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When teens are in cars and they are driving, they have the temptation to get on their phones and not look at the road. And when they do that it is a 10 second timer that goes off in your head. and when they look down they have that distraction. And when they look down they are more able to get into a head on car accident than when they are looking at the road. So what I am trying to say is that if there is a parent in the car, take the phone from the teen and tell them that they can have it back when they reach their destination. Because it will keep them focused on the road and they will actually not get into a car accident. Or if there is not a parent in the car then put your phone on do not disturb and put your phone in the back of the car so you are paying attention to the road and not the phone. that is my solution to phone distractions with teens in the driver seat of the car.