check it I had a really bad dream last night You got in a really big bad fight Didn’t know what to expect next Lets see what happened over night Got in your whip pretty far away Swerving left and right in your chevrolet But that whole time you was on the phone Who would’ve known you just threw your life away Can’t believe you did that Common sense something that you should be good at You Crashed and caused this enormous accident Now his kids gonna wonder hey where’s dad at Where’s dad at Where’s dad at Mad didn’t have to end like this Put the phone down and just think of them kids Be safe next time it’s ridiculous Woke up in a sweat Thank God its a dream Put your phone down its a threat Here’s a message to all these driving teens Follow the rules Driving should be all clean Please don’t be mainstream Before you kill someone and they send in a swat team i’m out