Tick Tock

6:13 and she’s out the door
Keys in her hand and she’s on her way to school
for another regular day
Her face revealed her exhaustion, and her actions as well
as she put her foot on the gas instead of the brake
Luckily there was no one behind her but it was a dangerous mistake

6:27 and she stops to get food
She takes it it go instead of taking the time to eat
One hand holds her coffee cup and the other holds the wheel
As she sips her coffee she misses the stop sign and almost gets caught in a collision
Once again luck is by her side and the car turning left
is able to avoid the girl’s fatal mistake

6:32 her coffee is done and she is almost at school
Her phone starts to buzz and she can’t resist the urge
She grabs the phone laying on the passenger seat
realizing she needs her glasses in order to read
It’s her best friend in need of a ride
And she wants to know if she can pass by

6:47 as she arrives to the rescue
Her best friend hops in and takes over the radio
They’re both jamming out to their favorite tunes
Although they are in sync she misses her queue
She drives right pass a school bus in the process
of picking up kids to take them to school

6:53 and they’re almost at school
Her friend pulls out her phone to text her mom
The girl grabs her phone and decided to take pictures
All of this while trying to focus on the road
So many pictures, she forgot to look up at the
light to see if it was green or not

6:55 and you can hear the screaming
Of other drivers calling for assistance
“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?”
A women responds she is out of breath
“This girl crashed right into in incoming truck”
Assistance arrives at the scene but
too many minutes have passed to help the girls at the scene

42 minutes ago she was leaving her house
28 minutes ago she was getting some food
23 minutes ago she was drinking her coffee
8 minutes ago she was coming to the rescue
2 minutes ago she was almost at school
Minutes went by but it only took two to take her life
Submitted by Claudia (Claudia Gutierrez)
Entry ID: 1074