More Important Than A Text

Azaria C

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My eyes saw the road


Focused on the gravel


The cars beside me


And the red of the stoplight in front of me


I wondered about us star-gazing together at that red stop-light


And how beautiful it would be to see you and the constellations again


Smiling at how passionate you were about the universe and the


Wonderful creations above us




I didn’t think one simple text would be




I was so eager to know about the book you read


But I looked down for too long and


I didn’t see the light turn




Until I crashed



My eyes flew open and my heart beat out of my chest


The dream had my


Heart beating so fast I thought the pounding would


Wake you from your slumber


I looked at you and questioned myself


Why was a text more important to me than the twinkling of your eyes and the


mountains and canyons within them when you talked about your passions?


Why was a text more important to me than your beautiful gummy smile and the


wrinkles that reminded me of angel wings next to your eyes?


Why was a text more important to me than the time we spent together?


Instead of texting you at that moment


I could’ve waited


I could’ve waited to listen to your wonderful thoughts at your house


I could’ve waited to see your freckles and eyes twinkle


When we watched movies together


When I’m with you we can envision a future of us embraced in


Happiness with each other


Our time together is more important than any text


My eyes remain focused on the road for you and for me


Because you are important to me and I know how important I am to you