sarah's song

Submitted by kenziedevaroux (Mackenzie Chavez)
Entry ID: 8592


this is not based on a true story, it is for everyone who has ever been impacted by a distracted driver. beat and lyrics: produced by me lyrics: verse 1:Driving down the highway got her eyes on the road, but lisa got distracted took a look at her phone, hey are you still coming yeah i guess i could go everybodys going wear your very best clothes. before she could stop it she was swerving off the road, woke up minutes later couldnt move on her own. sirens in the distance and everythings so cold, heard voices calling out but after that she dont know. pre chorus: but lets rewind before she had this party on her mind, she should have paid attention read the signs, that told her clearly dont text while you drive. verse 2: Now shes in the hospital how long she wont know, but thats not the worst part she thinks i should have known her familys in the waiting room they sob no control, lisa hit a car and killed a six year old girl. the little girls names sarah she was on her way home from her last chemo therapy, the cancer was gone. lisa couldnt take it no she couldnt go home, forget what people thought of her, her demons would grow. bridge: she knew she should have waited, both girls had short lives now faded, think of the lives that are taken from texting and driving lets save them.