Simple Distractions

Emma J


This is exciting! I mean finally being able to get behind the wheel without mom or dad complaining about every turn you take or the space between you and the car in front. Watching my dad lay back and cruise with one hand on the wheel was a big difference from me driving with both hands at ten and two. But it all comes with time, I guess. When driving you quickly learn that you always have to be vigilant. But I mean its fine to check your phone and quickly change a song, right? What is the harm in looking down just for a second to press skip or quickly type up a message? What is the worst that could happen? It is a simple answer to those simple distractions, and that is that anything can happen in the split of a second. When you drive you are not only driving for yourself but for others around you. You might think that you got this down, you’ve scrolled through your playlist while driving on the highway all the time, nothing will go wrong. To you, everything is in control. The danger is the driver next to you who isn’t, but now you aren’t paying attention while you skip the song and, BOOM! What you weren’t even worried about, comes true. So, then the question rises, what am I supposed to do? An easy escape from this is hand your phone to a friend and be like hey, you choose some songs. There are plenty of situations where you are driving alone so it could be helpful to create some playlists, you can put on your throwbacks playlist for your ride to school or maybe it’s a long ride and you want a calm vibe, so you put your chill playlist. Falling out of the ‘not me’ mentality is crucial. Thinking that, “oh that will never happen to me” or “I would never be in that situation.” No one believes any of these horrific events will occur to them, until they do. We have all been late to school, or work and we feel the need to rush and speed or cut people off to ensure that we get there in time. In moments like those repeat to yourself this, “It is better to get there late than to not get there at all.” In every car is someone’s family member or friend, be the driver that you want other drivers to be. In a blink of an eye your life or someone else’s can be changed forever, and there sadly is no reverse button.


My essay is focusing on not being a selfish driver. People do not pay enough attention of the simple distractions like skipping a song, or sending a “quick” text message. I see it all the times when my friends take their eyes off the road to go to another playlist or just text “I’m on the way” a friend. In those seconds the car in front can rapidly brake out of no where or take an unexpected turn. Drivers sometimes think that just because they might be in control other drivers are not so taking those breaks from focusing on the road could be all it takes to change your life or another’s forever, Driving is dangerous and it is forgotten too many times the risk driving holds. It is a large responsibly that is on your back when driving and the smallest distraction can be it.