What Life Could’ve been Without Her

Christian S

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I remembered sitting down in the grass of my backyard, hearing the birds chirp, and the wind moving the leaves of the tree. It was all so peaceful until a scream had been born. My brother had just gotten a call that my mom had gotten into an accident on the freeway. The car rolled over multiple times and was completely totaled. The only thing that I thought about was,” Is my mom still alive?” What horrible words to utter in your mind. We drove to the hospital praying to God that he protected my mother and hoping that she was okay. When we got there, to our surprise, she was completely fine. It was a literal miracle. She came out with a couple of scratches and bruises but nothing more. I was thankful that she was perfectly okay and I have never given my mom such a big hug before, but I thought to myself. “What if it had happened differently?

Driving courses are here to protect us and inform and teach us about the importance of driving. I live in California, and we Californians know how bad traffic can get here. Knowing that many people still refuse to take courses regarding the learning process of driving a car. The course is a long and tedious one but you will come out with more knowledge of how to protect yourself and others. Studies have shown that Cali is the second state with the most driving accidents and a large portion of those accidents are due because of the lack of driving courses taken. So many deaths are taken each year due to these accidents, so I encourage everyone to take the proper courses needed to start their driving adventure. 

I try my best to recognize and practice all safe driving laws. The worst for me is when I’m in the car with my friend and they start driving while looking at their phone to catch the latest tweet. Seeing this I begin to shout at them saying,” THIS ISN’T A JOKE”. Most people don’t take these laws seriously because these accidents have never happened to them, but I know that a simple text back to a friend can cause a mistake that will scar you for the rest of your life. I always try to enforce the no phone rule while driving to my friends and family. They tell me at times that I’m being way too cautious and that it’s over the top, but knowing that I can save them from a crash or a death is more important to me.

My mom is alive today because of God and her luck that day on the freeway. I can’t imagine a world without her. I mean, who would yell at me for not getting my clothes when they’re ready, or scream my name when the food is done. My mom is my rock and losing that would’ve been the difference to losing my insanity and being mentally stable. So I say to that driver that cut my mom off,” Was it worth getting to your location quicker knowing that you almost caused a death”. My parents have always told me that driving is a privilege and not a right. As American citizens we own the capability to drive automobiles and other forms of transportation, but does that mean that we should take these driving laws for granted? We should all try to protect each other from potential accidents, because if we don’t then that crazy thought,” Oh, that will never happen to me”, might just become your reality one day.