What Needs to Change in the Driving World

Carlos M

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As we all know distracted driving is a serious problem in the United States accounting for thousands of deaths a year and with a high percentage pointing at minors. The reason for this is likely because of minors underestimating the dangers of the streets and overestimating their own driving skills. After all, this could explain the three-fourths of teens in collisions that were not under any negative influences and the half of teens that were driving without a seatbelt. My solution to this would be to encourage awareness and lessons in schools regarding the real risks that come with distracted driving. Schools are the main gateway to young people so adding a special course or event every year would remind teens to be focused and alert when driving, eventually this will turn into a habit of responsible behavior and discourage any risks involved.

Apart from this, a useful strategy for young drivers to adopt would be to avoid any distractions and understand their own weaknesses. This relates to people being able to do one thing perfectly but doing multiple things badly. Trying to be on the phone or talking frequently with passengers while driving on the streets is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if a person believes they can do this or something minor like searching the car for something or having their lunch break, it only takes a few seconds for an unexpected tragedy to happen. That is why people should ask themselves what their weaknesses are when driving and actively follow them, even the minor things or something they believe does not hinder their driving.

For example, I am a new driver and have started going on the road when possible, with my family for practice. I make sure to always follow my father’s instructions and understand my responsibilities when driving on the street. I recognize what distracts me and do not take risks when behind the wheel, since I know from experience that others are not like me on the road, and I must make sure to drive defensively for my life along with anyone else with me.

Therefore, I encourage people to truly consider the solution and strategy I proposed in this writing entry because this could make a difference for yourself and others. Also, I have this saying that could help explain my point: “Keep your eyes on the road, always checking your surroundings. Whether it be to your humble abode, have faith in your blessings. Stay safe and check yourself, for you must protect your loved ones and someone else.”