Cooperation is the Way

An Idea on how to stop distracted driving in younger generations due to phone usage. Hopefully this idea will get the buy in of both the youth and the companies responsible for the phones causing the most distraction.

Destiny Is In Your Hands

I haven’t offered an amazing, eye-opening solution. In this poem I reference the statistics of deaths globally by year from distracted and reckless driving in comparison to today’s Covid-19 pandemic. In this poem I try to express our own responsibility we have as citizens. To help influence those around us to do the same, awareness is crucial. Many important precautions are taken everyday for preventing the spread of Covid-19. If we made the same importance of precautions for distracted and reckless driving frequent deaths and consequences could be prevented. It should be taught school the importance of wearing a seatbelt just as much that wearing a mask is emphasized. By writing this poem I address the importance of this modern issue. I also express how it is our responsibility to learn these safety precautions as citizens. Many of these precautions seem to be common sense. But the statistics go to show how common sense isn’t that common. After completing our own personal responsibility of learning safety, we then need to spread awareness.

Just One Call

Describes the dangers of distracted driving through a visual.

Almost Home

Zara is excited to get home for Christmas after being away from college, but get in a car accident while driving and texting.

Vale la pena?

El 56% de los adolescentes dijeron que hablan por teléfono mientras conducen. El 33% de las muertes entre los jóvenes de 13 a 19 años en 2010 ocurrieron en accidentes automovilísticos. Conducir distraído es algo que no se toma lo suficientemente en serio y es una de las principales causas de accidentes. Entonces, ¿vale la pena poner en riesgo la vida de alguien ese mensaje de texto?

It was just an accident…

This creative piece details the “small accident” I endured once sick, sitting in traffic and waiting for my parents to take me home. My eyes were closed but I was able to create a picture through the familiar sounds that encompassed me.

One Fatal Mistake

*DISCLAIMER* This is not my personal story. This is a short story I created.


Cada vez que estés manejando, debes tener en cuenta que tus acciones no solo te afectan a ti pero también a todas las personas alrededor de ti.

Car Crash Memorial

My school described the contest as a way to make a creative piece to raise awareness about reckless driving. They said that we could include visual art, so I painted this piece before further discovering that it didn’t quite fit the requirements; however, I thought it was worth sharing. I hope that even though I may not be eligible that my painting can still raise awareness about this topic.

eyes on the road

I distracted driver isn’t paying attention to the car driving towards them.

Estadísticas de la conduccion temeraria

Datos sobre la conduccion temeraria representada por pantallas de zoom. Además incluye recomendaciones simples para implementar. Ya que no es recomendado salir, esto es lo que imagino una lección enseñada en línea sería.

Stop, Slow, Go

Just like traffic lights direct traffic to stop, slow down, and go, I wanted to use the symbol of the traffic light to tell the driver what to do to practice safe driving. My graphic design picture shows what not to do, to slow down and notice other drivers, and to go encourage others to practice safe driving. This shows the audience not only what to not do, but how to practice safer driving, and encourage others to do the same.

Don’t go Alan

Don’t Go Alan is an abstract project that shows the life of an average and regular kid. It’s meant to highlight that an accident can happen to anyone and no one is safe when they use their phone during a drive.

Rational Driving

My video consists of a girl and her life story. I demonstrate a girl growing up and going through struggles when she is young and feels vulnerable and unhappy. It is about if she ended up getting into her car and going on a drive when she was extremely unstable and feeling low, that she would end up getting into a fatal car crash. Our video demonstrates what could have happened if she went into her car but what did not actually end up taking place because she made a logical decision.

Valentina and The Bridge

Sophia learns that Valentina is coming to her house to show her her new car. Valentina gets behind the wheel and decides to start applying makeup. Sophia knows that this is not responsible, but does not want to get her friend mad. So, she doesn’t speak up. They get into a car crash that was highly preventable. Now Sophia has to deal with the trauma of her friend passing away.