How to Save a Life

Distracted driving is not alright. Be a good driver for yourself and the ones around you. By making the decision to put down whatever is distracting you, you are able to make this world a safer place.

Before You Drive…

Before we go on the road, we have to be sure we are prepared for safety and not distracted as we start to drive.

If you can’t text and walk, don’t text and drive!

I wanted to demonstrate how much texting distracts us from what is going on around us and affects activities as simple as walking so that people can imagine how this would also affect their driving. There are no fancy solutions; simply don’t do it!

Be Part of the Solution

Distracted driving has become an epidemic. Be part of the solution and create real impact!

The Answer is Simple

Distracted driving is an epidemic with a simple solution, watch the video and find out.

Lives on the Line

Driving unsafe effects others – not just yourself. I hope people see that while reading my entry

Lives on the Line

Driving unsafe effects others – not just yourself. I hope people see that while reading my entry

At the End of the Day

It’s ironic how a distraction can be so silly and seemingly innocuous—checking your texts, for example— and yet have such an impact on loved ones.

Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving as a type of distracted/reckless driving.


This drawing I drew represents what I think about distracted driving. Distracted driving leads to death and injuries. Most people get distracted by their phone, to represent that I drew a message through a cracked phone with blood on it, followers, likes, love, charp for a parody of Twitter, 4G, and wifi. I drew two of the letter I on the road as in to say, “keep your eyes on the road”. I drew the top half of the streaks as clouds for heaven, and the bottom half jagged for hell. I was told in driving school most crashes happen at an intersection, so I drew the stop light and sign. There are signs you have to pay attention to and most people miss it. I certainly have a hard time noticing signs without distractions. Not all distracted driving happens through phones, but can also happen because of passengers, which is why I’m not allowed to speak in my mom’s car.

Rolling the Dice

I used this specific style to grab the attention of young drivers with the bright colors and aesthetic design. I believe the poster will be effective in drawing them in to the problem of distracted driving instead in a fun new way that will be engaging to them.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

The movie, Bird Box, inspired my graphic. After the movie was released, people started a Bird Box Challenge in which they did everyday activities such as driving, blindfolded similar to the main characters in the movie. In reality, sending a text behind the wheel is like driving blindfolded across a football field. Therefore, distracted drivers need to take off their blindfolds. Drivers need to stay off their phones to text and check social media. Drivers shouldn’t be trying to look in the mirror to put makeup on. Drivers shouldn’t be holding on to food or a drink while trying to hold on to the wheel. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road.



Don’t Let Yourself Become Your Own Passenger

In this digital drawing I created on the iOS drawing application ibisPaint X, I created an imagery of a phone driving the car with the actual driver being the passenger. This was to signify that when one uses their phones or lets themselves become distracted while they drive, they lose control of the road and let their distractions guide them. If we focus and keep our eyes on the road, we will always be in control and will lessen the likelihood of being misguided into an unwanted accident.

Which is better? (Dancing at prom or 6ft underground)

Imaging walking across the stage at graduation or dancing at the prom with your friends, sound fun right! Imaging being carried in a body bag and your family morning for weeks because of the death of their relative. Make smart decision don’t leave this Earth because of a simple reckless decision.