Valentina and The Bridge

Sophia N

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Dear Diary, I am supposed to write in this journal every morning and night. Apparently, it’s supposed to help me understand and process what happened. I don’t remember everything. Some memories are a blur, but others are so vivid. They keep me up at night when all I want to do is be sleeping so I don’t relive it again. Tonight, is one of those nights. I remember running outside of my house to greet my best friend, Valentina. We laughed while we hugged because we haven’t seen each other in months due to her going to college in New York. Her parents also gave her a new convertible that she wanted to show me. It was gorgeous. It was painted white, had a black top, and had tan leather seats. Valentina and I jump into the car with enthusiasm and press the button to hear the engine roar to life. She turns to me and asks me where I want to go. “We can go anywhere you want!” Valentina exclaims happily. My first thought was to go to the beach and watch the sunset. I told her that’s the only place I want to be right now. She agrees excitedly and reverses the car out of my driveway and down the road I grew up. We were driving for about twenty minutes when we got to the bridge. I haven’t been to the bridge since because it brings back too many memories. Valentina decides that we should pick up her new boyfriend, Alejandro, to show him her new car. They just started dating last week so it makes sense that she would want to impress him, at least a little bit. “Hey, can you hand me my makeup bag? It’s in the back seat.” Valentina instructs me. Without thinking about it, I turn to grab her makeup bag and hand it to her. “Wait, are you seriously going to do your makeup right now? You’re driving.” I inform her. “Yeah, it’s no big deal.” She says as she divides her attention between keeping her eyes on the road and applying her pink lip gloss. As she looks into the mirror, I notice that the car is slowly merging into the next lane. “Valentina, be careful!” I exclaim, suddenly breathing heavy. “Oh my gosh, you’re exaggerating. Calm down.” She says, slightly annoyed. I don’t want to get her mad, so I go back to looking outside the window. “Where’s my mascara?” She wonders while she looks into her makeup bag. The next thing I know the driver’s side of the car is crashed into, my head hits the window, and I am forced from consciousness. The next morning, I wake up to my mother holding my hand. “What happened? Where’s Valentina?” I ask my crying mother. “Oh, baby. She’s gone.” My mom mutters as she puts her head onto my hand. “Wait, wait. What do you mean she’s gone? What happened?” I question in complete disbelief. “She was driving and wasn’t paying enough attention to the road and crashed the car. You were unconscious, but mostly fine. Valentina, on the other hand, wasn’t.” I see tears falling from eyes and I begin to feel my eyes water. I wish Valentina forgot her makeup bag that day. Or I wish she would have realized that that crash was completely preventable. Ugh, my tears are smudging the ink on the page. Hopefully, I can go back to sleep now and focus on getting through another day without Valentina. Love, Sophia