1 Minute

A Comic That Shows How A Life Could Have Been Saved If They Had Simply Waited A Simple Minute Till They Got Home.

The Bridge to Safety

This poem is structured around the idea of a bridge. On one side there is death and mourning due to distracted driving and on the other side there are safe drivers and good decisions and life. I chose to use poetry to convey the messages of this scholarship opportunity because out of all of the genres, poetry calls for the reader to think critically and we all would greatly benefit if all drivers would critically think about their driving decisions and practices. Poetry has had a history of driving change. I hope these words can be influential and drive others to be better drivers.

A Great Multitasker

This writing piece is about a teen who has just gotten permission to drive themselves to school, and it just so happens to be the first day. Throughout this piece, you see the common distractions they face while driving and continuously becomes more and more dangerous. It is meant to show how every decision you make on the road matters and how you can be influenced by seeing what others do on the road in a positive or negative way. You will see the outcome of every decision this driver makes and how at an instant, one bad decision could be life-changing.

Drivig the Future

This is a revolutionary idea that is practical, unlike hiding your phone away and pretending it is not there. This phone charger is connected to the start button, igniting the car. The start button cannot function without the phone being easily placed in the charger. Upon doing so, the phone automatically locks and turns off all potential distractions, allowing the car to be successfully started. Once parked, the phone can be safely accessed, but the car cannot go anywhere until the phone is placed back.

In an Instant

This piece is inspired by my uncle (names changed for privacy). My uncle died at the age of 21 because of an accident caused by two reckless drivers. His daughter (my cousin) was only two at the time. Phones/electronics are always right next to someone or in their hands. Laws are being created and enforced, and still, are not even stopping some people. If their phone had an app installed that did not allow their car to start, it would be safe if they were drinking or they would be able to get into their vehicle if there was an emergency. 

The Real Impact of Texting and Driving

This is a work of fiction, describing a very real problem plaguing the world today, especially with all the new technology. This short story describes 3 teenagers, and their encounter with texting and driving. Not all walk away unscathed, and that’s exactly the point of this. To show the youth and teenagers that they’re not immune to the dangers of this world. That their actions have actual consequences that affect actual people.


A comparison of what live could be if you drive distracted versus if you do not using the the five senses.


An infographic that presents closely concurrent statistics on distracted driving and shows solutions to prevent the most common types of ways to be distracted while driving.

Carplay is not all Fun and Games

Even CarPlay distracts Teen Drivers. Play it safe and just stick to the radio. Put yourself and others at a lower risk by not using your phone and not just substituting “no-phones” with CarPlay. In the video, the passenger is concerned about the driver being distracted through the use of CarPlay, a feature that many newer modeled cars are equipped with. The feature essentially displays one’s phone onto the car’s screen, and only a few select apps are compatible, mainly being the phone, music, and map features.The two work out an agreement to use the radio instead of CarPlay to keep themselves and others safer on the road. Credits: Distracted Driver – Caleb V. Concerned Passenger – Aaliayh R. Videographer – Anika B. Music Provided By: “Sun Kissed” by Jonthnjosh

Create an Impact

This piece showcases the destructive consequences of distracted driving. By resisting our temptations to open our incoming notifications, we are minimizing the risk of producing hazardous situations for not only ourselves but other drivers we share the road with.