All For a Text

Lucas C

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A little ping

Just a quick glance

How little in significance

Only a second

What’s the risk

He looks real fast

Looks back up and all goes blank

Sirens wail

And screams sound off

Lives are gone

How senseless the loss

If only he had waited

Families are fractured

Death is a hatchet that divides

And pain will surely fester

Loved ones never say goodbye

Children’s songs do not survive

Now tell me – was it worth it

He read his text

Life will go on

And he escapes death’s ghastly jaws

It surely was a close one and he will live

But will it be a curse

It was just a quick glance

Only a second

Couldn’t he have waited

But in the end

Tears and blood flow in harmony

Full recovery never materializes

It wasn’t a dream

His trepidations are all confirmed

Blood is on his hands

And all just for a text

Put the food in the back

Makeup away

Phone on silent

A text can wait

Eyes on the road