Stop Texting and Driving

The most common form of distracted driving is texting while driving. In order to stop distracted driving, we must stop texting and driving. Before you start driving, put your phone away where you cannot see it. The next time you pick up your phone to answer a text while you’re driving, ask yourself: “Is this text worth my life? Is it worth the pain it will caused my loved ones when I get into a wreck?”. We can be the generation that ends texting and driving.

It can wait.

Tragic accident between two cars because of texting and driving. Poster to bring awareness on texting and driving. It can wait.

Distracted Driving Kills

I created an piece of artwork in Adobe Illustrator that warns against the dangers of distracted driving.

Reckless Nightmare

This poem explores the root of not only this, but various other problems that harass our society, our nation, and our future. The diction and puns used to force the reader to not necessarily accept, but instead acknowledge the unbearable, yet obvious truth.


This is a poem implying that teens won’t practice safe driving until they are directly negatively affected by their lack of good driving habits.

Can You?

This piece is about the impact distracted driving has on members of a family including the victim. I portrays how each life in a family of three is impacted. Ir directly refers to the ready asking them hard an real questions about the aftermath.

Put It Down

In my art piece, the driver is distracted by her phone and does not realize the girl running across the street. The girl, however, is simply a road safety illusion.

Distracted Driving

The art visualizes god talking to the persons who are distracting themselves while driving by using their cell devices, talking with other people and doing other things without concentrating on the driving. The art specifies some ways through which people are distracted from driving and being injured themselves or others.

Enjoy Your Ride Without Distractions

It is becoming more common for the younger generations to take a snapchat of themselves when driving. On my social media account alone, I see dozens of people snapping while driving. This video shows that it is safer to enjoy your ride without using a cellular device.

Turn it Off!

My Solution to distracted driving is turning off your devices. In this video, I play the character on screen, recorded the music, filmed the scenes, recorded the voice over, and edited everything myself.

It’s Time to Roll, Not Time to Scroll

“It’s time to roll not time to scroll.” Do not take someone’s life for your irresponsible decisions. Put the phone down and do not let it be the distraction for causing a wreck.

risking others life

This art piece that I did was trying to show that you are just not endangering your own life you are risking others that are driving or even crossing the street.

safe driving is important

This art piece is about safe driving and what not to do while driving. Safe driving is about being aware of your surroundings and to pay attention to the road at all times.

The Road to Rightful Driving

The main topic of my writing is how big an issue distracted driving has become over the years and possible strategies to overcome such concern. Due to the constant use of cellular devices while driving, there has been a high number of car accidents. Also, there is peer pressure among teenagers to impress their friends by speeding–making it another cause for high accident rates. The strategies proposed in my writing are stricter policies enforced to punish those driving recklessly and for increased supervision on the road through the action of driving with trusted people.