A Disastrous Drive to the Beach

Iyanna P

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Imagine being in a car. In this car, you have your three best friends. It’s the hottest day of the summer and you plan on going to the beach. You joke and laugh, you gossip, and eat. On the way there your friend driving wants you to listen to a new song she heard this morning. As she types it into the phone she looks away. Another friend screams “Stop!” as the car speeds past the red light and into the intersection. The car crashes with the BMW on the perpendicular side as it skids onto the streets. The car hits a streetlight with a bang and glass from your and the adjacent window flies into your face. You try to move but you can’t. Not from shock but your leg was broken in the crash and your head is woozy. Your friends in the backseat help you and the driver out of the car. The driver looks bad. Her head and chest are bleeding. Her side was hit by the car so she got the worse out of it. You blackout before the ambulance arrives and wake up to a leg cast in a hospital bed. You see your family crying over your bed. The doctor comes in and tells you that you have a broken leg and a concussion. Then his face darkens. He tells you that the friend driving has died. Tears run down your face as you regret that day, not paying attention to the road, You want your friend back but it’s too late. A week later, you attend her funeral. You mourn and wish for the life you had a week ago; the one with your friend in it. Every year you and your friends go to her grave to mourn her and to remember what happens when you look away from the road.  Don’t drive distracted.