Distracted driving- a long dangerous road

For my entry i made a graphic design showcasing the long road one can go down when they choose to drive distracted. I choose some distractions to be assemble or road blocks that the car can either run into or doge. On the sides I put some reminders.

Stay Aware

This infographic includes car crash statistics provided by the Create Real Impact Organization and the CDC. The green highway sign at the top includes strategies that would prevent distracted driving. The main idea of the infographic is the statement at the bottom that says “STAY AWARE,” which is the title of this design.

Solutions to Distracted Driving

The design shows some distractions that are present when people drive their vehicles on the top. On the bottom, the design shows solutions to prevent distracted driving.

Safe Driving

A few necessities are needed when drving. This graphic includes certain tasks that must be included to ensure safe driving.

Know the Facts, Know the Law

A video created for the Create Real Impact reckless and distracted driving scholarship. Music included is from the royalty-free selection in Filmora X.

Reading the bill

When making decisions or buying something new, we often weigh the pros and cons. Are the benefits of that new car worth the money? Should I go to college in or out of state? However, when we drive while distracted, we often don’t realize that something as tiny and insignificant as reading a text can cost us everything. By framing the possible cost of checking your phone while driving as if it were a bill, I work to convey the extent of what one can lose from a moment of deadly distracted driving.

Drive Calm or Not At All

This is a short-story in the form of a poem about a teen who drives recklessly after an intense fight with her mother. This story exemplifies that drugs and alcohol are not the only things that can affect driving: emotions can as well.


Reckless driving can lead to the death of not only the person at fault, but also the another person. One person’s recklessness can cause deaths.

Once upon a time…

A story about a little princess whose father never comes home, and misses her tea party. A story about the dangers of driving distracted.

safe driveing

Drive safe .Don’t drink or do drugs, especially when driving is involved.Don’t get distracted by your phone or doing other things. Driving is a privledge not a right

The Real Killer

This essay give both an insight to who the real killers in these car accidents as well as what we can do as a society to prevent such fatalities.

You’ll never know until you might be the one who takes the blow

Most of us have seen accidents happen whether it’s the moment of collision, the after effects or the blue and red lights for a far. We never stop to think to ourselves if we were in that position; because we simply don’t a sadden ourselves or place an extra weight of responsibility on our shoulders. This picture serves as a reminder that car accidents could happen to anyone at anytime, anywhere.