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Auburn W

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For me, driving did not come easy. I was scared and did not know what I was doing. My school is one of many that does not provide driver’s ed. There are many schools that have it but there are not enough. To add to my not-so-savvy driving skills I failed my first driver’s test which really made my confidence hit the floor. When I finally passed my test I felt that I had so much power. I did not get a car until four months after my birthday and that was such a bummer but I knew my mom could not afford a car so I do not know how she pulled it off. There have been times where I have gotten close to wrecking when it was my fault and I have formed new habits to prevent a collision. When you are in control of a vehicle speeding is very tempting and a lot of teenagers do it. Another thing is being on the phone. Everyone does it because why not. They do not realize the dangers until it is too late. Ways to help prevent reckless and distracted driving is to make drivers ed more accessible, put a limit on the ability of phone usage while the vehicle is moving, bring stick shifts back because that will help keep people off their phones and have a strict governor in your car.