Why Do I Have To Be The One To Die?

This poem was inspired by a real-life story. My friends’ cousin was so excited to attend a birthday party that her friends organized for her 21st birthday party in New York. She already knew about drinking and driving and didn’t forget her Dad telling her to pay for Ubers if she was too intoxicated to drive or not to drink at all. She managed to not drink for her 21st birthday party because she was just happy to have all of her loved ones in one place and to celebrate another year added to her life. The party ends hours after midnight and she’s ready to go home and get some sleep. Unfortunately, while driving back home, she was hit by a drunk man who was driving a 2008 Honda Fit. She was unable to make it alive because her injuries were so severe. This a poem that showcases the life-altering effects of distracted driving.

The Three Simple Steps to Stay Safe

Teenagers have their whole lives to live. Delaying that reply to that text or the bite of that burger could save you years on your future. Risking those seconds of distraction is just not worth the trouble.

Better Late Than Never

This is a flyer about how dangerous distracted driving can be. This flyer explains the risk involved when a driver drives while not focusing.

Conducción Distraída

Ser un conductor distraído es una opción. Crear conciencia sobre las consecuencias de por vida que causa esta decisión es algo que debería hacerse para prevenir muertes.

Eyes Up, Hands on the Wheel, and Put Away the Distractions.

This poster’s bright coloring, and eye-grabbing design draws readers in to learn about doing their part to end the preventable deaths of teens by distracted driving. Readers are encouraged to keep their “Eye’s Up!” and watch the road, keep their hands firmly on the wheel, and to put away common, yet deadly driving distractions. These easy habits are things that every single teen driver can do to contribute to solving the problem of distracted driving. Finally, readers are encouraged to learn more about the harms of driving distracted by visiting Impact Teen Driver’s website.

Power to Focus On The Road

Cast and Crew: Driver: Celia Puleo Camera Person and Unicorn Voice: Pearl Pincus Crew: Louis Puleopincus All facts are from USA. Eating While Driving Fact from https://www.decidetodrive.org/distracted-driving-dangerous/eating-driving/ Texting while driving facts from https://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cause-of-accident/cell-phone/cell-phone-statistics.html Reckless and Distracted Driving is the #1 Killer of Teens in America fact from https://www.impactteendrivers.org/ The car was off and not moving the entire video Music is royalty-free music

Distractions Among Us

As important as it is to know the dangers of distracted driving, many teens aren’t aware. Many teens are, however, aware of pop culture. The poster integrates one of the most popular games among teens today to stress the importance of driving without distractions.

Drive Right

Slow down, don’t hurry This is not gonna end a sad story Don’t make rash choices while you’re driving make safety important Oh, don’t wanna get distracted while you’re driving on the road ‘Cause a crash is ’bout to happen if you don’t get off your phone It’s time to make a change With the way we drive Gotta try to keep everyone safe Gotta stay alert Putting safety first that’s the only way to put a stop to all the hurt Put your seatbelt on focus on what’s in front Put silent on that ring Gotta do the right thing Do the right thing While you’re driving Oooh drive like everyone you love’s in the car with you You’d wanna keep them safe so say no to distractions Reckless driving is preventable when you make the right choices So it’s time then to put safety first, do it right while you’re driving

One Mistake Can Change Your Life

had my juice and My friends turned up the music I told a funny joke and we hollered while we’re cruising I sped up the highway(High) Made minutes into seconds I’m looking on my iPhone I got another message I’m texting I’m texting I miss the red light Music is too groovy too groovy I miss stop sign Two cars are coming they’re coming they’re coming left right Watch out Watch out Watch out …the same thing can happen to you But life is treasure Try to make a change today Get it together Tomorrow might be too late Gotta remember A car is your weapon any time you drive So drive a little slower No food in the way Texting is a never Your friends must behave Diversion is a killer No matter your age Stay focused when you drive


This is a song written based off the feelings of losing a close friend. A an apology. Lyrics: Remember that November, when we first met? You gave me a world that I’d never expect. It lasted a year, I could never forget. So many promises that couldn’t be kept. And I know… That i should’ve kept my eyes on the road! You called me an angel, but I didn’t see I only brought you misery Everyone knows that should’ve been me but now you’re the angel, so fly free… I’m sorry The lyrics express feelings of regret for killing a close friend by driving recklessly. The chorus expresses this most this guilt most.

I Don’t

For my entry, I am submitting an original song title “I don’t.” This song is about the struggle that most teens go through when deciding whether to look at their phones or not when they are on the road. Each verse reinforces the notion that it is better to be safe than sorry, and that focusing on driving is infinitely more important than any text could be. I had so much fun making this song, and I believe it is a very catchy way of reminding people to stay safe while driving. Honestly, the hardest part about the project was trying to make something under 90 seconds! Here are the lyrics for the song: I Don’t By Max Reed Maxreedd715@gmail.com Verse 1: 365 days Are in a year, And on every single one I need two hands to steer. Verse 2: My foot’s on the gas And my eyes on the road, And a sound that can’t be found Is my new ring tone. Chorus 1: Now I pull up to the light, Do I look at my phone? I don’t. Ooh, I don’t. Verse 3: When I hop in my car I click it, so no ticket, And my phone’s a distraction So you know I gotta ditch it. Chorus 2: But I’m alone on the road, Do I look at my phone? I don’t. Oooh, you bet I don’t.

The Absence of Presence

This poem of sorts is meant to serve as a reminder that life is fleeting, and risking it unnecessarily might well be the last risk one ever takes. I wanted it to get people thinking deeper about why they act the way they do and the price certain actions have. All told from an objective outsider’s perspective. Hope you like it!

Make Distractions Take a Back Seat

Driving and operating a vehicle safely requires full attention. Any lapse in focus or thought on the task at hand can be deadly, a truth that many young drivers do not realize. Here a distracted driver begins to cross over the yellow line, into the lane of another car. The distracted driver has a lot on their mind–they are going to be late, they have a math test that they didn’t study for, there’s a pop quiz in chemistry–among many other diversions. A collision is bound to ensue between the orange and blue cars, which can be deadly to all involved. The bright red STOP sign demands the attention of the viewer, alerting them to the text below. By keeping your mind focused on driving, putting away your cell phone where it cannot be seen, and ultimately letting distractions take a back seat, drivers can avoid the consequences of distracted driving (such as a deadly collision), and keep themselves as well as other roadway users safe.