We Never Made It

Jordyn S


I was on my way to a party when the crash happened. I had no idea what was going on until it was too late, I was too distracted. The car was just suddenly there, and only I could have prevented the collision. I just had to do something different. I never made it to that stupid party; instead, I ended up in the grave. You on your way??? was the text my impatient friend sent to me, even though I told them when I was leaving the house. Yeah, I’m almost there. 10 mins tops. Good, because everyone is wondering where you are!! I’ll b— That’s when I hit the car. I swerved into the wrong lane and created a head-on collision with another vehicle. We both passed at the collision site. We never stood a chance. My speed was too high, and the angle was just right. He was a father and husband. Now, because of me, there are two kids without one of their fathers and a husband missing the love of his life. My family is missing their child, and my friend group just got one person smaller. I never got to the party and he never made it home. Texting while driving affects more than just you and the other person in the crash; it affects everyone in the lives of everyone involved, and now everyone is blaming themselves. The living husband is thinking “We could have gotten milk tomorrow. If only I hadn’t asked him to stop. Maybe both my husband and the kid would still be alive…” My parents are thinking “We shouldn’t have let our kid go to the party, and now they’re gone…” My friend is thinking “It’s all my fault. I was so impatient. I knew they were on their way…” But no one blames themselves more than I do. It’s no one’s fault but my own. I’m the one who looked at my phone. I’m the one who texted back. I’m the one who took my eyes off the road. The crash was my fault, but everyone is blaming themselves. If I could do it over again I would. If only I had not looked at my phone. If I had just waited to see my friend there. Maybe, just maybe, I would have made it to the party, and he would have made it to his family, instead of spending the rest of our lives in graves.


While on their way to a party, a teen makes the reckless decision to text while driving, resulting in a crash with another vehicle. The collision forces the teen to reflect on their choices and how they’ve not just affected their life, but also those of everyone around them.