Cooperation is the Way

Ari S

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I have though long and hard on this. It is a difficult situation regardless but it boils down to two things. First what is an effective solution and Second how can we make sure it is enforced. First the solution I propose is Two pronged 1st to help encourage companies to implement technology that locks phones well driving, AKA lock users out of phones except GPS well moving at a high speed and 2nd build more infrastructure so you have less traffic jams making it less likely for you to spend over an hour in a hot car with nothing to do. The 1st way enforces that well moving people will pay less attention to their phones and more on their surroundings the second means their will be less time wasted on the road in traffic jams “encouraging” the younger generation to pull out phones and pay attention to them well on the road in situations when paying attention is quite literally vital. Now how can we encourage this to be implemented has 2 paths. 1st you have to get the younger generations buy in, this can be most effectively be done by getting the buy in of social media influencers on platforms like Instagram, Tick Tok, and YouTube. Getting their buy in and support will encourage young people all across the globe to take this more seriously and pay attention to it. Second you need to lobby phone companies to build software that keeps their users alive and paying for their services. This cooperation will hopefully reduce the deaths by getting the younger generation to accept this idea as well as getting it successfully implemented in technology in the first place.