Her Legacy

Jordan B

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I regret not telling you that the second I met you was the moment I lived a lifetime.

I drowned in flashes of embrace, celebration, and listlessness that flooded through my head.

You commanded this sudden, overpowering rapture which left me powerless to resist your transfiguration of my soul.

Both our artificial essences have kept our fatal exchange and will remain as a physical stream of consciousness to age with me like a sacred relic on a museum floor; a private exhibition illuminated by the fleeting memories desperately hoarded by my mind.

They have now lived longer than you.

You left behind fragments of glass, rubber, and aluminum that I wish were melted by Dali himself, creating a towering sculpture of eeriness, amplified by the unidentifiable remnants that jut its glossy exterior.

Beside it, a clay transcription carved by fire like the Commandments on Sinai will echo an eternal message–

“Don’t leave too soon.”

This form continues to be an allegory to our audience, compelling them to absorb it and attempting to leave an everlasting impression that guides their subconscious thought.

As a docent at Hades’ Gate, I have paced these floors for fifteen years, forcing me to speculate a future with you in the same way historians do of the past, while What and Wish keep me company.

Your peers walk beside your legacy and disregard their contribution to this manifestation of recklessness as its gaze continues to follow them through adulthood.

But we notice one of the youths reverently appear at your stone.

When he steps back and takes in your structure with careful examination, he hurriedly invites his group and admonishes all spirited behavior, and the group stands in respect to us.

They observe the color which you admired and the shape that your labor has taken, coming to the seat which you were dragged from, and their widened eyes relaxed in shame.

The plaque serves as advice to receive and to be received and it becomes a daily ultimatum for this and future generations to decide whether to chase your ephemeral path, but those etched words will appear to them and boldly remind them.

Don’t leave too soon.