It was just an accident…

Aaliyah B

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Schreech!  We were on our way home. I felt sick. “Lay down until we get there.” My head against the back seat, prone position with my seat belt on. As long as I didn’t end up flying through the windshield it was all good.   It was 3:00 PM: Rush hour. Everyone wanted to get home. Overworked parents, tired high schoolers, and loitering pedestrians all frozen place by the stubborn traffic. The only mediator being the blinking traffic lights. Green…yellow…red.   I couldn’t see the colours but I could hear them. Green: the low vibrating hum of the car engine. Yellow: the prolonged squeaky draw of the brakes. Red: the loud and deafening tire screech.   Red was my least favourite…  The screams of drivers got louder, worsening my headache. Profanities were common with the complementary agitation of having a driver’s license. Emotions clouded judgement and when the light turned red was anger became the new driver.   “BAM”   The one colour I don’t hear often is black…usually due to the ringing in my ears. Head still down, my face was blank. Time seemed to slow down as my heartbeat picked up speed. Thump. Thump. THUMP.   Approximately four and half inches away from the car door. About 11.43 centimeters away from having the top of my cranium hit by a Black Toyota Camry… I never sit in the front, always in the back. My seatbelt stays pulled tight around my chest, jaw tight against the pressure on my neck. The blood in my ears flushes out the wind, trees, and angry drivers. Always prepared for the worst.   It was just an accident…but I still remember.