Typically we hear how terrible texting and driving accidents are, reading many articles and facts. Never do we get to live in the perspective of the person involved in the accident. That pain, the regret, all of the thoughts running through that person’s mind in possibly their last moments on this earth.

Just Drive

a poem about the effects of distracted driving

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

If young people knew how distracted driving would affect them personally, they would be much more likely cut out distractions. Maybe they would see that whatever they thought was so important could wait until they have a chance to pull over. This is the drive behind my poem, which spells “keep your eyes on the road” with the beginning letters of each line.

Mode for the Road

I just received my driver’s license yesterday and today I began to drive by myself, I set my phone in the passengers seat and every time it lit up I had a urge to look at it. The consequences of being on your phone and driving are always emphasized, yet I still had this urge. Putting “mode” onto all phones will get rid of people’s desire to go on their phone while they are driving.

Self Driven Cars

Distracted driving will never end as long as there are distractions. Self driving cars (cars driven by technology) will eliminate distractions, accidents, and even traffic. We can use the technology we have created to make the roads safer for future generations.

be the change

Driving distracted can be deadly and it’s time to put your phone down! Nearly 4 in 10 people social network while driving and at least 1 in 4 of all car collisions involves phone use. Driving distracted is dangerous and a choice. It is up to you to make the right decision and be the change! This video was filmed by me, Alejandrina Carpio and in it is my sister, Mariabelen Carpio.

Text and Drive

“Text and Drive” ironically is the problem we are trying to stop. Why didn’t I put “Don’t text and drive” as my title? Texting and driving is our reality, it happens almost without question and the fact that 75% of fatal teen car crashes do not involve drugs or alcohol, shows there is a problem. Don’t or do not presently deters readers as it sounds too overbearing, a title as vague as “Text and Drive” while addressing a topic, leaves room for interpretation as to the poem’s message. Many know they aren’t supposed to text or drive but do so anyways feeling that they are invulnerable. So in this narrative I wanted to tell the story of those that are affected by the lack of awareness. Billy serves as a symbol of not only how precious life is, but also how fractions of a second can mean the difference between life and death. I wrote this narrative not only to encourage others to stop texting and stay focused while driving, I also wanted to show the real consequences of your actions. I challenge everyone to clear your mind with no distractions and reflect on their decisions, and facilitate the improvement of personal growth and also inspiring others to do so as well.

Reckless and Distracted Driving PSA

Watch this video as a student drives to graduation her life changes. Before she gets the chance to walk the stage and live the rest of her life she crashes because of reckless and distracted driving. It is always a good time to pay attention to the road and drive carefully.


A group of friends head to a party after a hectic senior year. They’ve been through a lot, and their friend group has even dwindled over the past four years; but the friends that remain are bound to be together, even after high school. They’re going to go let loose and have fun, but sadly that doesn’t happen. The driver decided what was important to him, and within a few seconds, he realized his priorities nearly costed him, and all is his friends, their lives.

Death of a Dancer

I myself am a dancer, and I have always had this fear of loosing mobility of my legs from a car crash or some other incident. I drew upon that fear in this poem, and put myself in a position of “what if?”- What if I were driving and crashed into someone while checking my phone or being otherwise distracted. What if I couldn’t move my legs. What if I were to loose everything. I felt this reflection served as a good example of the true life-long effects distracted driving can have on a person, and put into perspective if the few seconds you take to check your phone or the few minutes you turn up the radio for your favorite song would really be worth it.