A note from your car

Clare I

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Hi. It’s your car, please take a seat. It’s a matter of life or death.


Your hands are everywhere but 10 and 2.

The yellow lines are guidelines that don’t apply to you.


You blast your music for all to hear

And rock your head while you steer.


You always get a morning espresso

Or snap a photo of the beautiful rainbow.


Some may think that you don’t care

But you fill me with gas and make sure my tires have air. 


So I’ve come to conclude that your priorities are misplaced

You have gotten caught up in life’s eternal race


And Because the respect is mutual

I think there is something you should know.


Your life is priceless

So you must repress,

The urge to look down or reach for your drink

Because driving distracted could end both of our lives in a blink.