Drive Safe

I want people to know especially teens that driving smart will save their families and other families heartache.

Permanent Damage

This is a song about a story of the damage you can do if you are distracted and driving. So just wait, your text can wait, think of your life and the lives of others before driving distracted.

Be safe

Hi my name is Bernice Garcia I made this short PSA video to show awareness of teenage distracted driving I hope you enjoy.

From Error to Injury

Mistakes occur all the time, but can you really call it a mistake if you’re knowingly contributing to making it? There are four states of a person’s mind; when one of them is combined with two types of errors, injuries are bound to occur.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

A graphic depicting a woman taking her eyes off the road by checking her phone and text reading “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD” above the car, encouraging people to put away distractions that can put them in danger while driving.

Don’t Drive Recklessly! Drive Safe!!

Reckless driving is the number one cause for teens death. We can all prevent a tragedy if we just follow simple regulations. Making sure you leave your phone on mute is very important. Texting while driving is the number distraction for teens who drive. Try not to eat while driving. Struggling to drive and eat can cause a accident. Understand that every 50 minutes one person is killed by drunk and reckless driving. Prevent these accidents, save lives. If you are drunk don’t drive home. Instead call a cab or friend. Don’t make the mistake of driving under the influence. All in all Don’t Drive Recklessly! Drive Safe!.

just mute it.

A teen driver gets into a collision because her phone wasn’t on silent. She didn’t even get to pick it up. -but what would have happened if she had just muted it? This video is based on a true story about my history teacher. He collided with another car because his phone wasn’t on silent. He didn’t pick it up to respond, his immediate reaction to look over was enough of a distraction to cause a crash. He ended up fine, but his car suffered tremendously.


Drive distraction-free. Wipe away notifications using your windshield wipers in order to see a clearer view while driving. Teens often do their makeup, eat, make and answer phone calls and FaceTimes, and comment and go through social media all while driving. It is critically important to turn your phone on Do Not Disturb when driving to make sure none of those notifications come through. You need to protect yourself and the loved ones in your car and your life. Your life in real life is so much more valuable than your virtual reality. Drive distraction-free.

Look Up.

The design depicts someone trying to look something up on their phone. To express the dangerousness of the situation, the steering wheel resembles a skull.

Your Life Matters

Driving while distracted is a real issue in today’s society. It’s important that people know the dangers of those habits. Your life matters so don’t cut it short by a distraction.

Her Legacy

This piece is an in-between of poem and a story which describes a man who has lost the love of his life in a car accident when they were teenagers and feels guilt as he is partially responsible for her death as it was his texts she was answering right before her accident. He brings the reader onto an internal journey which memorializes this incident and he urges the reader to make the choice everyday to not text and drive or “leave too soon” the same way his love did in his youth.

A World Ahead

On Christmas Day, 2019, three Dublin High School students (Javier Ramirez and twins Mark and Michael Urista) died in a car crash in Pleasanton, CA. They were in my grade. I had Health class with Javier the year before and he sat in front of me. We talked a handful of times and he was a kind, well-spirited person. Although I never got to know Mark or Michael, I’d seen them before in the halls and they seemed like incredible people too. They all deserved to grow older and experience everything life had to offer post high school. I wrote this piece knowing that I am incredibly lucky to be able to envision a future ahead, a future that they won’t get to experience, and I hope my entry will help prevent others from meeting the same fate that they did.

Angel’s Impact

This was inspired by the many roadside memorials in my city which should act as a life long reminder to drive safely.


A poem talking about the effects of driving under the influence of drugs or alchol and speeding