The Feeling of Flying

Some people compare driving really fast to flying. My poem puts the reader in the place of one of those people. In this free verse poem, you’re given a glimpse of the flawed logic of those who drive at terribly high speeds. You’re also given a description of the terrible consequences of this flawed logic. Sitting in your ruined car after an accident is not the time or place to learn not to drive recklessly. It’s important that drivers are aware that every action has a consequence. Even if something like speeding seems fun, you put yourself and others in massive danger. The temporary fun is not worth the long-term effects it could have. The message of this poem is don’t speed while driving.

Your Life is Valuable

This essay is about the importance of how important is it to be kind to other teenagers! Mental health is such an important part of driving.

The Day We Thought Would Never Come

This story is in the form of a blog post. It is written by a girl who was in an accident that could have been deadly. She is telling her story to make others aware of why you should follow the rules and drive safely.

In The Driver’s Seat

This is a creative essay about the importance of safe driving and solutions to end distracted driving.

Distracted Driving

The tips and strategies teens should use to prevent distracted driving.

Is it Worth Your Safety?

I grew up watching my parents being safe drivers, influencing me on what is right from wrong when you’re on the road. Nothing is more important than what’s in front of you and you have no reason to be focused on something else. Whether it’s just me in the car or there are other people, I need to never focus on the distractions. There are people that care about you in every direction you look and there’s no reason to jeopardize that for a cell phone, beauty standard, beverage or hunger, or anything else that requires your eyes off of what’s in front of you. I myself haven’t experienced a car accident, but it’s terrifying to watch my friends be in that situation. Everyone needs to be safe no matter what the situation.

Put it on hold

I’ve seen a few of my friends and family members eating, distracted, or texting while driving. Although, nothing has happened yet, I still fear that one day it will probably happen. Those things can wait, our lives matter more. And if it is really important, I always suggest pulling over and get the matter over with.

Fatal Impact

This poem described a premature death of a woman, due to the recklessness of a driver. The driver is implied to be intoxicated, but it was many other mistakes which led to her death. The driver looked at a text, missing a stop sign and running into her. The dread of the situation is exemplified because the innocent woman died, while the one at fault survived. The suffering caused by a build up of one’s mistakes can not be repaired, and in order for there to be no need for repair it is important to pay attention to the minute details while driving. It is possible to drive safely after maybe a single drink, but it’s better not to risk it. A glance at your phone can cause you to miss a stop sign. Avoiding such temptations could save a life you don’t realize.

Keep Your Eyes On Me

The poem “Eyes on me” is from the perspective of the road. It introduces a scenario of distracted driving, where the severity and the consequences that come along with participating in distracted driving are discussed. Contrary to the scenario of distracted driving is a scenario of focused driving is introduced. It exposes the differing outcomes and realities of focused driving compared to distracted driving.

Impact Teen Drivers (CCHS2)

Be like John. Cast – Lily Vaugh, Solomon Reynolds. Jovanne Barajas, Devin Thompson. Music – Karl Casey at White Bat studio. Created for Writer/producer/director/editor – Solomon Reynolds.

Positive Peer Pressure – Safety Behind the Wheel

Adele Gately – Playing Adele Emma DiPietro – Playing Emma Bob and Emmett Gately – Film and Publishing Two friends go out for the day, and Adele, being the caring friend she is, pressures Emma to put down her phone while she drives. Positive peer pressure is by far one of the best ways to combat distracted driving in teens. By making all teens aware of the danger, we can help them hold each other accountable for the safety in the vehicle. If groups of people can influence the behaviors of others in a negative way, all we need to do is change that thinking to force the influence to be positive.