Speech is silver, silence is golden.

Rosemarie Faustina L

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(hey, you called me?)>

<(I’m driving with Do Not Disturb While Driving turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.)

<(I’m not receiving notifications. If this is a urgent, reply “urgent” to send a notification through with your original message.)


<(Yeah. I’m super late for my job interview right now. It’s my freaking first one too… Aww, my lipstick smudged! By the way, I’m using the speech to text function so if it goes wonky yeah)

(Good luuuuck!!! Where’s it at?)>


<(Sorry I’m at traffic light putting makeup on. It’s for Road Roam- Are you kidding me?)


<(Sorry reckless driver. For Road Roaming Tech. Anyway do you think skipping eye makeup is presentable? They said business casual for the interview.)

(I think you’re fine. I wouldn’t worry to much about it. You have your resum√© and portfolio right?)>

<(Yeah I have them. Do you djfodsj)

<(Whoops sorry! I was wiping croissant crumbs off the screen. Any last advice?)


(Take some time to think before you answer each interview question.)>

(Good luck!)>


Is this the silence of a preventable crash or the silence of a focused driver?