The Moment of Truth

David D

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The world in which we live today is constantly bombarded with things to do. Our lives have essentially become non-stop. Eventually daily rituals begin to fly by almost seamlessly to the point that we don’t even notice it anymore. Getting up in the morning, putting on clothes, driving to school or to work, getting out of school or work, driving to visit friends, driving to eat dinner with the family, driving to soccer practice, driving to piano lessons. In other words, driving has become such an essential part in all of our lives that we fail to realize that when we get in the car behind the wheel we have the power to change lives in a literal sense. Due to other constant hustling about our packed scheduled days we try our best to do as many things as we can and quite frankly at the same time. However, when it comes to driving, we should treat it almost like a sacred time for us to calm ourselves in the quiet and focus on what is in front of us … driving. Our lives are filled with constant distractions which can then translate to temptations. Our ears have grown accustomed to the buzzing or ringing sound of our phones which signify a text message. This distinct and unique sound is like a siren’s call enticing us with its melody. As humans, we are unique in the sense that we have the willpower and the ability to resist these urges and temptations. At the moment that you feel like picking up that phone, take a moment to put yourselves in other peoples’ shoes who have experienced the loss of a loved one due to distracted driving. Are you willing to be responsible for having innocent blood on your hands? Rise above these desires and take the pledge to saving a human life, the most precious gift that has been given to mankind.