Touch Screens in Cars

Sophia P

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In today’s age, the modern vehicle is practical and much safer but comes with the cost of many more distractions. The rising trend of trucks and cars with touch screens adding more technology into an already busy vehicle. It is meant to be showcased as innovative while disguising itself as a phone essentially built into the vehicle. Big brand car companies are adding touch screen devices and ignoring the already major problem of excessive technology use while driving. Personally, I have seen cars with touch screens that have everything that is on a phone displayed right in front of the driver. It shows everything from messages directly shown on the screen, to incoming calls or the driver directly making a call from the screen. Those messages that are easily readable on the screen and the distraction of either accepting or declining a call are directly taking the driver’s eyes off the road. If you shouldn’t use a phone for even a moment while driving, why is the built-in screen any exception? As a driver, your first priority is to monitor your speed, keep your eyes on the road, and essentially drive in “defensive mode” against other vehicles to prevent yourself from getting in a collision. Then comes the basic technology of navigation systems which are very useful and not distracting in a vehicle. Most vehicles do not let you change any inputs in your navigation system while driving which is a very important safety feature. This should be every driver’s main priority and is enough to handle on its own. Many people a year are pulled over because they are on a phone call while driving and this stands out because the driver is using one hand on the wheel and one on the phone. So the argument is that using a built-in system to make calls is essentially safer. Anything that is taking your mind off the road or hands off the wheel for even a moment to accept or make a call can cause a crash between vehicles. The essential solution to this would be to reduce the rapid innovation of this technology that is being put into cars. There needs to be a step back as a whole between car companies and their consumers. To stop focusing on the next best technology in cars and focus on the dangers that have yet to be dealt with already. The more that is added, the more distraction there is, which will only lead to many more collisions.