Use It Wisely!

Ajitesh R

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Use It Wisely!


It’s my birthday! What gift shall I pick? A pet? A new phone? Perhaps a car? Yes! I will get a car! I go and ask my parents. The number-one struggle for a kid, I thought. My heart beat increased. My palms got clammy. “Mom, dad? Can I get a car for my birthday?” That was all it took for me to know that my wish was almost deceased. I guess it is time for a lecture! There were many things wrong with my birthday request, I know now for sure. The number-one takeaway was how it can be used as a weapon.


“I am not going to run over stuff carelessly,” I began. “I will be wise with my gift.” “Weapons are not always used with purpose; they can also be used by mistake.” My mom stated. I shuddered. I did not want to do anything horrible with my future car, and I did not want to make it break! A car is not a weapon, but if one looks at a road, there is always at least one broken-down car on it.


Accidents happen sometimes, but on the road, the load is quite big. Distractions on the wheel are everywhere. It can be a smell in the air, an animal like a bear, or a scam on your phone, saying that you’re a millionaire!


What I know for sure is, teenagers are the biggest problems on the road. Young adults act like they can make their own decisions, and under-estimate the hazards in the world, and on the road. As a teenager, one should not treat any problem with mild actions. Especially if that problem is on the open street. Even though I am legally eligible for the right to drive, I will still stay away from the driver’s seat.