Keep the tabs closed

Distracted driving is kind of like having too many tabs open on you internet browser; there are too many things to keep track of that end up taking away your attention from the task at hand. With each browser tab in the illustration, I put reminders — instead of distractions — of rules drivers should follow to ensure their safety on the road. These rules include making adjustments to the radio and air conditioner before driving, minimize eating and drinking, having one’s hands, eyes, and ears focused on driving, and putting their phone down to eliminate safety concerns that could lead to devastating and avoidable accidents.

For a Second

A driver who was in a car crash talks about their excuse for texting and the result of texting and driving

End Reckless and Distracted Driving

Reckless and distracted driving is far too common in todays society. By following these 4 tips and strategies, we can put an end to distracted driving!


Sarah Elise was seventeen years old when her special day was turned upside down. She had been getting ready for her first Prom all day with friends. They had left the house with so much excitement and huge smiles painted on their faces. She was driving her friends to the school when it happened. Sarah received a text and picked up her phone. She told her herself she only read it. Just a quick glance would do, but those few seconds were all it took. The road curved to the left and Sarah didn’t notice. The car shot off the road and slammed into the ditch. Sarah and her friends were some of the lucky ones. They all walked away without major injuries. “THE LOCK” would have stopped this situation from ever arising in the first place.

Distraction leads to death!

I have tried to represent the skull as a symbol of death which is led by various distractions such as texting, eating, and doing make-up while driving. Also, depicted some solutions to overcome reckless driving.

It’s not worth it.

This video serves to provoke drivers to not text while driving. It is very emotional and shows real life examples of the consequences of reckless driving. Music used is copywrite free

Drive Safe, Save Lives

Our society downplays the dangers of driving. According to the CDC, road collisions kill 3,700 people daily. In order to save lives, all drivers must prioritize and practice safe driving. Drivers must avoid distractions and obey traffic laws. I want to remind drivers to drive responsibly, follow the speed limit, and ignore common distractions through my poster. I chose to replicate the popular traffic sign “No Parking Anytime” in hopes that people would remember my poster—would remember to drive safely—every time they saw the sign.

I Thought I Lost You

Michael learns the importance of not texting and driving when he tries to rush to make things perfect for his and Janelle’s 1 year wedding anniversary

One Second Today Can Change Tomorrow

This fictional story is about how life can be lost due to insignificant factors in the long run, but seem paramount in the short term. People make mistakes, but what younger drivers need to know that their errors are amplified by the magnitude of the task. The story is a lesson for passengers and drivers alike. Encourage the driver to stay focused and drivers should avoid discussing topics where strong emotions can arise. The tale also describes the unexpected ways that drivers can be distracted.

It Can Wait

I sang how a song called “It Can Wait” by Prince William County Schools. This song resembles about texting can wait till later while driving. All distractions can wait so that we are able to protect ourselves and people that we love.

Lyrics: It can wait (repeat 4 times) i kno that at times if feels like we’re invisable. We do what we want when we want where we want without a care in the world. It can wait (repeat 4 times) We can choose how we move forward. But we can never bring time back. While we strive to seixe the moments. We must protect the ones we have. So let patience be your armor in the rush of life stand fast. It can wait (repeat 4 times)

The Forgettable Truth

This writing piece composed in a half-narrative and half expository design explores the impact and both the superficial and root causes of distracted driving in narrative form before delving into solutions in expository format. Follow the story of this high school student who recently began driving on her own and how her nightmare about distracted driving provoked change.


This story is about an epidemic, metaphor for reckless driving, and a cause of this. It also tell solutions to this issue and an possible solution for this problem I created.