The Power of One

Mahidhar L

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It’s always “one,” 

One lipstick stain you had to fix, 

One stop sign you missed,

One glance at the GPS.


It’s always that one decision we choose to make,

The one gamble we take,

But is it worth it if it comes at the cost of one’s life?

One life far too many, I believe. 


Why don’t we use our “ones” for good,

To make choices that help one another;

To wear one seatbelt, 

To wait at one stop sign;


If one in four car crashes are phone related, 

Why don’t we ignore that one call?

When parents are the number one influencers in teen driving attitudes,

Why aren’t we having more than one conversation about this? 


It’s time we pull not one but all our socks up and work,

Especially towards making all of our damaging “ones” zeroes,

And replace them with the good “ones,”

The good “ones” that keep both you and I safe while driving.


We need to start conversations about topics barely anyone’s discussed,

Like one’s mental health when behind the wheel,

And even fix not just one part but the entire system with driving,

By teaching a more comprehensive program in schools and having one or more stricter laws.


And now, let’s fight together to fix all the “ones” we’ve chosen in the past,

And make the world a safer place for our loved ones.

We have to hold all our “ones” accountable,

As one unified community, hand-in-hand, and together.