Congratulations to the fall 2021 Contest Winners:

Grand Prize for Music

Buckle Up

Isaiah C

Grand Prize for Writing

Guide to Saving Lives

Maya P

Give the road all of your focus 
Under no circumstances unbuckle your seatbelt 
Inattentiveness is the cause of eighty percent of crashes 
Don’t let other people in the car distract you 
Eat your food later 

Turn off your phone 
Outside distractions are still distractions 

Set your music beforehand 
Anger helps no one 
Violence is even worse 
Indicate if you are turning or merging 
Never try to multitask while driving 
GPS should be set beforehand 

Lives are at stake 
In the real world there is no excuse 
Very small mistakes have very large consequences 
Easy if you give it your all 

Grand Prize for Spanish for Graphic Design

un segundo = una vida

Het P

Grand Prize for Graphic Design

Think, Drive, STAY ALIVE

Karen Z

Grand Prize for Video

Both Hands, Both Eyes, Nothing Less

Jamie B

Bonus Points Winner for Graphic Design


Alyssa H

Honorable Mention for Writing

Distracted Driving Is No Game

Samuel F

Distracted Driving Board Game Rules


  • Be the first player to get your car to the center of the game board.


  • 1 game board
  • 1 die
  • 6 colored car tokens
  • 6 Dead End Cards (each with a different distracted driving scenarios as follows:
    • Card 1:You looked in the rear view mirror to check your makeup and ran a red light getting hit by an ambulance in the intersection. DEAD END.You lose!
    • Card 2:Texting while driving causes you to swerve into the on coming lane and have a head on collision.DEAD END.You lose!
    • Card 3:Looked at your cell phone to read a text, ran off the road and hit a tree. DEAD END.You lose!
    • Card 4:Eating fast food as you’re driving, a glob of ketchup falls on your shirt. You freak out and look down and swerve into the other lane causing a 3 car pile up.  DEAD END.You lose!
    • Card 5:You dropped your cell phone on the floor while driving and reached down to pick it up causing you to swerve off the road and into someone’s yard killing their dog.  DEAD END.You lose!
    • Card 6:You’re having an argument with the passenger and didn’t notice a person crossing the road and you hit them.   DEAD END.You lose

Set Up

  • Place the Dead End Cards face down in the middle of the board.
  • Place a car for each player at the beginning of a road.

Game Play

  • Each player roles the die. The highest number goes first. Play continues clockwise.
  • On your turn, roll the die. Move your car the number of spaces up your road toward the middle of the board as the die indicates.
  • Pick a card with each roll.
  • Read the card aloud.

How to Win

  • You can’t!
  • All Dead End Cards are distracted driving scenarios which make you lose the game.


Distracted Driving is Not a Game!

There is no situation in which you can win!

This is not a game worth playing!

1 in 4 car crashes are a result of cell phone use while driving.

26% of car crashes are due to not only hand-held phone use, but hands free as well…hands free does not equal risk free!

Be in control.  Don’t text, read texts, use your cell phone in any way, eat and drink, groom/do makeup, play with the radio/GPS, watch videos, etc while driving.  Be well rested and stay alert!

If it’s that important to you PULL OVER FIRST!