3,2,1! What’s your destination?

This piece of music has original lyrics with the soundtrack in the background of Symphony No.5 by Beethoven. I really enjoyed making the lyrics to this. When I was counting down, I was trying to say it only takes seconds for someone to lose a life in a car crash due to carelessness.  I used the statistic that “The risk of crash quadruples with three or more passengers under 21 years of age.,” when I sung “Three teens, One car Vroom Vroom Quadruple Risk!” This further shows the need for practicing safety measures especially with friends. The quadruple risk is a reference to what the characters would say in the video game called Overwatch that says “Quadruple kill”  instead of “Quadruple risk”. After that I say “This is not a game” where you can get unlimited lives like in a video game. Life doesn’t work that way. 
I use the text talk HRU(How are you?) to show that if you text and drive then the answer to that question would be “not ok” if you crash. I use YOLO(you only live once) to show how precious a life is. I used SMH(Shake my head) to show my disapproval of texting driving. I use L.O.L to juxtapose that this not a laughing matter. 
My solutions to promote safety in driving situation is that before you get in a car always THINK what your destination is going to be and how you’ll get there safely before putting your hands on that wheel. When you drive you need to be patient and take your time so that if something happens you have a higher chance of being able to act fast to promote safety. Also seat-belts are very important too!

For the Drive Home

This song features two kids, both with hope and plans for their futures, and aims to portray how easy it is for one mistake to have major repercussions. However, alongside the mention of distractions, it portrays what choices each driver can make to get to their final destination safely!



Little girl driving down the street

But there’s things she just can’t see

Eyes too focused on the screen

It’s better to get home safely


Boy coming from a baseball game

He wants his picture in the hall of fame

But the world won’t get to know his name

If he can’t even get home safe


Maybe turn down that radio

Put the phone calls on hold

That text will be there when you get home


There is so much you can do

To preserve the life ahead of you

Make a change and see it through

Maybe others will follow, too


Put that phone in the middle console

All your choices are in your control

So make the good ones, play your role

In making sure that you’ll get home



The backing track was created with “Music Maker Jam,” and the audio was recorded with “Audacity.”

Keep Your Brain in Your Lane!

Driving is a privilege that requires responsibility and diligence. Young drivers can prevent distracted driving by avoiding dangers such as cell phone use or talking to other passengers while driving. And remember that you are not the only one affected by your actions!

The Road Waits for No One

The piece illustrates the consequence of distracted driving. In this instance, the driver has focused their attention on their phone rather than watching the road. For this reason the driver crashed and the outcome is disastrous.

Distracted Driving

The song depicts part of a the last day for a person that decides to worry more about their phone than the road. To start out you have the phone going off to wake them up which then moves into a sort of wake up song. After the wake up song, as said person is moving towards the car, the phone go off again. Now that the person s in the car you have this tune that you may find was playing on the radio. Then, the phone go off again, the person glaces at the phone which comes back to the previous tune which comes to an end with a crash. After the crash there is the heartbeat as the person slips away followed by a death march. Then to end it all the phone goes off again because it’s still safe and no one on the other side knows.

Safe Driving Is Our Mode

Screw your head on straight, eyes on the road

Safe, undistracted driving is our mode.

We’ll try our best to drive the best we can,

to keep it safe for every woman and man.


Well the time has come to give a shout out loud

I’m Rylee, and I’m Terr, and we’re really proud

To help promote how to safely drive,

To ensure that you make it home alive.


So what does it take to cause a curse,

Well texting  while driving, or reaching for your purse,

Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram,

Or talking to friends, or to the fam.


So put the cell phone down, hands 9 and 3

Drive between the lines is where you should be

Be alert. Eyes wide, be ready to brace,

Practice defensive driving just in case.


Seat belt real snug, mirrors aligned just right,

Music not too loud, so you can hear alright

No distractions like controls on the GPS

Be relaxed, be alert, be your very best


So there you have it you can hear and see,

We’re committed to be distracted driving free

So spread the word and spread it really loud

Safe driving will make everybody proud!

Screw your head on straight, eyes on the road

Safe, undistracted driving is our mode.

We’ll try our best to drive the best we can,

to keep it safe for every woman and man.

Don’t Drink and Drive Your Life Away

A man’s best friend doesn’t understand why, He’s never coming home again, I’m sober enough to drive, I can handle the ride, Stared at her phone down the road, She was on her way, To marry her fiancé! Oooo! The light dies! The light fades away! So much more you’re breaking! Don’t Text! Don’t drink and drive your life away! Ooooo! When you text\Drink and drive it’s not just your life your affecting. A man’s best friend (dog) will never understand why his owner is never coming home again. (She was on her way to marry her fiancé) is a heart shattering line. We can be the change. One person at a time can lead to all people. It all starts with me! AND YOU! Because every life matters! Only love <3 Jennah

The consequences of Driving and texting

This is a video regarding the dangers of driving and texting as it demonstrates a person driving( stationary on the driveway in the video) and get distracted by their phone causing a crash to the person.


This video is about the distractions we as drivers can have on a daily basis.

Invisiphone Commercial

This was shot (by me) with the influence from the tacky commercials where they use products poorly in the beginning to make theirs look better in the end.

Live to Enjoy the moment! Don’t Text and Drive

Texting and driving is dangerous – that is a fact. Americans in our country are highly aware of and concerned about the issue. More than nine in ten Americans believe sending (94%) and reading (91%) texts while driving is dangerous or very dangerous. There have been many efforts to educate and convey the potential consequences of texting and driving. And while research shows that people are convinced that the behavior is dangerous, they are still doing it. In order to address the disconnect between awareness and behavior, I have created a video to help you pause and read facts about a behavior that is dangerous. Remember, no one is special enough to text and drive. Live to enjoy the moment. Don’t text and drive.

Worth The Risk?

The odds of dying from distracted driving triumph other risky behavior.