Device for Change

A forward thinking idea to implement safety for distracted driving

Life is not a game

I play lots of video games, which includes Mario Kart. A game has many re=dos, but a life doesn’t. I can be distracted while playing because I’m confident and I’m not worried about losing. I can always try again and win. In real life, though, I only have one try.

What did I do?

What did I do?- Impact teen drivers 2019 This video creates a message, not just to the teenagers, but every driver. It teaches drivers about safe driving habits. In this video, I try to communicate safe driving habits using a comedic approach. I use dialogues between me (the driver) and me (the teacher). I hope that the comedic approach interest the viewers and my message safe lives.

Distracted Driving: the Public Health Emergency

In order to properly address the 3,287 lives that are lost each day by car accidents in America, the United States government ought to treat distracted driving as a public health emergency, acting now to implement life-saving policy change. Enough is enough.

Not Something to Toy With

It’s easy to brush off the dangers of texting and driving. For some its even become a bad habit. Texting and driving isn’t something to toy with though. This is a PSA that addresses the issue of texting and driving, illustrating to the audience in a comedic manner the dangers of texting and driving.

Distracted Driving

There’s no fixed solution to distracted driving that we can create, the only solution to such tragedy is to educate ourselves and learn to focus and not become distracted while driving.

Reducing Reckless Driving

This is a writing that I worked on to provide suggestions on how to reduce reckless driving because no one will want an officer knock at a door stating that a member from a family has died in a car crash when it can be prevented by not taking the eyes off the road. We all want to be united to stop careless and perilous driving that are risking thousands of lives out on the streets.  If we obey every law, accidents can be prevented. I hope you all enjoy.

Counting Sheep

When most think of a distracted teen driver, they think of a teen who drives on the highway while looking at their phone or someones who’s too preoccupied with their friends in the car. But what of those teens who aren’t inherently reckless? What about those who try to be safe, but cannot stop daydreaming? When daydreaming, a person no longer responds to the environment. Imagine if a teen was lost in their own world and suddenly a deer jumped out or a child ran after a ball. This is a problem faced by nearly every new driver. To combat this, teens should be educated on the issue and given strategies to keep their minds active and awake. This is the goal of Counting Sheep.

Turn It Off

This is an infographic that aims to encourage teens to put an end to distracted driving while texting in the one way that has a 100% success rate: Turn off your phone. It’s a simple message with a task that is hard for some people to do. But it is essential to solving a problem that has destroyed so many families and ended so many lives. I believe art like this plays a role in curbing these car accidents by being among many other calls-to-action and informing teenagers about the risk of their actions.

What is Distracted Driving?

Details how, what, and why Distracted Driving happens, and informs on potential future solutions to the issue.

Your Steering Wheel

This is everything your steering wheel wishes it could say to you when you practice unsafe driving.

Lives before phones

Distracted driving has caused a significant amount of deaths nationwide, Driving is a privilege that many abuse by being a distracted driver. How many more deaths will occur until people realize that texting while driving is dangerous and life-threatening? In my video, I question what the value is of a phone in comparison to the value of a life. I believe that it is important for people to understand the risk they are taking by choosing to text while drivinging. Video editing source: KineMaster

Was That Last Text Worth it?

My name is Kimberly Caudill. My piece of writing is a personal experience that has taught me to be a better driver and to be more cautious. I want to teach others to do the same.

Drive safe Mate!

Decided to take an Australian outback approach to my Video. Had a lot of fun making it. Just wanted to make a light hearted hopefully funny entry to teach people never to drive with their cellphone, because its one of the biggest distractions! Especially amongst teens. Thanks for the great opportunity! Credits Chad/outback guy – Me Brad Kendrick Cameraman – Thomas Teenager – Bryson Hanson Shot in Green Canyon UT All original work and the music is from a free non-copyright website.