A Conversation Between Two Friends

Nythaniel T

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“Yo wassup.”


“Nothing much just scrolling through insta on my phone.”


“Aight, cool where we going again.”


“To a pizza place.”


“Let’s go then.”


“Okay, don’t pressure me.”


“Wait why are you backing out of the parking space with a phone in your hand.”


“Why are you being so paranoid there’s no one around, it won’t hurt nobody.” 


“What do you mean it won’t hurt anybody, give me the phone.”


“Relax, here’s the phone.”


“Bro I’m sorry but you can harm other people like that.”


“You see I never really understood that because people multitask in almost everything so why can’t we do it in the car.”


“Before I say anything can you put the car in park.’’


“Fine, now can you answer my question.’’


“Yea I will, you said that people multitask in anything but multitasking while driving is different.”


“How so?” 


“Well cause you can hurt other people’s lives, including yours.”


“But everyone is putting themselves in danger when entering a car, like did you know you’re more likely to die by a car accident than a shark attack.” 


“If you know that then why would you still endanger others?”




“You’re saying that deaths happen so it doesn’t matter if you can save lives.”


“No that is not at all what I’m saying, you’re gaslighting me.” 


“I know it sounds ridiculous but I have to put it in that way so you can truly understand the seriousness of this matter because this ain’t something to joke about!”


“I get it no need to get so aggressive.”


“Sorry I just get serious when it comes to this topic.”


“Yea I get it man but I just go on my phone because I don’t see a solution to this issue.”


“I know bro, there are solutions but people have to work hard to achieve them.” 


“There are solutions?”


“Yea there is, like turning off your phone while driving.”


“But I can’t stop a text conversation because it takes thirty minutes to get to where I want to go!”


“Just text them that you’re going out to drive and that you’ll text them back later, If they’re your friend they’ll understand if not then they’re not your friend.”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right, let me turn the music up to full volume to take off the stress of you giving me a headache.” 


“Hol up, it’s fine to listen to music but at a reasonable volume, cause you gotta listen to the things around you.”


“Bro, music too!”


“Yes! What happens if you’re driving and there’s a train coming and you can’t hear it.”




“Okay let’s go then.”


“Alright, I’m just gonna eat these chips then cause I’m hungry.”




“What is it this time.”


“You’re eating with one hand but you need both hands to drive.”


“Okay bro I feel like you’re just saying all this because you don’t want to go to the pizza place.”


“No friend I just want to keep you safe, so who are you gonna listen to, yourself or your consciousness.” 


“I’m going to listen to my conscience.”