The Age of Overconfidence

Bethanie M

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The first time you drive a vehicle,

Your hands are at 10 and 2.

You focus on navigating.

Driving is new,

So you take it seriously.


Slowly, driving loses its edge.

Driving becomes second nature.

In the age of overconfidence,

Driving seems easy.

You began to trust your skills at the wheel more.

Crank up the music,

Text on your phone,



Turn to talk to the friend in your backseat,

All while driving. 


In those moments,

Vulnerability is never accounted for.

You are overconfident.

You don’t realize what can happen.

The thought of a collision never crosses your mind.

You’ve texted a million times before while driving. 

You multitask at the wheel every time you drive,

The thought of your actions having the ability to harm others never crosses your mind.

The thought of your actions having the ability to harm yourself never crosses your mind.

Until your actions make it become a reality.

Until your actions force a visit to the hospital,

Or a funeral.


Is it worth the pain?

Is sending a text more valuable than protecting human life?

Are eating and drinking more valuable than a human life?

Is talking to your friend in the backseat more valuable than a human life?


We are in the era of overconfidence,

Which leads to recklessness.

Never feel that your driving abilities are so superior that you can drive distractedly. 

Focus on the wheel,

Focus on the road,

Focus on human life.