Death’s Lament

Tori S

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Look away for just a second.

Chimes ring out from a phone.

Change the song, text your friend,

If only you had known.


Late! Late! Grab some food,

You can eat it on the way.

Look away to wipe your hands,

Safety isn’t worth delay.


No need to buckle up

Its only down the block.

No need to think of safety

Because its close enough to walk.


The road is oh so boring,

Say what’s that over there?

Another driver cuts you off

And so you yell and curse and swear.


Foggy brain and wandering eyes

Not time enough to swerve,

Metal flies and windows smash,

Parts fly over the curb.


Sirens blare and bright lights flash

This life they must maintain,

But all the paramedics know

You’ve entered my domain.


This story so familiar,

No doubt I will see more,

Children not two decades old

With blood spilled ‘cross the floor.


All humans one day face me,

I meet everyone indeed.

But all these children called to me

For that there is no need.


Eyes on the road, distractions off,

Minimize the threat.

For children not two decades old

Should not meet me yet.