Put the Phone Down

This is a essay giving a background info about the severity of car collsions and why they should be avoided. I wrote a couple of resolutions to stop the epidemic of texting while driving to reduce the number of deaths due to car crashes.

A Recipe for Eliminating Distractions

The infographic presents safe driving as something which is as simple as following a recipe. Much like cooking, driving will only produce the desired result—a safe, timely arrival—when all of the steps are followed correctly and precisely.

Before It’s Too Late

This piece is a realistic fiction-style demonstration of some of the faults of distracted drivers and their passengers. It teaches teens to avoid distracting the driver, as well as reminding the drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Although this is a fictional piece, the consequences and events leading up to them are very real.

The Result Of Distractions

A terrible and a heartbroken story that was caused by the distraction of texting and driving. Our technology makes human kind progress three steps forward but our foolish mistakes as persons make us do two steps backwards.

Curb Distracted Driving

An essay describing a creative solution to distracted driving as a result of cell phone use.

It Can Wait

This piece of writing is about how a text can wait and the importance of practicing safe driving habits. We could save a life by keeping our phones put away while we are driving.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Reckless driving and distracted driving has killed 1.25 million people per year! We as people in society need to respect and abide by the traffic laws stated to keep everyone on the roads safe.

Your Future

An bright 80s style poster expressing the idea that using a phone while driving could cost you your future.


This is my idea on how an app can save teenagers instead of endanger them while driving.

Second Chance

The idea behind this poster is having an icon flash repeatedly with noise when it detects that the driver is veering off the road in the dashboard of the car. The cone icon would keep making noise and flashing until the driver fixes themselves. This function would be applied to all cars and possibly connect to someone’s phone. It would help with drunk driving, texting while driving, dozing off, or anything else.

Distracted Driving Dangers

This poster/ art entry demonstrates the dangers of reckless driving and how you can prevent it. Art created with Adobe Illustrator 🙂

Life is Too Valuable

For me, seeing other drivers talking or on their phones makes me worried not only for myself, but for them. A lot of people nowadays don’t know what the consequences of distracted driving are and what things they will miss in life if you get in a car accident and I feel like my poster achieves this point of view.

At the Stoplight

My inspiration for this song was my classmate who died from a reckless driver. I was in denial. I read many different articles to make sure it wasn’t her. Sadly, it was true. The words, “she was almost home,” still haunt me today. She was just one stoplight away from home. The song focuses on the activities of the driver and how they have control over their actions. It also reminds drivers of the aftermath of their deeds if they drive recklessly. Overall, it creates awareness of what not to do while driving. Just put your phone down Don’t even text back Don’t pick up that call Because you might regret that Just look around and see Before you speed Realize it ain’t worth it Cause it makes you vulnerable You see that mother’s crying Cause her child is dying From a reckless driver That could’ve been prevented If they paid attention Just know that your actions Have consequences That will cause aching So be aware of your surroundings Focus ahead and leave your phone on silence Have patience and don’t get angry Remember that you could fix your things Later but not when you’re driving It can wait Don’t let a few seconds Take everything away Make sure you use your brakes Wear your seatbelt Use your rearview mirrors To lookout Keep your hands on the wheel And keep your distance So be safe out there