Don’t be a Distracted Driver

Chiamaka A

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Distracted driving

Looking all around for the chance to be seen

There was a man who was once stuck behind a screen

He looked everywhere but instead of turning to steer

He went off the rear

Playing through his head was the memories telling him to focus

All he could see was black

The memories slowly started to fade and came back to him slowly

He arose to what he once knew but had no recollection of the event

All he could think about was where am I and who are these people surrounding me 

His mom said son how are you doing

He couldn’t recall who she was and began to shake in fear

The police man now said did you know that you killed a young boy because you were on your phone

The young man still couldn’t process the information

The idea of what was so familiar to him was all just glimpses

He couldn’t tell if it was reality or perception.